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Ara Cristine Pascual Reyes or more popularly known as Cristine Reyes is a Filipina actress, businesswoman and model. She was born on February 5, 1989 in Marikina City and was launched as one of the 14 finalist of the first season of the popular reality artista seach tv show Starstruck. She was the first female contestant to be eliminated, but due to her sexiness and appeal, she was able to get more movie offers and tv guestings. She appeared in a number of movies which includes Beautiful Life, Pa-Siyam, Mourning Girls, Barang, Apoy sa Dibdib ng Samar and Pitong Dalagita. She also appeared in GMA-7 Shows like Starstruck Playhouse, Darna, SOP Gigsters, Super Twins, Marimar and more.

Cristine Reyes as the endorser of Posh Nails
Cristine Reyes as the endorser of Posh Nails

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Ever since she was launched as one of the Starstruck teens, she got involved in a number of controversy. She was romantically linked to Mark Herras, Anton dela Paz, Mark Lapid, Joross Gamboa, Jake Cuenca among others. She became controversial last year when her relationship with Filipino actor Dennis Trillo was revealed by the entertainment press. It was the time when the actor admitted that he is the father of Carlene Aguilar's baby. Majority of Cristine detractors called her names which are unpleasant to the ears.

As she turned eighteen last year, she finally agreed to pose for FHM. She was also launched as sexy star in the independent film "Green Paradise" which unluckily didn't do well in the box-office. The producers failed to promote the movie.

Despite of all the issues thrown at her, Cristine Reyes' fans were always requesting for more shows of hers in message boards and online forums. Some even created fansites and fan blogs using tnomeralc web design toys and practiced their web designing skills inspired by Cristine, of course.

Last February, her sister sexy-dramatic actress Ara Mina produced a movie for them called "Ate" (Sisters). She signed up a deal with ABS-CBN afterwards and she is now set to star in a primetime soap opera entitled Eva Fonda.For more information, go to Cristine Reyes Fan Blog.

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Lovelu, Dhaka, Bangladesh 8801820504505 8 years ago

Hi Sexy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jasper 8 years ago

ganda mo poh

guest 8 years ago


kIRIROY 8 years ago

hoy masyado kang talande...........baka malamigan yang iyong kwan..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Nico 8 years ago

mas maganda kung hubot hubad

pics plang pwde ng pagjakolan...

tigas titi q

jess 8 years ago

ganda talaga ng pinay

jake 8 years ago

damn sexy beautiful

crsny 8 years ago from philippines

nakz!! ur so beautiful! ...yeah!! promize''

bond 8 years ago


jori 8 years ago

ang sarap moh tlagah';

jjmac 8 years ago

Ang ganda mo tlga.... ang kinis pa.... sana baby ko kasing kinis mo....

ferdz 8 years ago

super sexy mo talaga christine ur the best can i have ur cell no# here's my e-mail see u sexy

rayden 8 years ago


significat 8 years ago

wow sexy talaga...

ni cristine reyes..

may bf ka na..

ako na lang

sana maging bf mo

paliligayahin kita

bads 8 years ago

ganda mo naman! pwede ba kitang maging girlfriend?

leandro,andoy 8 years ago

wow will u marry me

roelmijarez 8 years ago

you look so nice and pretty hopefully we meet you personnally

jandex 8 years ago

your my #1 tin. be more good on your nexxt shows. goodluck & Godbless you always to be more successful in your life

4_3 STUDENTS DANHS 8 years ago



...super ganda mo.and super sexy.....

...we love u..

...specially from ur "ka2kyo

...cristine mae panag

suansi 8 years ago

i like you i hope you like me too

julie bie 8 years ago

ganda mo talaga, hope magkita tayo someday!!!!!!!!

oms 8 years ago

all i can say is *OMG* XD

Mark 8 years ago

I LOVE YOU CRISTINE REYES!!! Your my favorite actress... Crush na kita nung unang labas mo plang sa STARSTRUCK!!!

mex 8 years ago

hi po. nice pic.and elegant :) good luck sa carrier mo at sa bagong mong telenobela,go go keep it up.

mikael 8 years ago


vincent 8 years ago

hi cristine....libog na libig ako sayo....super crush kita sana maikama na kita

elsie aguillon 8 years ago

ganda ate christine elsie nga pla 2, 15 y/old in Qc

jerson 8 years ago

hi hello...

kepweng 8 years ago

sarap makulong basta ikaw ang kasama heheeheh

jovo 8 years ago

your face,your smile,your eyes.... your such a beauty bar none....di ako magsasawang titigan ka...

ailyn 8 years ago

ganda mo talaga

rhigs 8 years ago

lab u cristine a nakakagigil ka

france 7 years ago

nice pix......

