Fall 2011 TV Shows: Cancellations and Renewals: The First Month

This article covers ratings, cancellations and renewals for Midseason 2011-2012. For new shows, ratings, cancellations and renewals for the entire 2012-2013 season, click here.

Starting October 25th, I'm not updating this hub anymore. It has become too cluttered and therefore I started a new one. Here are the Fall 2011 ratings, cancellations and renewals starting October 25th.

Update (10/16): NBC is promoting 'Grimm' by making the series premiere (due to be aired Oct 28th) available now. The catch here is that you need to follow the official 'Grimm' twitter feed to obtain the access code. Also, NBC starts a nationwide promotional tour, starting Tuesday in Los Angeles. Cast members and executive producers will be present to watch and discuss the series premiere with the public.

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The First Casualties

The first show to be canceled was NBC’s ‘The Playboy Club’, on October 4th, the day after the airing of the third episode. The three aired episodes that aired averaged around 4 million viewers, thereby ending last in its Monday night timeslot. The sixth episode, which was still in production when the show was canceled, will be finished, reportedly in the hope of selling the series to another network. In the now vacant timeslot, the first three episodes of ‘Prime Suspect’ will be rerun.
On October 6th, the second and third cancellations were announced; both The CW’s reality show 'H8R' and NBC’s ‘Free Agents’ were canceled, respectively after airing four and three episodes. The cancellation of ‘Free Agents’ is quite disappointing for NBC, since the original British version was quite successful.

Update (10/8): If you're curious about the original version of 'Free Agents'; here's your chance. BBC America airs the first of six episodes tonight (Saturday) at 11/10c.

Update (10/16): TNT has canceled 'Memphis Beats', starring Jason Lee and Alfre Woodard, making the second season finale, aired on August 16th, the series finale.


The Simpsons

The popular FOX animation comedy series ‘The Simpsons’ may just come to an end after its 23rd season. Where Homer and his family amused over 20 million people every episode in 1991, ratings are currently down to about 7 million. According to FOX, the series is no longer profitable and there is no other choice than to cancel it. The only option left is if the voice actors hand in 45% of the 8 million dollars they earn each season. If this is actually going to happen remains to be seen.

Update (10/7): The voice actors have offered to cut their salary by 30% for next season, and they want a part of the revenue from the reruns and 'The Simpsons' merchandise. The producers have declined this offer, saying it is not enough. They are eager, however, to reach an agreement and to be able to renew 'The Simpsons' for more seasons.

Update (10/8): FOX and the voice actors from 'The Simpsons' have reached an agreement. A 24th and 25th season of the animation series were announced, but no details of the agreement were disclosed.

Simpsons executive producer Al Jean in an interview with Entertainment Weekly: "Believe me, we don’t look at this as these will definitely be the last two [seasons]. We just want to keep fighting and go as long as we can…. We really feel this isn’t an end but a beginning. It’s a cliché, but it’s the truth.”

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Endangered Shows

Other shows that may have to watch out for cancellation are ABC’s ‘Charlie’s Angels’ and CBS’s ‘How to be a Gentleman’. While ‘Charlie’s Angels’ still has a workable audience with 7 million viewers, both series receive mostly negative reviews, averaging 30/100 and 45/100 on Metacritic, respectively.
Another show struggling to attract viewers is CBS’s ‘A Gifted Man’, but with generally neutral reviews, not all is lost yet for lead actor Patrick Wilson.

Update (10/8): While earlier announcing the move for 'How to be a Gentleman' to Saturday night 8:30/7:30c, CBS has now officially canceled the David Hornsby comedy. The remaining episodes (numbers 3 through 9) will be aired in the Saturday night timeslot. In the Thursday night timeslot, there will be a repeat of 'The Big Bang Theory' on October 13th, while starting October 20th, 'Rules of Engagement' will fill the gap.

Update (10/11): 'Pan Am' can now be added to the list of endangered shows, because even though it premiered with over 10 million viewers, the third episode is already down to just over 6 million. If these numbers keep falling, chances are 'Pan Am' will have to make an emergency landing in the near future.
'A Gifted Man' slowly keeps losing viewers; premiering with 9.3 million, the second episode drew 8.16 million people to their tv's, and the latest episode is down to 7.5 million. The most endangered show right now, though, is still 'Charlie's Angels', which is now down to 5.93 million for the latest episode.

