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I have been reading anti-buzz about one of our families favorite shows. Our only complaint has been lack of commitment and cooperation to use their powers. That one flaw seems to be addressed in the season one finally. The cliff hanger is that they are going to become more than just one good guy trying to police the city, and the rest of the family doing their thing. They are going to have to become a super team to watch each others' back and compete with the evil weapon conglomerate. So, we as a family are looking forward to next season and we start to hear it might not happen.

It might not happen?

Over seven million viewers and growing, but we seven million are not worthy of programming??? Since when is 12+ million considered good viewership. Are these towers of industry disrespecting us? I understand business and the larger the numbers the better. It is insane to believe that over 7 million viewing families are not enough to get advertizes. I could understand if it was a tiny show on a tiny network or a web series only getting 100,000 loyal viewers. But it is so much better than that. We as, an audience, would not even mind cost cutting with a little more green screen tech. We appreciate the current production value, the cast is really coming together, and the nemesis is getting stronger. Could they have collectively become more badass mid season, YES. But if you peak too soon then it becomes a format show that leaves no room for character development. A good format will work for a year or so, but connecting to deeper characters can grow legs and run for years.

No Ordinary Family

Get Your Heads Out...

So ABC...

... go ahead help the trend for all the major channels to lose their audience. Send more of us to cable, web, and shared video entertainment. Or, get your heads out of your ass and start treating us with the real value we possess. Television's roots are in product placement and sponsorship. Now, it is like ticks sucking billions of bucks from every angle. The entire industry is going to continue to lose numbers to growing globalization, unless they stop pissing us off. Stop charging us fees to get TV and then fill it to the gills with ads. We have real issues and challenges exaggerated in this economy. America's biggest export is the quality of our entertainment. For many of us it is a chance to breathe and melt the stress of the daily grind. And it is a nice blessing when it is something that can be watched together with the entire family.

This is not your ordinary 7 million. Fans of sci-fy, fantasy, anime, and super hero fans can become very loyal for life. You shouldn't need examples but, Trekkie's,  Obaku(Japanese, anime and manga), Marvel Studios, etc. Just ask Kevin Smith (Clerks, Dogma, and recently Red State) if he likes Batman. Or, just check out his "Plus One" podcast with his wife and you will hear their daughter's name. The only thing holding this franchise down is thinking 7 million families are not worth the effort. I like many others have cut the cable, smashed the dish, and returned to broadcast and the net. And like many of us we will not come back until we can get channels a la carte. Trust us we have had channels by the hundreds and still have nothing to watch for many reasons. Most common that I have heard are a bunch of sports channels, news channels or foreign language channels that are never watched, but you had to get with the package!!! Please industry reclaim your greatness and stop gouging us. You want to show a bunch of commercials fine, but do not charge us to watch your income stream.

Thank you for reading, I kinda started to rant at the end there. Let these networks know we are serious leave a comment. Good Luck Michael Chiklis (Loved you as The Commish, Shield, and The Thing) and the rest of the cast. Let's keep great shows like No Ordinary Family and drop some of the reality crap.


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