france 7 years ago

21bimale here add me sa fs

nickson 7 years ago

hi you're so sexy and hot mama

jushell ann fleur 7 years ago

your so beautiful i'm your fan in eva fonda i like you and i want you to be my friend sana but that's imposible to me cuz your actres and me is only ordinary people i'm proud of you good luck to your carrier the eva fonda and banana split

Mike Angelo 7 years ago

aTe ^^ ate ung twag d mo nman ako kilala

bkit po gnyn ung pinagcocomment sau dmi tlga mssmang tao

geh wag mo nlng pancnin yng mga yn

alam mo crush po kta sna ako rn crush mo

ano po b # mo add mo nlng ako sa ym i2 po ym ko mike_kingofkings

geh po ingat nlng po ska God bless

sana magkita tau tpos dun n kta liligawan joke lng

friend muna ^^

geh po ingat nlng God bless

wag mo n po pancnin ung mga mssmang comment sau


Mike Angelo 7 years ago

ay may nklimutan ako khpon

pede po b na ate muna twag ko sau?

ganda mo po tlga sa tv plng pno p kya pag personal pa

ganda mo sa eva fonda ska sa banana split

geh po ingat nlng ATE God bless po


wag n po pncnin ung mga mssmang comment sau ung mga bastos

geh po ingat nlng God bless

hash 7 years ago

ur such a hmmmmmmmmm you driving me crazy... grabe ang ganda mo talaga...keep up the good work sana makita kita in person heheheheheheh mwah mwaah mwaah

justine 7 years ago


gen 7 years ago

I never thought na magugustuhan ko pla c christines reyes. I never like her on starstruck. but as time goes by, i realize na she deserves to be an actress. And now she is one of my favorite actresses.

Keep it up! Sana lang pancnin natin ung talent nia hindi lang ung katawan nya.

GRACE 7 years ago


GRACE 7 years ago


floyd 7 years ago

ang ganda m ate eve sana ingatan nm sarili m at mag iingat ka palagi.... i like u...........GOD BLESS YOU.............

arjon 7 years ago


aber 7 years ago

ang ganda mo talaga

jon jon alesna 7 years ago

hi im june...hoping the un hopefull..a funny yet serious type guy...small but terrible guy..protective sa love ko..diko pahihipo kahit lamok a fan of yours in eva fonda..nasa FHM ka pala at ibapang palabas sa ABS-CBN sa eva fonda pa kita napansin..nadala kase at parang gusto kita iligtas pag nakikita kita inaapi..dati wala lang sakin ung banana split pero ngayon lagi ko na inaabangan..ung eve fonda sana pagnatapos may part 2,3,4,5,6 and up gusto ko abangan pagtanda nya?hehehe joke..

mira 7 years ago

hilow idol ang ganda mo talaga sa eva fonda

Koleen 7 years ago

Hello cristine!!

raphael 7 years ago

hi cristine sana magkakilala tau someday para masabi ko sayo na gaano kita nahangaan sa wag mo kong tangihan plzzzzzzzz!Ang ganda mo kasi sa pagising pa lang ikaw na naisip ko.sana talaga mag_kita tayo.ang sarap mo sigurong makasama.haynako!sa ganda mo pana man.wala sa akin sila cristine hermosa o si nikki gil at kahit anong artista.basta ikaw lang ang hangad ko.ako nga pala si raphael pajarillaga dela cruz ang address ko llano road caloocan city sana punta ka dyan.ang nickname ko raph/bitoy haynakow!16 years old.diba love not matters? kaya sobra akong nabighani sayo bye.

sherwin 7 years ago

ang sexy mo talaga christine wag k mna mag aasawa.lalo na nyan si dennis nloloko ka lang nyan.katawn mo lang habol nyan.kaya ingat

raymond 7 years ago

hellow po add kita sa friends ter mo

sestoso 7 years ago

hi idol...ang ganda mo pala sa personal....

tsaka salamat pala sa pag punta mo sa ayala center cebu....

jm 7 years ago

maganda ka nga kso kapamilya kna eh..balik kna sa

guess 7 years ago

hi cristine! grabe magsingkinis tayo!

killua 7 years ago

is this truedo i get to know cristine here?

please email me at my add....if its true...


killua 7 years ago

is this true do i get to know cristine here?

please email me at my add....if its true...


Phine 7 years ago

hi cristine! add mo! !

SKYGAM3RZ 7 years ago

Hi ate ganda sana masaya ka palagi!!!!! from deep hearth...

Eman 7 years ago

I love you!!!! Idol kita!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you!!!! Idol kita!!!!!!

I love I love you!!!! Idol kita!!!!!!!!!!

I love you you!!!! Idol kita!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you!!!! Idol kita!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I love you!!!! Idol kita!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you!!!! Idol kita!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you!!!! Idol kita!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you!!!! Idol kita!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kid rock 7 years ago

tot tot tot. . .my brains out. . COOL. . .

horsedick 7 years ago

Happy birthday, honey (5 February).