Update (10/15): The latest casualty of the Fall 2011 season is 'Charlie's Angels'; production was shut down by ABC after airing only four episodes. Like CBS's 'How to be a Gentleman', the show is not yet officially canceled, meaning that, until further notice, the remaining episodes will air, but it wouldn't be surprising if ABC would move 'Angels' to another timeslot.

Update (10/16): 'A Gifted Man' has stopped falling in the ratings at between 7.5 and 8 million viewers. If the numbers stay on this level, it is likely that CBS will announce a full-season pick-up in the next couple of weeks.

Update (10/19): Tom Wopat and Aaron Dean Eisenberg are cast to play the husband and son of 'A Gifted Man's Rita (Margo Martindale). Both are expected to make their first appearance in November. Is this an indication that CBS is going to renew the show? I'm not sure. 'A Gifted Man' can still go either way. The ratings are (for Fridays) too good to cancel the show, but perhaps they are not good enough for CBS to renew it either. The first thirteen episodes will most likely be aired, and CBS will either renew it if the numbers remain steady or go up, or just silently replace it after these episodes if the execs aren't convinced of its potential.

Update (10/19): Last Sunday, 'Pan Am' went down in the ratings again. This time, only 5.9 million people watched the show, and with these dropping numbers, the only question is now when the show will be axed, rather than whether it will or will not be canceled.

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On The Right Track

More success is there for ‘Person of Interest’, helping CBS win Thursday night in overall number of viewers. ‘The Secret Circle’ has become a solid asset for The CW, averaging at about 3 million viewers, and receiving average reviews.
FOX’s dinosaur drama co-produced by Steven Spielberg, ‘Terra Nova’, is doing good in the ratings with 9 million viewers. This is a great result, but it was necessary, since the production of each episode costs up tot 4 million dollars.
CBS’s ‘Unforgettable’ is doing ok with 11.5 million viewers, while The CW’s ‘Hart Of Dixie’ and ‘Ringer’ are getting moderate amounts of viewers. However, the most promising show right now is ‘Homeland’; with 1.08 million viewers in the original broadcast the highest rating Showtime drama premiere in eight years. Additional broadcasts bring the total to 2.78 million viewers, and ‘Homeland’ receives virtually only positive reviews, averaging 91/100 on Metacritic.
The mysterious ‘American Horror Story’ premiered on FX to 3.2 viewers in the original timeslot, and totalled in subsequent telecasts to 5 million. This is the second highest a drama series FX has ever premiered, but it remains to be seen whether the ratings will remain high.

Update (10/12): After Tuesday's episode spiked 15% in viewers and 33% in the 18-49 demographic, The CW decided to give 'Ringer' a full-season pick-up. The Sarah Michell Gellar show is thereby the first new Fall 2011 drama series to be picked up for a full season of 22 episodes. Since the ratings of supernatural drama 'The Secret Circle' are considerably better than 'Ringer's, one could expect that one to receive a pick-up sometime soon as well.

Update (10/13): Later in the same day, The CW announced the full-season pick-up of their other rookie dramas; 'Hart of Dixie' and 'The Secret Circle', while NBC ordered additional episodes for 'Prime Suspect' and 'Harry's Law'.

Update (10/17): The DVR ratings for the second week (Sept 26th - Oct 2nd) of the Fall 2011 TV season are in. 'Modern Family', 'Hawaii Five-0' and 'Two and a Half Men' add the most viewers (between 3.5 and 4.5 million) and the biggest winner of the shows that premiered that week is 'Terra Nova' adding over 3 million viewers, totaling to 12.2 million.The biggest relative addition went to 'Fringe', which grew with almost 53 percent from 3.05 million to 4.65 million.

Update (10/18): Fox's 'Terra Nova' is doing good, with last night's episode rising 14 percent in total viewers to 8 million. After starting moderately, the series is now showing its true potential. Because of the high production costs, FOX immediately ordered a first season without seeing a pilot. Only time can tell if these numbers are good enough to earn the show another season.
In the mean time, the dust around the killing off of Charlie Sheen has settled; 'Two and a Half Men' is down 10 million viewers from its season premiere, but with 14 million last night still a strong asset for CBS.

