Final Series of The Hills Episode 3

Final Series of The Hills Episode 3

Audrina and Kristin
Audrina and Kristin

Final Series of The Hills Episode 3

 In this tense episode Kristin is still all over the place after the rumours about her surfaced, but Brody still has her back, although they still dont know whats going on between the two of them as Brody has feelings for Audrina, Brody gets even more jealous over Audrinas new love interest Ryan and makes it clear to Audrina how he really feels prompting Kristin to urge Audrina to commit to Ryan.

Meanwhile Heidi throws neighbour Enzo a party for his 6th birthday much to Spencers annoyance, Holly comes over to visit sister Heid and admits to Heidi that she is absolutely frightened of Spencer after he lashes out, and Heidi begins to see the monster she has married.

Heidi's Mum and Spencer exchange heated words and later Spencer starts going on about how much he hates his wife's mother, but when Holly defends her Mum Spencer gets angry and kicks off at Holly, the show ends with Holly crying because she doesnt feel close to sister Heidi with Spencer around.

The Hills News

Audrina Partridge's interview is in yesterdays OK magazine, she decided to do the interview after tabloids covered a story saying Audrina's life had been ruined by reality TV. Audrina told OK that she was grateful for the fame the show had bought her she said she has met so many wonderful people and got to go to lots of events, OK then asked her if she had spoke to Spencer Pratt since he tweeted her saying "Dont hate because your nasty Tijuana plastic surgery didnt get you any press." but Audrina said No she hasnt spoken to Spencer and doesnt understand why he has to attack her and that he needs to work on himself lol. Audrina says she was shocked when she saw Heidi's new look, she said she looks like Barbie with her gigantic boobs, apparently Heidi wants her boobs done again but Audrina says she shouldnt as she doesnt need any more surgery, and while talking about Justin Bobby she said she barely see's him but when they do run into each other in LA their cordial nd go their own ways.

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