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Yashoda Wimaladarma - Visit here to enjoy some unseen photos of one of the most beautiful actress in Sri Lanka. She is very cute and gorgeous. She won most popular actress award for five consecutive times at "Sumathi Tele Award Festival". That fact is more than enough to get an idea about her popularity among Sri Lankan fans. Go down to read more about Yashoda.

Personal Profile

Full Name: Yashoda Wimaladharma

Date of Birth: 28th October, 1970

Father: Hindi Language Professor at University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka

Mother: Former Dancer and a school teacher

As she born to a family who loves music and dancing, she started her carrier since her childhood. She did her schooling in one of the leading girl school in Colombo, Sri Lanka named "Milagiriya St. Paul's".


Yashoda started in 1985 by acting in a tele-drama named Atta Bindei. She did a very good job in that teledrama which helped her to get the attention of many major directors and producers in Sri Lankan film and teledrama industries. But "Asalwesiyo" tele serial helped Wimaladharma to establish in tele-industry in Sri Lanka, Yashoda's first movie is "Gurugedara" and it was directed by one of the leading director in Sri Lanka named "Vijaya Dharmasiri". The acting in that films brought her first award. She won a merit award for her performance at Sarasaviwa film festival in 1993.

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1985 - ATTA BINDEI (Broken branch) Tele-drama as "Priyanka"

1987 - ASALVASIYO (Neighbours) Tele-drama series

1990 - GIRAYA Tele-drama series - Directed by Sir Lester James Peris

1990-1993 - HIRU DAHASA - Theatre as "Emily Webb" (won "Best Actress Award" at State Drama Awards in her first appearance in theatre)

1990-1993 - KADULLA (Leaping hurdles) tele-drama series as "Manel"

1990 - GURUGEDARA film as "Neela" directed by Wijaya Dharmasiri (won Merit Award at Sarasaviya Film Festival in 1993)

1990-1995 - DOO DARUWO Television series as "Priyanvada" (immensely populared in Sri Lanka)

1991 - HUMALAYA tele-drama as "Chutti"

1991 - MARUTHAYA film as "Renuka"

1992 - SIHINA DESHAYEN film as a Theatre actress

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aksana777 6 years ago

thanks for the hub, very intersting

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It is pleasure to know that you enjoyed my hub. Thanks.

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average only

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ela kiri

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Nandi Special Jury Award for the role in Arundati in 2009

Favourite Heroine - Vijay Award in 2009


2005 - Telugu film named "Super" as Sasha

2005 - Telugu film named "Mahanandi" as Nandini

2006 - Telugu film named "Vikramarkudu" as Neeraja Goswami

2006 - Telugu film named "Astram" as Anusha

2006 - Tamil film named "Rendu" as Jothy

2006 - Telugu film named "Stalin" as Jothy

2007 - Telugu film named "Lakshyam" as Indu

2007 - Telugu film named "Don" as Priya

2008 - Telugu film named "Okka Magaadu" as Bhavani

2008 - Telugu film named "Swagatham" as Shailu

2008 - Telugu film named "Baladoor" as Bhanumathi

2008 - Telugu film named "Souryam" as Swetha

2008 - Telugu film named "Chintakayala Ravi" as Sunitha

2008 - Telugu film named "King" as Priya

2009 - Telugu film named "Arundhati" as Arundhati

2009 - Telugu film named "Billa" as Maya

2009 - Tamil film named "Vettaikkaran" as Susheela

2010 - Telugu film named "Kedi" as Susheela

2010 - Tamil film named "Singam" as Kavya Mahalingam

2010 - Telugu film named "Vedam" as Saroja

2010 - Telugu film named "Panchakshari" as Panchakshari

2010 - Telugu film named "Takita Takita"

2010 - Telugu film named "Kaleja"

2011 - Telugu film named "Nagavalli"

2011 - Telugu film named "Kanchana"


Anushka Shetty started her acting by appearing in Telugu film name Super in 2005. That film was directed by Puri Jagannath. Later she acted in film named Mahanandi which was totally a failure. 2006 is the year which brought her the popularity and the recognition as an actress in Indian cinema industry. Anushka appeared in four films and the film Vikramarkudu brought her the popularity and success especially in Andra Pradesh, India. During that year, she debuted to Tamil film industry by appearing in Astram.

Since 2006, Anushka Shetty appeared in more than 20 Tamil, Telugu and Hindi movies. Almost every movie did very well at the box office. Lakshyam was the first release in 2007 and she starred with Nagarjuna. During year 2008, Anushka Shetty appeared in six films. The most success one was Souryam with Gopichand. During year 2008, she performed in “Okka Magaadu”, “Swagatam” and “Baladur” movies which did not become box office hits.

Anushka’s most controversial character was as a male in the movie named Vettaikkaran was also played in 2009. She known as "Sweety" among her close friends. She is a sweety isn't it?

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chamilj 5 years ago from Sri Lanka

Yashoda is a very talented actress in Sri Lanka. Good article.

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old is gold

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yashoda akke oya lassany

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yasoda akke mama oyage muna matakkarala hamadama ate gahanawa

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