Update (10/19): While premiering to 14 million viewers, CBS' 'Unforgettable' was down to just under 12 million last week, falling behind 'Person of Interest', but still winning its timeslot. Last night's ratings aren't in yet, but the Poppy Montgomery show needs to at least stay on these levels, as CBS is known for quickly canceling new shows that are doing only moderately. Overall, though, the ratings for 'Unforgettable' aren't that bad.

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The most successful new series of Fall 2011 is ‘New Girl’, pushing FOX in the Tuesday night top spot. With almost 9 million viewers ‘New Girl’ rates even higher than ‘Glee’, which airs right before the comedy. Therefore, FOX has announced that the series was picked up for a full season, thereby making ‘New Girl’ the first picked-up series of Fall 2011.
Other new comedy series that also got picked up are NBC’s ‘Whitney’ and ‘Up All Night’ and CBS’s ‘2 Broke Girls’.
In the midseason FOX comedy block, ‘Breaking In’ will be resurrected for a second time, thereby it joins ‘Family Guy’ to be the only two shows to ever be canceled and picked up again twice.
Another series that is doing good is ABC Family’s ‘The Lying Game’, which already premiered on August 15th. Exactly one month later, the 10 episode first season was extended to 22 episodes due to good ratings of just under 1.5 million.

Update (10/18): ABC has ordered additional episodes for 'Revenge', averaging 8.8 million viewers, and 'Suburgatory', averaging almost 10 million viewers. This nine back order brings both of them from 13 initial episodes to a 22 episode first season. Also, 'Happy Endings' was given six additional episodes by ABC.

What about you?

Are you happy that some show got canceled? Or are you hoping that your favorite show will be renewed? Tell me about it in the comments!

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Comments 32 comments

Alecia Murphy profile image

Alecia Murphy 5 years ago from Wilmington, North Carolina

I figured that The Playboy Club would get the ax. Aside from being the poor man's Mad Men, it lacked star power or genuine interest. Less people are interested in nostalgia than network execs think. Not to say that there haven't been great shows on the past, but using Playboy was too much of a publicity stunt/desperate cry for ratings help. I didn't know Free Agents was a British adaptation. However, it's bound to fail because too many shows are using this formula and it only works if it can be more unique to the States and our sense of humor. Whitney, to me, shouldn't have been renewed. I barely made it through the second episode; the cliches were worse and the acting was more stilted. I am very excited about 2 Broke Girls and New Girl, they both are good and show hope for better episodes down the line. You are really good at these ratings/review hubs; I am impressed with your research and insight! Keep it up :)!

Robin Oatley profile image

Robin Oatley 5 years ago Author

Wow, thanks, it is really flattering to hear that you like it so much!

You're absolutely right about The Playboy Club, the only reason it attracted attention in the first place was the name.

It is true that what works in the UK doesn't automatically work in the US. If you want a good laugh about this subject, you really should watch 'Episodes', a Matt LeBlanc (Joey from Friends) comedy which is a Showtime/BBC collaboration about a British writers couple that have their comedy adapted in the US, with a frustrating fictional version of LeBlanc in the main role.

As for Whitney, it is indeed a bit cheesy, but has some nice elements in there too. However, it is not actually renewed for a second season, just extended for more episodes of the first season. But of course, in the end that is just a formal distinction.

Personally, I was quite disappointed by 2 Broke Girls, but since it does quite good, I might have to give it one more chance.

Gypsy48 profile image

Gypsy48 5 years ago

My favorite new show is Person of Interest, as for Whitney, Two Broke Girls, Playboy Club, Up All Night and New Girl, I watched them but wasn't impressed. I haven't seen Unforgettable or Terra Nova yet. American Horror Story is strange but I may try to keep up with it.

Robin Oatley profile image

Robin Oatley 5 years ago Author

Hi Gypsy,

Person of Interest is definitely one of the better new shows!

Thanks for commenting!