Be happy.

mariecris 7 years ago


alvin de guzman 7 years ago

astig pare kung pede ku lang maging gf yan gnawa ku na

wallie west 7 years ago

ang ganda mo.naninigas na ako

JAY_MINDORO 7 years ago


JOHN FORD  7 years ago


Roy  7 years ago

helow poh..

kevinz 7 years ago

sna pag nag picture taking ka uli medyo may makikita naman kaming manipis ang damit no!!!! para kita pagka sexy mo

kevinz 7 years ago

sna pag nag picture taking ka uli medyo may makikita naman kaming manipis ang damit no!!!! para kita pagka sexy mo

kevinz 7 years ago

sna pag nag picture taking ka uli medyo may makikita naman kaming manipis ang damit no!!!! para kita pagka sexy mo

ceciile 7 years ago

ang ganda mo pala talaga

dfhamms 7 years ago

sarap mong kagatin

jose  7 years ago

ikaw an babae sa aking panaginip

super ang yung kasexyhan

sana makasama kita kahit isang gabi lang

katherine 7 years ago

hi pfue ate.......ang ganda mouh talaga pls.....txt mouh naman ako 2 pfue no. ko 09094026325 pls....

katherine 7 years ago

hi pfue....ate big fan mouh pfue ako....ate sana nakita kita xa firxonal..............!!!!!ate sana marami ka pang show.....ate ano no. mouh sana bigay mouh kc big fan mouh ko talaga plz..........1

katherine 7 years ago

hi pfue....ate big fan mouh pfue ako....ate sana nakita kita xa firxonal..............!!!!!ate sana marami ka pang show.....ate ano no. mouh sana bigay mouh kc big fan mouh ko talaga plz..........1

Titikokaininmo 7 years ago

kumakain ka ba ng titi Cristine?titiko kainin mo kasi malaki ito.



Your beautiful... That's why your my fiancé. Love you, Charles

vornesky boy 7 years ago

ur so gorgeous!

Fhei 7 years ago

ang ganda at sexy mo tin..kip safe

gian 7 years ago

galing mo po idol kitah

sed 7 years ago

ganda mo! akin k nlga!!!

jayr 7 years ago

ang ganda muh paeyot

jayr 7 years ago

ang ganda muh paeyot

Radam Raed 7 years ago

ganda mo at sana ay makahanap ka ng mabait at mag-aalaga sayo sana ako nalang

reskie22 7 years ago

wla akong msabi maliban sa sumakit lang ang puson ko....huhuhu

daryl 7 years ago

hubagang ate oi...........

jHeLAi aRceGA 7 years ago

hi..miss cristine reyes!

i know nde ka mashado nagtitiwala lalo na qng di mo mashadong kilala...

so magpapakilala ako..

im jhelai from valenzuela city! friends na tau?haha

super idol na kita pati ng mga kaptid ko!

sna magtuloy-tuloy pa ng maganda ang career mo!

wag ka mag-alala sa mga taong naninira sau o bumabastos ang mahalaga mas maraming tao ang humahanga at may tiwala sa talent mo!

HAVE a nice dAy!

sana mapansin mo 'to!

anyweis..pwede ko bang malaman ung friendster, facebook or multiply account mo?

you can trust i swear!

more powers!

tina 7 years ago

d ka nakakasawang tingnan grabe ka talaga..

super sexy wala ako masabi..

mga naninira sau inggit lang sila kasi sa kasexyhan mo

parang dyosa na bumaba sa lupa..

kip up the good work,ganda ganda mo..super..

JustinE 7 years ago

Ang cute mo ate!!

i Love u!!

super sexy moh

LADY_SHRINE 7 years ago


LADY_SHRINE 7 years ago


francis antiporda 7 years ago

you're so hot!

naruto 7 years ago

ang ganda mo (-_*)

harmz 7 years ago

luve u cristine.. hi 2 gabriel of tagum city.

Tnomeralc web design toys 7 years ago

so sexy.. yummt!

benjie 7 years ago


rhea france acera 7 years ago

ganda mo talaga ate cristine sana kapatid kita no! ilove u

nido 7 years ago

hindi naman talaga kagandahan si cristine eh..maputi lang talaga siya

rexyl 7 years ago

,,,the best ka talaga

ang ganda mo super,

khit gurl aq crush kita!!!

engat ka lagi...

dylan batangas city 7 years ago

alam muh cristine reyes cguro ang ganda muh sa personal makta kta ana galing muh sa acting sna kng may oras kah friendster tyo email muh na lang aq s ingat lagi sa work pakiramdam ang koh ang sarap mag bigay ng message syo feeling koh mahal na kta cristine ikaw ung tipo kung babae na gs2 k cguro ang bait muh may sa2bihin nga pla aq syo crush na kta i love u ingat kah palagi at sa work at sa mga pictorial muh bka magasgasan ung binti muh love u muah muah muah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!astig!!!!!!!!!!

