Feelin' faded

[verse 1]
no limit to my songs i'm singin' all day long
someones gota tell me whats really goin' on
cause i just consumed something real new
drinkin all the liq an my troubles are thru
this roller coaster ride has me hearin' vibes
nothing from this world so i'm ready to collide
with this surreal beat like in the hotel suite
faded out my mind so i take a fuckin seat
the volume in this room i share with it my coo
nothings ever real so i break it like i do
i better stop it low [low]
or sleep it off an go [go]
you better take a second to listen to this flow [flow]
i'm lucky i get paid i'm feelin so alive
i really sense it though when i wana take a drive
i'm at the bottom yo but still i gota show
what i'm made of so i better take it slow

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freesammie profile image

freesammie 6 years ago

Good I got the flow I got something I wanna add but I do not want it to mess with your thought pattern but put some beat in that and you got yourself a winner for show.

Richlove profile image

Richlove 6 years ago from Denver,CO Author

oh yup thanks for the advice free sammie,

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