Foamy the Squirrel

Meet Foamy the Squirrel...

Foamy the Squirrel is a clever, opinionated and often-times foul-mouthed cartoon character who is the star of "Neurotically Yours" a series of comic strips and cartoon videos. In his squeaky voice the grey squirrel will discuss the things in life which really bother him including his owner, Germaine, a Goth girl. The prevailing theme of the Foamy comics and videos is the Foamy's criticisms of societal, cultural, religious and other off-beat daily issues. Sometimes humorous, and sometimes offensive, "Neurotically Yours" and Foamy are the creation of Johnathan Ian Mathers, presented via IllWill Press thanks to the help of Liberating Technologies.

Foamy the Squirrel cartoon videos contain the following warnings before them:

"The following show contains harsh language and may contain certain content, opinions, nudity, sexual situations and/or sexual humor that might be interpreted by those without a sense of humor, to be objectionable...This is recommended for mature viewers...meaning folks who can take a joke."

The voice of the female character, Germaine, seen in the Foamy comic strips and videos is done by Dawn Bennett, while just about everything else is done by Johnathan Ian Mathers. All images on this page are the respective properties of Johnathan Ian Mathers and solely used for informational purposes.

Foamy's Neurotically Yours Complete Collection

Hattah and Foamy hangin out
Hattah and Foamy hangin out

Foamy Characters


The Foamy comics and videos feature two main characters throughout the episodes, along with a sidekick who joins Foamy sometimes...

Foamy the Squirrel - A highly-opinionated pet rabid squirrel who likes to voice his opinions on everything and anything!

Germaine - The freaky and artsy Goth girl who owns Foamy.  Foamy often pokes fun at her being overweight, overly sexual and Gothic.

Hattah - A black squirrel who hangs out with Foamy from time to time.  He's also been known to give out his own rants as well.

There's been other characters included along the way such as an Indian tech support rep and a second squirrel with an English accent.

Ill Will Press' video vault has over 50 episodes of Neurotically Yours available!
Ill Will Press' video vault has over 50 episodes of Neurotically Yours available!

Foamy Video Episodes

There's currently over 50 episodes of the Foamy video series in the Neurotically Yours video vault. Here's some brief rundowns of several of the Foamy the Squirrel episodes...

In "Gummie Bear Graveyard" Foamy visits the nearby graveyard with Germaine who likes to leave a special treat for the dead.

In "Conspire to Rewire", Foamy and his squirrel pal check out a Japanese sex robot and program it to do some very evil things.

In "Squirrel Songs IV", Foamy sings several catchy tunes in the park about being the greatest squirrel of them all and what will happen to the haters.

In "Tech Support", Foamy encounters customer service help from another country for his computer troubles.

In "Amytiville Toaster", Foamy demonstrates a special haunted toaster he bought from an auction site.

In "Math Metal", Foamy discusses the latest music CD he bought from a suspicious man on the street corner.

In "Solitaire Confinement", Germaine teaches her pet squirrel how to play Texas Hold Em'.

In "Mexico es Muy Bien", Foamy discusses the positive impact of Mexican culture in America.

In "Pancake Madness", Foamy Squirrel tries to make his stack of hotcakes more enjoyable with some syrup.  Unfortunately for Germaine she interferes in his pancake enjoyment.

Foamy the Squirrel in "Pancake Madness"
Foamy the Squirrel in "Pancake Madness"

Foamy the Squirrel Full CD Album

Foamy in Coffee Stop

Foamy the squirrel Wallpaper

Several custom websites have created special Foamy the Squirrel Wallpapers.  These customized graphic designs can be used on your Myspace or other social media profiles, your iPhone, other mobile phones or for your desktop.  Check out the links below for several different offerings with the squeaky-voiced, ranting Squirrel!

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