jullianne 7 years ago

Ang ganda mo naman alam mo ba idol kita

william 7 years ago


cutefan 7 years ago

ui, cristine gawa din kayo ng video ni dennis!! para masaya..hehe

kung gusto mo ako pa ang magvivideo!! hehe

randomfan 7 years ago

cristine, anong brand ng brief ni dennis? haha

jm87 7 years ago

ako rin may tanong kay cristine:

may balat ba sa pwet si dennis?


vladimer 7 years ago

hi....girl? nka2libog pla ung picture u. prng gzto kitang aman tau pwede ba?

lhiz 7 years ago

ur soooo sexyyy gurl!!!waveh..flawless u pah!!

ur such a goddessssss....mwwwwaaaah!!!

mcwell 7 years ago

seni..severim....same i love you.

troy 7 years ago

mas cute u po f naka dress u ng prmal dress!!!!!cute u tlaga

enrique 7 years ago

grabe ang gandA MO pede kana.....

ali 7 years ago

she is n1 in the world

Secret Admirer 7 years ago

Cristine I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, pede ba ako manligaw?

Estrada 7 years ago

I want to kiss her anus

meesha 7 years ago

love ur dimple....

antel 7 years ago

she is not as beautiful or sexy as my gf ! !

barumbado 7 years ago

ang gando mo...

mhal na kita..

Christine Reyes!!!!!!!

Ligawan kita pwede??

kim 7 years ago

she is lovely, i have no doubt in my mind

arsap07 7 years ago

kantutan tau cristine reyes sa pekpek mo kiss ko pekpek mo ahahhahah

Adrian 7 years ago

Ang ganda mo ang sarap mo i-sex at i-sexualintercourse. Meet tayo sa pegasus

novie 7 years ago

cristine ang ganda sa wakas naging sexy cover ka na ng fhm

novie 7 years ago

cristine ang ganda sa wakas naging sexy cover ka na ng fhm

novie  7 years ago

ang ganda mo talagana tin

novie  7 years ago

ang ganda mo talagana tin

novie  7 years ago

ang ganda mo talagana tin

astigin 7 years ago

hi po....

sexy mo po talaga.....,,,,

iniisip lng kita,,, tinitigasan na ako,,...,.,.,

sana ma ikama kita kahit isang gabi lng.......

titirahin kita ng malupit

kurapica 7 years ago

ganda talaga.. dito marami pa

tolitz 7 years ago

Grrrrrr..! Gggrrrrrr! GGggggrrrrrhhhhhh. Kita mo name ko?... in short - toilet. dyan ako madalas pag nakikita ko pics mo. GGGGgggggrrrrrrh! Aaaahhhhhhhh!

jay ar 7 years ago

cris! kantutin kta masarap ka papasubo q titi q xau

ryan 7 years ago

maikama lng kita wlang nng pahinga ....ihi lng pwede n ....kantutin kita habng buhay ...ako c experto manahimik n kyo mga supot at mga bading akin lang sya ...bwahahahaha

cristine 7 years ago

09094026325 yan number ko. cno gusto makipag sex sakin tawagan nu lng ako. prepare 100K for overnyt. game ako kahit saan kahit kilan.

prince adam renisis 7 years ago

malaki ba ang ari m0


prince adam renisis 7 years ago

malaki ba ang ari m0


roldan'' 7 years ago


naging''frend tayo''love''you''

ariel 7 years ago

a ganda mo talaga cristine

ivy joyce rigonan 6 years ago

wow!!! ate ur so beautiful and gorgeous!!!!!!!! i hope someday i'll meet u!! if i will meet u maybe im the person who is very happy!!!!!!!! you know ate i think ka relative kita kasi meron akong pinsan na reyes and my fathers middle name is pascual!!!!! and my grandparents are also living in provident village in marikina !!!!!!!!!! sana ma meet kita noh!!! love u!!!!

joyce 6 years ago

ate cristine your so beautiful,sexy.............................

sana poh makta kita in person

wish ko yun

rona  6 years ago

sana talaga makita kita in person

ang ganda mo ate cristine

ang put puti pah ng skin mo

sobrang nakakaingit

maryann joyce  6 years ago

alam nyo poh idol na idol ko kau

kc ang ganda ganda nyo ang puti puti pah dba

sobrang ganda mo talaga

ang ganda ganda poh ng precious heart romances

my cheating heart

Divina Carino 6 years ago

hi!! cristine sana maging magkaloveteam kayo ng idol kong si rafael rossel idol din kasi kita at pareho pa kayo na sexy at iniwan din kayo ng mga siyota ninyo at ang ganda mo talaga ang gwapo din ni rafael

