Flight 2012 Movie Soundtrack List

The score for Flight is composed by Alan Silvestre. Silvestre has scored dozens of films with a career that spans over four decades.

Denzel Washington Is Back And He's Flying A Plane

Flight, Denzel Washington's latest movie outing has a plot that goes "A troubling discovery was made when a pilot's emergency landing was investigated." This is a new role for Washington and it's good to see him play something that is different from his previous portrayals.

We last saw him in Safe House, where he played an ex-CIA agent turned international criminal.

What We've Learned From The Trailer

The trailer starts with an upbeat Denzel Washington safely taking off with a plane. The next scene shows Washington in a hospital with an injured and patched eye. So he survived the crash. This tells us that majority of the film's running time will probably be focused on the days after the plane crash.

John Goodman appears as a crazy-looking dude visiting Washington at the hospital. It's hard to discern what his relationship with Washington is but from the few lines he made in the trailer, I'm guessing that Goodman is a drinking buddy of Washington. Or Goodman is a bartender at some bar that Washington frequents.

And here's Don Cheadle playing a lawyer. This sets in motion the investigation that will look into the circumstances of the plane crash. An act of God? A miracle? I have a bad feeling that this movie's going to have a really bad ending. However, it sure looks like an interesting watch. Washington, Cheadle and Goodman in the same film? I'm in.

Flight Cast

Denzel Washington - 2 Guns, The Book of Eli, American Gangster
Kelly Reilly - Citizen Gangster, Sherlock Holmes
Don Cheadle - Iron Man 3, Hotel for Dogs, Darfur Now
Bruce Greenwood - Star Trek Into Darkness, The River
John Goodman - Monsters University, Argo, Trouble with the Curve
Melissa Leo - Olympus Has Fallen, The Sea Is All I Know
Brian Geraghty - Ass Backwards

Trailer One

Trailer Two

Flight: Release Dates

United States: November 2, 2012

Flight Poster

Flight Teaser Poster

The teaser poster for Robert Zemeckis' movie Flight.
The teaser poster for Robert Zemeckis' movie Flight. | Source

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