Karry Campbell profile image

Karry Campbell 5 years ago from Houston, Texas

The only new show I've managed to catch was Person of Interest. Kind of reminds me of Early Edition but with a twist.

Interesting hub. Thanks!

Robin Oatley profile image

Robin Oatley 5 years ago Author

Hi Karry,

I agree, it is a bit like Early Edition, and also a bit like Minority Report, the 2002 Steven Spielberg movie.

Thanks for reading and commenting!

Scott 5 years ago

How to be a Gentleman didn't have long to live when the primary actor has a cartoon voice. (seriously - worst voice on a male actor I can remember). Playboy Club was, frankly, boring and uninteresting. Charlie's Angels should die as well - producers miss the ENTIRE thing that made the 70's series popular... hot girls on TV. Now EVERY show has hot girls. There's nothing special about Charlie's Angels. New Girl is annoying and should go as well. 2 Broke Girls shows promise as does Whitney. Both a bit cheesy at times, but there's a pearl every now and then. Terra Nova could be good, certainly has been so far. Just avoid the Earth2 mistakes (anyone remember that show?) Haven't caught Person of Interest yet. Not really planning to. I sort of like Up All Night, but it's in a bad time slot opposite Survivor and The Middle. If it were moved I'd watch it as it stands... I can't even DVR it because of other, conflicting, shows. Free Agents was a drag and unfunny (that's sort of needed in a comedy). Suburgatory seems okay. I know no one really cares.. but that's my rundown.

Robin Oatley profile image

Robin Oatley 5 years ago Author

Hi Scott, thanks for reading and commenting!

David Hornsby's voice annoyed me from the first second, too. It reminded me of Megan Mullaly (Karen from 'Will & Grace'), which is kind of sad considering that he is a man..

'The Playboy Club' and 'Charlie's Angels', and maybe 'Pan Am' too, were also doomed to fail from the beginning. I guess networks think everyone wants to go back several decennia (maybe because of the financial crisis), but that is clearly not the case.

I did like 'New Girl', but as I said in an earlier comment, I think I need to give '2 Broke Girls' another chance.

'Terra Nova' is indeed a solid show; I must say that although the title rings a bell, I have never seen Earth2.

I do care! I like it when people comment on my Hubs, that makes me feel appreciated. Also, I like knowing what other people think about the shows I watch and review and whether the shows that get canceled were generally disliked anyway or that somewhere out there people are upset that it got canceled.

Will McAllister 5 years ago

So before the fall 2011, I did some research on the new tv shows by looking and reading trailers and reviews. I then selected the ones I wanted to give a try. when the season started, right away there was some that i new didn't deserve another look at. for instance Unforgettable and Prime Suspect in my opinion. Also right now i am not to sure about A Gifted Man either. I find it really interesting to see the new shows that make it and which ones that don't. Even if some of them were not on my "to watch" list. I am now looking forward to the next show that gets cancelled. A question for you: Is how to be a gentleman cancelled already or is it on its way, after the nine episodes that will aired? This was not on my "to watch" list but i am curious how all the shows are doing. I really like this information you put n here because its giving me a better insight whether or not my favourites will be picked up and i am eager to find out more in the future. So thank you, you are doing a great job!

Robin Oatley profile image

Robin Oatley 5 years ago Author

Hi Will, thanks for commenting! I'm glad you like the information I collect for my Hubs!

To answer your question on 'How to be a Gentleman'; CBS has announced that they will not order any more episodes of the show. Thereby is the show effectively canceled, although the already ordered nine episodes will finish airing in the new Sunday night timeslot. So CBS didn't actually cancel the show in the sense of pulling it off the air immediately, but there will be no continuation of the show after the initial nine episodes. I hope I have answered you question with this, but if I didn't, feel free to tell me.

If my guesses are right, the next canceled show will be either 'Charlie's Angels' or 'Pan Am', but of course, anything can still happen. When any information comes through about these or other shows, I'll update this hub, to keep you (and everyone else) posted!