Brian Elizarde 6 years ago

hi!! Cristine ang ganda ganda mo siguro mas maganda ka pa sa personal sana makita kita sa personal. LOVE U MUA MUA MUA!!!

joie  6 years ago

hiate cristine ang ganda muh grabe

sana yung ganda moh mapunta



angeline 6 years ago

hi! poh

wynrich 6 years ago


mauel 6 years ago

"gaNda mo Puwedi PA KISSS^^

Mebielyn . . 6 years ago

hi pu. . cristine ang ganda mu tlaga ang blooming2 mu . .pa lam mu . .nkta nkta n kta personal ang ganda mu tlaga . .sana mkta pa kta ulit. .

blackraven 6 years ago


sana maging TAU




=*=2 inlove with u =8=

toto 6 years ago

wow sexy ni cristine sopir ganda mo

jasper  6 years ago

ang ganda mo grabe laglag ung brief q=))

kung ikaw lng titignan q buong araw ng ganyan suot ik lnh adik hehehe....=))

JUN PRESTIN 6 years ago


Ki$@pM@Ta 6 years ago

ang gamda mo talaga hihiwalyan ko asawa ko para sayo

amir 6 years ago

hi crush

kasi crush na crush kita kasi sino ba namang ndi mag kaka crush isang katulad mo kung pwede nga lang sana kitang maging girlfriend ehh...ayus na ayus na yun sakin kasi titignan palang kita sarap na sarap na ko ehh sana.................

mag post ka pa nang ibang pix mo....

kram 6 years ago

ur so sexy.....

me kram me 6 years ago

ang sarap mo talaga cristine..........

pero mas masarap kapag naka sex kita..........

punta ka nga dito cebu........

sarap mo talaga.......

sex nalang tayo okey pah...........

aie donno 6 years ago

alam mo na masturbate na kita palagi.

ayaw ko nang ganito gusto ko ka sex kiya.

para tapos.........


guest 6 years ago

ganda mo sana maka sex kita punta ka sa hotel bukas para sex tau love you

Tobi 6 years ago

Hi! hanga ako sa alindog mo, best ka talaga.

edz 6 years ago

hello im edmund reyes espinoza,,, wala lng im juz a fan

menard  6 years ago

ang sexy2 moh tin love na kta mula pa noon

shiva 6 years ago

tang ina ang sarap mo,gus2 kitang kantutin.kahit sa pwet mo.lahat na ng butas

michael 6 years ago

suuuuuuppppppeeeeer ganda, sexy, cute at ang bait m0 p0h cristine

ur like an angel, pra kang isang dy0sa ^_^

i'm just a loving fan :) sna pu mgkita tau in pers0n

john karl  6 years ago


john mark 6 years ago


cons seriosa 6 years ago

i love you cristine....

niggaz 6 years ago

ang sexy mo... sex tayo!

kev in 6 years ago

wow ang ganda

boyet from davao 6 years ago

hi cristine ur so such a wonderful girl kaw lng talaga ang pinaka maganda saa lhat artista na girl and super sexy pa wala ng tatalo sau i love it..........hindi nkakasawa kang tingnan promise ingat ka lagi gudluck sa mga show mo at mag pilikula mor power godbless you always

john 6 years ago

ang ganda mo tlaga crush kita gusto kitang magingirl friend gusto mo bako mging boyfriend

RICHARD 6 years ago



louie 6 years ago

waw ang seksi mo talaga...........

sharshooter 6 years ago

sarap dilaan ng suso mo., guzto mo bng ipasok ko s puke mo ung burat ko? sna pokpok k nlang pra nbabayaran kita,. subo nman ung titi ko oh,

jords 6 years ago

hi cristine ur so maganda talaga super duper ka nakakagegil grabe as in kw na talaga ang pinaka maganda sa balat na lupa swear to you hop mkita kta sa personal

james bond 6 years ago

sana may scandal kana cristine .............

ryan the pogi 6 years ago

sarap mo cristine!

tigas titi ko

mhaluphet 6 years ago

super ganda super kinis ur my dream girl

jayjayfud 6 years ago

Shes totally awesome. The most important factor for an actress is her innermost talent simply as what kind of PERSONALITY..whatever. hehehe.

johnry quirona from agoo la union 6 years ago

cristine san kna hinahanap k ng titi ko mis k na daw nya.

dd 6 years ago

master beat ako lagi pra sayo sarap mong ka sex

bads 6 years ago

sobra ka tlga kristine...

kili-kili pa lang nilalabasan nako syo...

puti ng kili-kili mo...

laki pa ng boobs...

Gabi gabi nalang kitang pinag-jajakulan....

