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One of the best loved Disney Pixar movies is the story of an overprotective father and a son desperate to prove that he really can be independent. The Finding Nemo movie was released in 2003 and captured audiences from the very start with it's stunning animation. A wonderful story, great characters and breathtaking animation all combined to make Finding Nemo a huge success.

Want to find out more about Finding Nemo? Discover the age of a sea turtle? Find out if Dory really can speak whale?Then read on.......

The Finding Nemo Story

Right from the start the Finding Nemo movie has our attention. It begins with a tragedy. Just as Marlin and his wife Coral are looking forward enjoying life in their new home and to the hatching off their offspring the unthinkable happens. Coral is killed in a barracuda attack along with all but one of their eggs. The surviving egg is damaged in the attack but hatches to become Marlin's only son. Nemo is healthy but has a damaged fin from the attack.

After this traumatic event Marlin becomes very overprotective of his son. The day comes when he has to go to school and Marlin is worried. Then tragedy strikes again when Nemo pushes things a little too far and ventures out into the drop off and is captured by a fisherman.

The movie follows Marlin's desperate attempt to find his son. He meets the short term memory challenged regal tang fish Dory who does her best to help him. Along the way they have many adventures including an encounter with Bruce the reformed shark,Crush the turtle and have a close encounter with some jelly fish. 

Finding Nemo Trailer

Finding Nemo Movie DVD

Finding Nemo is just one of those movies you want in your DVD collection.

The Special Edition 2 disc set has lots of extra features including a fascinating behind the scenes look at the making of the movie.

Crush The Turtle

Crush the laid back Sea Turtle in Finding Nemo is one of the movies favorite characters. Crush is voiced by Andrew Stanton the director of the movie. Crush helps Marlin to travel the EAC - the East Australian Current to find Nemo who he believes has been taken to Sydney.

How long does a sea turtle live? In the Finding Nemo movie Marlin says that it is 150 years but it estimated by many experts to be closer to 80 years.

Fidning Nemo Dory Talking Whale

Cast of Finding Nemo

MARLIN - Albert Brooks

DORY - Ellen DeGeneres

GILL - Willem Dafoe

NEMO - Alexander Gould

PEACH - Allison Janney

BRUCE - Barry Humphries

BLOAT - Brad Garrett

GURGLE - Austin Pendleton

DEB & FLO - Vicki Lewis

JACQUES - Joe Ranft

NIGEL - Geoffrey Rush

CRUSH - Andrew Stanton

CORAL - Elizabeth Perkins

SQUIRT - Nicholas Bird

MR. RAY - Bob Peterson

ANCHOR - Eric Bana

CHUM - Bruce Spence

DENTIST - Bill Hunter

DARLA - Lulu Ebeling

TAD - Jordy Ranft

PEARL - Erica Beck

SHELDON - Erik Per Sullivan

FISH SCHOOL - John Ratzenberger

Just Keep Swimming Nemo

Dory has an ever optimistic attitude towards life. A complete contrast to Marlin the eternal pessimist! Dory advises in times of trouble 'Just Keep Swimming'.

Dory is a regal tang fish with a short term memory issue. She simply can't remember anything for more than a second. This infuriates Marlin. But persistance pays off for Dory and Marlin begins to realize that her heart truly is in the right place. 

Finding Nemo Dory Merchandise

The Making of Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo Trivia

One of the great things about all Disney Pixar movies is that if you watch closely you will see that each movie references others that have gone before. So look out for the Pizza Planet Truck from Toy Story and Luigi from Disney Pixar Cars driving past the dentist's office. Look closely too at the floor in the dentist's office in one scene - Buzz Lightyear appears! And Nemo can be found in other movies too. Look out for him in Boo's room in Disney Pixar's Monsters Inc.

Ever wondered where Pixar thinks up those character names? Dory Lane and Marlin Drive are actual streets outside the Pixar office in Redwood City California.

Sometimes the animation just gets too good. The animators developed such a realistic effect of the oceans surface that it couldn't be used. It was so good it just didn't look like animation any more.

How did Bruce the shark get his name? Pixar decided to name him after the animatronic shark used in the original Jaws movie!

Finding Nemo Soundtrack

Whilst the story and animation of Finding Nemo are what brings the story to life it is the soundtrack which pulls it all together. The soundtrack for Finding Nemo was scored by Thomas Newman the cousin of Randy Newman.  

Thomas Newman has many film score credits including American Beauty,the Shwashank Redemption, The Green Mile and most recently for Disney Pixar the soundtrack for Wall-e

With 40 tracks Newman captures the essence of each character and the flowing movement of the underwater environment. And a particular favorite is the song from the final credits - Robbie Williams version of Beyond The Sea.

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emohealer 7 years ago from South Carolina

This was a very nice commentary on a very nice story line. I appreciated the behind the scenes and additional tips. one of the greatest things with Disney movies is the music and so often the soundtrack can be overlooked. Thanks for including it here.

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