Again; thanks a lot for the appreciation!

tke241 5 years ago

Don't care about Playboy Club, I watched it, but nothing special there. Pan Am is another story. I hope that one is given a chance to attract an audience. I don't understand the success of New Girl. I don't think I laughed once watching it. Zooey Deschanel (sorry, I'm sure I spelled her name wrong) is an absolutely terrible actress. She almost ruined the wonderful "Tin Man". She's hotter than her sister, but no where near as talented. Anyway, I'm sure the network idiots will cancel virtually every new show that I like. Bring back last years,Detroit 1-8-7, and Chase. Both were excellent

Robin Oatley profile image

Robin Oatley 5 years ago Author

Thanks for reading and commenting, tke241!

I think you don't need to worry, because my guess that ABC will not cancel Pan Am for another couple of episodes. Although the ratings are falling, they are not plummeting (yet), so it'll probably have its chance to find an audience. Also, the network executives will take into account that the last episode was programmed against the NFL game Packars-Falcons, which drew an enormous lot of viewers.

You actually have spelled Deschanel's name right. Personally, I quite like New Girl, but I can also see why others do not.

I guess you're right about the network idiots. Often, good shows get canceled, while bad shows are given another chance; when they have roughly the same ratings.

Bukama 5 years ago

Well, I liked Free Agents, but not so much I'm broken up over it's cancellation. I'd agree with all the other cancellations. I'm still looking forward to the premiers of Grimm and Once Upon a Time.

Robin Oatley profile image

Robin Oatley 5 years ago Author

If you liked the US version of Free Agents, you could consider watching the UK version. After all, the US version is an adaptation of the UK version and that one was actually successful.

You're right, there are still a couple of shows set to premiere sometime soon; apart from Grimm (pushed back to Oct 28, together with Chuck) and Once Upon a Time (Oct 23) there are also Man Up (next Tuesday, Oct 18) and I Hate My Teenage Daughter (Nov 30).

Thanks for reading and commenting, Bukama!

JT Walters profile image

JT Walters 5 years ago from Florida

Hi Robin Oatley,

Thanks for the informative hub. I follow a lot of these series and write reviews so I am glad the shows I am following didn't get cancelled.

All My Best,


Robin Oatley profile image

Robin Oatley 5 years ago Author

You're welcome! Thanks for reading and commenting!

Will McAllister 5 years ago

So you were right about "Charlies Angels" cancellation but now i am hearing that "Unforgettable", "A Gifted Man", and like you said "Pan Am" are not doing so well. I just wanted your thoughts on these three. Also what do you think might be the next renewal/pick up for the new fall t.v. shows. I am watching the new show "Revenge" and heard good things about the shows future. Then again nothing is set in stone. Anyway thanks again for your input!

Robin Oatley profile image

Robin Oatley 5 years ago Author

Hi Will,

I just updated the hub, adding information and my thoughts about 'Pan Am', 'Unforgettable' and 'A Gifted Man'.

In short; I don't think there is any hope left for 'Pan Am'. As for 'Unforgettable', it has indeed gone down in the ratings since its premiere, but most shows do. In the end, numbers are ok for 'Unforgettable', but CBS apparently isn't convinced yet, and maybe they want to wait and see what the ratings will do the next couple of weeks before deciding whether to renew it or not.

'A Gifted Man' is a case of doubt. The ratings aren't good enough for a nine back order (extension of the initial 13 to a full 22 episode season), but they're not bad enough for cancellation either. This week's announcement of the casting of Tom Wopat and Aaron Dean Eisenberg as new characters may generate enough interest to make the ratings go up a little, but we'll have to wait and see whether it does.

Thanks for commenting again, I think it's great that you are so interested!

juliafranceschini 5 years ago

Very useful information. I hope Pan Am doesn't get cancelled. It still needs to figure out its tone, but I love the visual story-telling. I think this Sunday's ratings may be the deciding factor.

I'm glad the CW is sticking with their new drama series.

Robin Oatley profile image

Robin Oatley 5 years ago Author

You're probably right, after Sunday 'Pan Am' will probably be canceled (unless a miracle happens). It's a shame though for people who do like it. The majority decides, but there will always be people disappointed.

The CW is definitely showing that it is growing up with the new drama series. Although 'The Secret Circle' is aimed at the younger demographic, 'Hart of Dixie' is more for older (though not old) people and 'Ringer' is the most mature show ever on the network. I think it's great what they're doing and I hope they succeed.