Hindi maubos tamod ko syo eh.....

sana malagyan ko ng tamod yan PUKE mo....

Sarap mo tlga... ikaw lang ang pantasya ko!!!!

Tuklaw 6 years ago

Cristine...... sobra ka!!!!!!!!!

ang sarap sarap mo.... pakantot ako!!!

libog na libog nako syo........

gusto na kitang gahasain......

mebielyn 6 years ago

elowwwwwwwww ganda mu talaga

blooming mu....

karlo 6 years ago

continue to shine

Basoy 6 years ago

WOWOWIE...... panalo....

pnag-jajakulan kita ngayon Cristine...

Grabe libog na libog ako syo...

panalong panalo ka...

swerte ng mga nakakantot syo....

Aaaahhhh... Sarap mo tlga....

MANALOTO_2 6 years ago

akala nyo ha !!!!

akala nyo kyo lang ngppantasya ky Cristine?????

araw araw ko rin pngjjakolan !

nkkalibug yang bbaeng yan,

I've seen her sa Rockwell. . . . Wow men...

sobrang Kalibog na suot, almost seen na ung nipples

RayMichael 6 years ago

Ate cristine..

I am Ray... 16 yrs old.. I am a Big fan of yours

Mula po nung npanood kita lagi napo me Masturbate sayo,

D pa me nkaranas mag sex, pero kaw po lagi ko iniisip eh

sna ma-sex kita..

secret 6 years ago

sa lahat nagbabastos kay cristine mga putang ina nyo wala kaung pinagaralan.. ako lang ang kakantot sa kanya wala nag iba kantutin nyo nlang aso nyo at lagyan nyo nlang nang pic nya muka nang aso mga aso nmn kau ee...

james 6 years ago

how hot body!! i like it)

jimboi 6 years ago

pota sarap mo iutin.....

hakit 90 rounds pa..

Brian Elizarde 6 years ago

luv u!!!!!!!

bisaya 6 years ago

mag pakabait ka ha!! iha

boyong 6 years ago

Pakantot Cristine !!!

tigas titi ko syo

jayar macinas 6 years ago

........ang ganda moh tlg crush na crush kita sna magkita tyu sa pirsunal........

Canas Jake 6 years ago

Hello Cristine,

Sana kahit masipsip ko lang yang utong mo ok na skin..

mabilisan lang naman, kpag nilabasan nako ok na un skin...

sarap mo pagjakulan eh...

amsterdam 6 years ago

simula nang nakita kita cristine.....idol na talaga kita,.........i love you.

Howell Laudencia 6 years ago

ate x-tine !!! pwede ba tayo mag sex para naman maging maganda buhay ko!! please!!!

Brian Elizarde 6 years ago

putang ina mo howell laudencia bat mo cya binabastos? akin lang cya alam mo ba yon...

argie 6 years ago

sarap naman ng katawan mo,pwede sex tayo..

romil 6 years ago

hahay maytag mag kayat ta

chopa a akong oten

bilang kad kanako

Brian Elizarde 6 years ago



clark_023 6 years ago

ang ganda mu,wlang duda..}i think im fallin'n inlub 2 u ahahahahahahahhah yub you)

clark_023 6 years ago

ang ganda mu,wlang duda..}i think im fallin'n inlub 2 u ahahahahahahahhah yub you)

NAIRE 6 years ago

Hi!!! love you!!!

Hi!!! love you!!!

Hi!!! love you!!!

Hi!!! love you!!!

Hi!!! love you!!!

Hi!!! love you!!!

Hi!!! love you!!!

Hi!!! love you!!!

Hi!!! love you!!!

Hi!!! love you!!!

Hi!!! love you!!!

Hi!!! love you!!!

Hi!!! love you!!!

Hi!!! love you!!!

Hi!!! love you!!!

japadog 6 years ago

rape na yan

Sharlyn 6 years ago

Hi ate christine. Ganda2 mu tlaga...super id0l tlga kta ever!!! Sana kau nlg n jake cuenca kc bgay kau. Super adict nga aq sa tambalan nu eh...il0vey0u ate, yngatz ka plague.

whakyum 6 years ago

sarap m siguro iyutin.....uhm...

rowena mamangun 6 years ago

ang sexy mo sana ako ganyan ako k sexy para lalu ako pag nasaan ng husband k he,he,he,...

ace21 6 years ago

mga bastos kaung lahat!!!!!!!!!!

Agus Santoso 6 years ago

nice photo n beautiful artist...


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Terbukti MENGURANGI bahkan MENGHILANGKAN kebiasaan merokok tembakau.

