FROM MY OWN PRIVATE COLLECTION "The Office" (2006, Season Three)

Many tap the second season of this show as being the best (so far), and I don't really think I'd disagree with that. From the first episode to the perfect finale, it was a pretty great sophomore effort. And yet, when I think about it, season three of The Office is probably my favorite.

Jenna Fischer got some of her best material (in addition to a deserved Emmy nomination) with Pam going through an emotional breakdown, finally putting it all out there in the penultimate episode "Beach Games." Rashida Jones was a welcome newcomer, playing off both Fischer and John Krasinski well with their awkward love triangle.

And, of course, Ed Helms became an immediate favorite as Andy Bernard, an annoying and apparently crazy salesman (see "The Return") who never wore out his welcome.

Just off the top of my head, some of the episode highlights include: Gay Witch Hunt (with Dwight using a fake gaydar inspection device on Oscar); The Coup (Michael forces Dwight to wear a sign that says 'Liar'); The Convict (Michael does his prisoner impersonation); A Benihana Christmas (Michael marks one Asian waitress to tell her apart from another one); Business School (a bat gets into the office, and Kevin becomes a 'hero'); The Negotiation (Dwight saves Jim from Roy); and Product Recall (Andy finds out about how old his girlfriend is, and Jim and Dwight do impressions of each other).

It should also be said that while most shows fail to impress with the supplementals, The Office DVD sets always deliver the goods. As usual, each episode has its own set of very funny deleted scenes that are organized into, essentially, minisodes. Also included are cast and crew commentaries, a blooper reel and the "Lazy Scranton" music video.

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