Alana Zartolas 5 years ago

What I am going to do is list what I have scheduled to tape on my DVR of the new shows this season and what I do or do not like about them;


A Gifted Man- While I like the idea behind the show, I kind of feel that it moves a little slow. I'm not very interested so far. Up until last week, what we saw was a medical problem or two an episode with the dead ex wife trying to get this guy to do more "good" by helping less fortunate people. He keeps saying no, but in the end, ends up helping anyways. He finally agreed to help the clinic 10 hours a week I think, but we all know he will help them as much as he can, meaning more than 10 hours a week. I am excited to see Rachel lafevre on the show finally, I hope I spelled her name right. If anyone doesn't know her she was on off the map as a doctor as well and I think most notable for her appearance as Victoria in the first two Twilight movies. (although I'm sure she has been in more films, like e new 50/50 movie)


Charlies Angels- I had high hopes for this one.... I really did. I love Rachel Taylor when I saw her in the first transformers movie and again on greys anatomy, but I just can't stand Mina Kelly !!! It's like she doesn't move her mouth and it seems that's all I can see when she is on screen. The fight scenes are absolutely horrible!!!!!!! I can obviously see that when the girls are fighting, they don't connect with the other actor. I hate the cheesy "witty" banter that the girls have with each other and it makes me cringe each time they say "good morning Charlie" because to me it feels forced and not natural. This show will def. no longer be recorded on my DVR and take up valuable space that I can use for something like supernatural. :)


2 Broke Girls- I'm kind of on the fence with this one. I do have my times when I like the show. I think the comedy is good but I feel like the actress who portrays the brunette delivers it poorly. I don't really like the dry humor and her voice to me is kind of monotone. I wish she would put a little more oomph into the delivery and then I would be extremely happy. Other than that, no problems with this show.


Unforgettable- as with a gifted man, I feel this is a little too slow paced for me. Last weeks episode is the first time my heart started to race with suspense. I hope the shows pace picks up a bit. I also like the idea behind this show, I wish I could remember everything I see and hear !!! The biggest thing I am so over with regarding this show is that Poppy Montgomery is ALWAYS wearing a tank top at least twice in each episode!!! We get it!!! YOU HAVE GOT KILLER ARMS POPPY !!! no one goes around wearing tank tops everyday... What are you going to do during the winter??? I bet you will wear some long sleeve sheer thing so you can still show your ripped arms. But it's not her fault so I still love her :) and I love Dylan Walsh !!!

Ringer- I am one of the biggest BUFFY fans in the world and I will admit that I was very nervous to see Sarah Michelle Gellar back on tv but not in an ass-kicking role. Is I'll say I am pleasantly surprised. I am hooked !!! It's a prime time soap opera for me, one twist and turn after another !!! I watch it and my heart races the whole hour !!! How is she bridget going to fake a pregnancy ??? Did Siobhan have something to do with gemma's "death"??? These and so many more questions are racking my brain and I have to tune in every week to feed my addiction !!! I even got my 56 year old mother hooked on it... And she thought the shows I watch on the CW were just for young adults and teens.... Pfft... I showed her huh...

X-Factor- I will openly admit that I have never watched more than two episodes of American idol (can't stand seacrest


Person of Interest- LOVE IT!!! AND LOVE JIM CAVIEZEL!!! AND I ALSO LOVE MICHAEL EMERSON !!! great combo and great chemistry between the actors. I fell in love with Jim back when I saw frequency for the first time and I am extatic that I get to see him every week. Even though he is a little monotone on this show, it works for his character and the show, unlike on broke girls. I am also biting my nails wondering if or when he is going to be caught by taraji p Henderson's character... Keep it coming CBS !!!


Prime Suspect- I love this show for so many reasons, first being that Maria belo is excellent !!! I love her character and I love how we get to see her personal life throughout the episodes. It reminds me of law and order svu (my fav l and w) because of its grittiness. I like the way the camera flows and also the relationship between Maria and her male counterparts. It also reminds me of svu because of the personal lives of the characters but in this show it is more prevalent by showing in each episode rather than having an episode every now and en pop up that involves a character personally or involves his or her family life. This is def. a keeper in my book. I think my fav part so far was when last week the kid jumped out of a window to try to escape and hit some bars on the way down all while the cops were watching from below and spitting out some witty funny response to the fall... I had to rewind and watch it a few times...