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fuckman 6 years ago

libog na libog ako sa iyo cristine!!!!

hayden 6 years ago

ur so delicious ever,,,, ur as gud as katrina, but what i have done to u is better than to her (KH), KH has pubic hair was so so (ang lago), urs much better.

cristine 6 years ago

gud thing, i know that ofcourse, i saw it in the video.... but pls, ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Miss u Den... Young one are better than olds (Dra. Vicky)

fuckman 6 years ago

binabalik-balikan ko site mo,grabe!!nag-jajakol n nman ako..saraap! mo tlaga cristine..

carl 6 years ago

grabi ang ganda mo talga.huh

mga ungasss 6 years ago

tngna niu mghnap kau ng ibang babae mga ulol mga malilibog mga gunggong ulol kayu ntngnaniu

balakubak 6 years ago

grabe sarap mo Cristine...

nkta kita sa Rockwell, grabe puti ng legs mo..

lalu na kili-kili..

lagi kita pinagjajakulan... GRABE KA TLGANG BABAE KA..


ayesha 6 years ago

hi po idol na idol kita cristine reyes lagi akong na nonood ng MARTHAS CECILIAS KRISTINE idol ko po kau ni denise laurel ur the best can i have your cell no# this is my email add DELACRUZ_AYESHA@YAHOO.COM thank u po

Cristine 6 years ago

Hello guyyz... This is Cristine...

I understand you all..

cguro tlgang gnun mga lalake..

Khit san ako magpunta, tingin sakin hinuhubaran na..

well, thats' life..

Good luck also to all of you guyz..


iyot 6 years ago

hi!muzta kana idol pwd hinge ng # mo plzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!

vinnz21 profile image

vinnz21 6 years ago from Philippines now in California

galing! I like this one, kinalat mu ganda ng Idol ko ah! anyway awesome, I voted it up!

UNYOK 6 years ago


UNYOK 6 years ago


rjpogi 6 years ago

ang sarap mo juwel

dhon 6 years ago

cristine wag mong pansinin yung bastos na yun sana kung may kapatid na babae yun sana wag din bastusin at wag kang mag-alala kung sakaling may kapatid na baabe sana wag makarma ang pamilya niya busit siya wala siyang magawa sa buhay niya kung ganon siya sa iyo kiskis na lang niya ang kanyang pototoy sa pader

tonyboy 168 6 years ago

your so beautiful lady. maswerte yun guy na mapagasawa ko. keep up.goodluck

chell 6 years ago

ur so beautiful.....i admire u...

jehnfid 5 years ago

stay as u are cristine.. ur beautiful and yet so damn sexy.. dont mind for those people u comment a nonsense words.. walng modo kung mgslita.. mkakarma din kyo sa kbastusan nyo!!

CONCON 5 years ago


freedom velez  5 years ago

bite me cristine if you know what might makes you happy please bite me or else your sorry ..hahaha lotto combination winner now you know....

randy 5 years ago

dami ko na inubos na tamod sa iyo pero di ka pa nabubuntis baog ka ba?

5 years ago

fgfq3tq3t6f3vgy4gv gy43yy

jerwin 5 years ago

hay nako juwel ang ganda mu talaga!!! kng ikaw ang asawa ko kahit pawisan ako ng dugo kakatrabaho d2 s saudi ok lng. kya lng napupuyat ako sau plage kakapanuod hehehe!!!mahal ko sana mkahanap k ng lalaking mg mamahal sau ng 2nuy.

sansy 5 years ago

Grabe naman c cristine gusto na nya atang maghubad nakakaewwwwwwwww!! inferness maganda ang katawan nya at sexy kaso nga lng sobra na ung photos nya para cyang ____ dq na sasabhin grabe tlaga maghubad ka na lng kaya kc masyadong malisyosa ang photos mo maghubad kanaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! sorry kong nasabi ko 2 pro pretty u superrrrrrr!!!

maricar alger 5 years ago

ang taray ni ate add mo naman po ako za face book account

plss idol po kac kita eh pls pls pls

shreider 5 years ago

I,m think ang kapal ng bulbol ni cristine ang sarap kainin puke nyan mabuhok un gusto q sa mga girl makapal ang bulbol,wag ka na magahit aq nlng magaahit nyan para sau lalagyan ko muna ng tamod ko ang mga bulbol mo...

wan ah ah 5 years ago

want u in my _______ ah yeah uh i love u

love love 5 years ago

hi iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

philip bunedia 5 years ago

ang ganda no talaga crisrine pwd tayo mg sex

Juztine 5 years ago

Mga puuuuutang ina nyo mga baztoz tama ung xnbi ng ixng nag cmnt kizkiz nyo xa pader titi nyo kng ala kyong mgaWA

JAMES JOND 5 years ago

JAMES comment,just add me up, if u want....

djhoda 5 years ago

san maging tyo nlang ilove yo cristine

mar 5 years ago

ang ganda mo grabe!!!!!!

albert mahinay 5 years ago

ang ganda mu talaga cristine...i love you...

dheo 5 years ago

ang ganda mo ang sarap mu cgurong kasama nuh......