Alana Zartolas 5 years ago

Woops... I accidentally hit post when I wasn't finished

X-Factor- LOVE IT !!! Only watched two episodes of American idol and one of the voice and I actually don't watch any reality competition shows... But this one is a must !!! Although I could do without Nicole as a judge. It just works. No elaborate stage that keeps growing each year, or an annoying host that always feels that he needs to say something funny, which really isn't, and try to get all the camera time he can, or typical, and I use that term loosely, contestants that are usually the pop genre singers that pretty much all look like they would be best friends in high school. I like that the contestants are very different from each other. They are all different ages and come from different backgrounds and are at different points in their lives. Also, they all sing different styles. There are a lot of unconventional singing styles on this show and it is a breath of fresh air.

I saw Whitney a few times and it's just not keeping me interested. Although I would love to see New Girl, I have not had the chance since it conflicts with my DVR schedule. Saburgatory is cute and I like it (probably since I live in ct) but I have only been able to see one episode. And I am loving Tim Allen on his new show !!! I missed him as I'm sure most of us have. But, again, DVR conflicts do not allow me to get to see this each week, but I am def. going to look for it online.

Sorry everyone if this was super long, but I am just a huge tv person... I have "my shows" that I love and I and proud of it!!! Hope everyone liked, or could at least understand, my reasons behind either loving or hating these new shows.

Robin Oatley profile image

Robin Oatley 5 years ago Author

Wow, Alana, I can see that you are really passionate about tv series in general and some of these shows in particular. In short, you're just like me!

A Gifted Man is indeed going a little slow, and that is probably why it is doing only moderately. The impatient folks have already stopped watching. I think that it should start to go a little faster now, because every week it doesn't, it's a missed chance and more people decide to stop watching the show.

You're right on Charlie's Angels, there are so many better shows to spend your time (and DVR space ;) ) on. The networks have really misjudged the appeal of shows that are reminiscent of the '60s and '70s. The Playboy Club has already been canceled weeks ago, Charlie's Angels will not be renewed and Pan Am is on the verge of cancellation as well.

2 Broke Girls isn't really gripping me either. Every now and then it is funny, but some other times it is just not convincing enough.

Wow, I had never realized, but now you mention it, Poppy Montgomery is indeed wearing a lot of tank tops. For me personally, I can't stop noticing her Australian accent. She's trying hard, but it is still there; quite strange for a Syracuse girl. I agree about the pace, maybe it has to do with the people getting used to her flashbacks etc. (for instance if they've missed the series premiere).

A prime time soap opera is a good description for Ringer. It is nice to read that you are so hooked, and that your mother is too!

Person of Interest has indeed great chemistry between Caviezel and Emerson. I just hope the show doesn't turn into 'just' a procedural (though with a slightly different set of rules).

I must admit I haven't seen Prime Suspect at all. I did see some of the episodes from the British original series though. I think I might have to give it a chance sometime.

With all those reality competition shows; the auditions are sometimes hilarious or beautiful, but after that I'm not interested anymore.

Whitney is.. well, ok. You should definitely try to watch New Girl anyway, it is a great show. If you're loving Tim Allen you should like Man Up! as well (it airs right after).

I don't mind it being long, it is great when people are so passionate about things. And I'm always interested to hear what people think about all the shows I write about (and other shows as well).

Thanks a lot for putting so much energy in writing your comment!

Will McAllister 5 years ago

So I was wandering if you saw the premiere of the new show "Grimm". i decided to record it on my DVR. I watched "Grimm" and i actually enjoyed it. I read a lot of information months before the premiere date, that said it wasn't going to be a good show. I think they based this on the trailer though. I have a hard time finding cop/detective shows that actually interest me but this one had me locked in. In my opinion unlike prime suspect (although i only tuned in for one episode on that show) "Grimm was a show that made me want to find out more about these characters/see whats going to happen next. So at the end of the show i wanted to watch the next episode. I read your info about it at the top but was wandering what you thought about it. Also i wanted your opinion(if you saw it or even if you didn't on the new show "Once upon a time". I actually really liked this one too because the way they switched back and forth from the real world to the fairytale wold was very clever. Also its not always the case that you have well developed characters but when you have the writers of lost involved this definitely wasn't a problem.

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Robin Oatley 5 years ago Author

Hi Will, thanks for stopping by again!

I did watch the premiere of 'Grimm', and I enjoyed it as well. Apart from the story line of the episode itself where a supernatural bad guy needs to be caught, there is also this story arc about Nick's parents and his aunt, who is now in the hospital. I've become curious what will happen next as well!

As for the quality of the show, there weren't any things that particularly annoyed me (bad acting or incredible story lines sometimes do ;) ). But of course I'm no expert and neither can I see in the future, so we'll have to wait and see.

I liked 'Once Upon a Time' quite a lot, I wrote a review about it that you can read here: http://hubpages.com/entertainment/Once-Upon-a-Time...

As you can read at the top of this page, I started a new Hub about the latest ratings, cancellations and renewals, since I felt that this one was becoming a little too cluttered. I hope that that one can bring the latest updates in a tidier fashion. The new Hub can be found here: http://hubpages.com/entertainment/Fall-2011-TV-Sho...

If you are interested in reading more of my Hubs about TV shows (and various other subjects); you can find those on my profile page, which you can reach by clicking on my name.

Will McAllister 5 years ago

Im gonna take a guess and say that you are an american, I hope i'm right. Therefore I hope you had a great thanksgiving. I want to ask you a few questions about your view on these new shows, or old if it applies to you and this hub. Which shows are you going to miss over the break? My main question i guess is what are your top shows that you cant wait to be back on again? Mine are probably going to be Once Upon A Time, (I'm really enjoying this one and i'm definitely along for the ride, for rest of the season. Revenge, ( I know it is a considered a guilty pleasure but i have become attached in a way. By the way everyone on this hub who reads this, its just my opinion that this is a solid show.) and my two old comedies that i really enjoy The Big Bang Theory, and Happy Endings. I am asking your personal opinion and stating my own cause I became attached to these hubs and everything you have to say. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks again!

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Robin Oatley 5 years ago Author

First of all, I hope you've had a great Thanksgiving, too. Second of all, I must say again that I'm really flattered that you hold my opinions in such high regard!

I'm definitely going to miss Once Upon A Time as well; it is maybe the best new show of the Fall, even though it is really one of those shows that you either love or hate.

Another show I would miss is Flashpoint, but luckily I still have some episodes waiting for me, and I've heard they are very good.

Another show that has really gotten to me is Homeland. The end of the first season is in sight, but there is going to be a second season. Too bad that one will only premiere in about a year..

By the way, you are aware that I'm not updating this hub anymore? For the latest news, see this one:


ChuckG 5 years ago

I saw the first episode for "Charlie's Angels" with hopeful anticipation. Then I was totally disappointed at the lack of plausible believability. You cannot aim a satellite feed into a building. It's impossible. I'm glad it's out.

I am enjoying "Pan Am" and hope they will keep that show. It's in a hard time slot, but it's nostalgic and fun to watch.

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trusouldj 5 years ago from Indiana

I liked the 3 episodes I saw of Playboy club and wish it could have at least finished the season. Would have made for a good DVD to watch since I'm collecting DVD sets now as opposed to buying movies ... oh well.

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Robin Oatley 5 years ago Author

ChuckG, you and other viewers clearly gave that signal to the network, and they quickly responded to that!

trusouldj, don't lose hope yet. There is always a chance that the show will still go into syndication, or straight to dvd. Though of course, so much negative publicity is never a good sign.

Maryena 4 years ago

I love a gifted man and Prime Suspect would be very sorry to see them go, this feed is excellent thanks for taking the time to write it.

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Robin Oatley 4 years ago Author

Thanks for reading and commenting, Maryena! At the top of this page, you can find a link to more recent renewals and cancellations. For both A Gifted Man and Prime Suspect, the networks are officially still considering whether to renew. However, taking the ratings into account, neither really has a chance of getting a second season. Hopefully next season brings you some other shows to love!

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