Aztig!048 5 years ago

Hi.... Cristine tnitgnan ko plang mga pic muh lumalabas n tamod ko srap muh cgurong kakantutan....

ainie bustria 5 years ago

wag nman kyong gnyan grbe kyo kung mgslita prang wlng pso bto ba mga puso nyo ksi gnyan kyo mg hsga ng tao trbho lng yang gnagampanan nya hnd yng mga iniisp nyo mga bastos kyo wla ba kyong ina or kptid n babae

ainie bustria 5 years ago

hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii aqoh poh s ainie d2 aqoh nw qatar nood qoh poh pic nyo gnda nyo poh tlga wag u nlang pncinn mga comment nla ksi ala yan clng mgwa s bhay nla cgro wla clng mga kptid n babae or wla clng ina kya gnyan cla kng mgslta go go goo00000000000000000000000000000000000 ingit lng yan cla sau kya gnya dba hyaan mo cla mga wlng pus0 mkarma sna kyo s mga kbastosan nyong yan good luck cristine am ur big fan ainie bustria from philippines

agub 5 years ago

::::::::::::ilike it

i'an  5 years ago


rhandz 5 years ago

ganda talaga ng katawan at mukha ni cristine..kakagigil..............

antiKIRK 5 years ago

grabe!sexy mo tlga,tinitigasan ako sa kaseksihan mo...makita lang kita linalabasan na q...bakat titi ko ngayon dahil sa u :")

ninoy 5 years ago

dako bilat m

manny 5 years ago

super naman ang ganda ate grabe talaga...

panget 5 years ago


jb 4 years ago

sarap mo

jb 4 years ago

aanakan kita lamunin mo burat ko

dines trilio 4 years ago

i love u, tx me 09282583756 much btter kung makita u ako

Mani 4 years ago

Grabe kinis ng pekpek

yhen 4 years ago

i love ur dimple....anu ba meon sau at dame nagla2way????

jay-r 4 years ago

pakantot k n lang sken...mas malupit p dn ung kapatid mo n c ara

jan2x 4 years ago

hay nko daming tao mag ka2sala s sexy m at ang ganda m,sarp kng kituon.

jeremejazz profile image

jeremejazz 4 years ago from Philippines

truly admiring beauty

hototnyo 4 years ago

ganda mo te kantutin kita jan

balong 4 years ago

kantutan naman tayu pwde bah sarap mo kc at parang ang ganda ng puke mo...

add muna ako...

PAHIDsaDAMIT 4 years ago

Grabe ka Cristine, ilang beses na kitang napagjakolan.

Gusto kong idikit dikit yung ulo ng titi ko sa gitna ng pekpek mo tapos pag nabasa na, saka ko ipapasok ng maayos. Pag jinajakol ko yung gilid ng titi kong matigas, nararamdaman ko talaga yung bawat pulso ng paglabas ng tamod ko kasabay ng pagisip kong linalabas ko talaga ito sa loob ng puke mo. Habang linalabasan, kayakap ka lang ng mahigpit at hinahalikan yung labi mo. Uh... Sarap.

Hay naq basag sa ka adikan.... Mga potsulo ata aman kau???? Puhhhhwhhhe 4 years ago

Mga supot kau anu ????

justine 4 years ago

ha! Poh sa lahat ng nagcoment ky kristine.. . .im no 09157887935. . .

justine 4 years ago

ha! Poh sa lahat ng nagcoment ky kristine.. . .im no 09157887935. . .

maybel 4 years ago

haha natatawa nalang aq..0ver sa landi..joke talagang malalamigan...

lee bog 4 years ago

picture mo p lang nilalabsan n ako ,

ah ah 4 years ago

ang srap mo tlaga

Benny Pagente 4 years ago

ang ganda m tlaga christine, crush kita ang sexy mo, sana akin kana lang.olve kita.

malibog 3 years ago

cristine sna maiyot na kita lagi kitang pinag sasalsalan k pa ba????????

thor villegas 3 years ago

hirap magsalita e.....

salsal 3 years ago

sarap mag salsal

robert 3 years ago

cristin libog na libog ako syo pwede pahamak susu mo salamat pala dahil nagpakantot kasakin kagabe lasing tyo sarap ba sagot ka

gabriel 3 years ago

i love christien reyes

neo 3 years ago

sana palagi kitang mpanood sa tv

Itim na Gumamela 2 years ago

Grabe pno kau papansinin nyan eh ang bastos nyo...whahahahha

C t a 2 years ago

Hindi Bali na don na ako sapagi. At vigin ayaw ko kya c Reyes

noel 19 months ago

ang sarap kainin ng puke mo lalo pagpinayuwad kita

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