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What is ESPN UK?

ESPN UK is a television program in the UK that offers a fantastic selection of top class action of British, European and International Sports. ESPN shows many different sports, with football being arguably the biggest focused events. They provide viewers with action from the following football leagues : Barclays Premier League, Europa League, Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga, Dutch Eredivise, Portuguese Liga, Russian Premier League and Major League Soccer. Boxing, Rugby, American Football, Australian Football, Motor Sports, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Baseball and much more.....ESPN UK is available on SKY, Virgin Media, Tiscali, Top up TV, and BT Vision.

ESPN on Virgin Media

If you are a member of Virgin Media then you will surely already being taking advantage of the fantastic ESPN channels that were made available to you from early 2009. Virgin used to broadcast Setanta, but ESPN have since taken over. There are many different packages to choose from with Virgin Media. The packages change from time to time and the prices also variate in order to stay competitive and continue to be lower prices than SKY. The top packages always offer ESPN for free. Therefore if you are looking to pay £35+ per month then you should have a pretty good chance of getting ESPN included in your price.

What about ESPN on SKY?

ESPN is currently not free on SKY, but you can subscribe for a monthly payment if you wish to get this channel on your tv set up.

Is ESPN a Channel Worth Investing in?

This depends on how much of a sports fanatic you are! There are already lots of sports channels available. However ESPN gives you a wide overview of different international sports. They also show some very popular football matches from leagues around the world including the Premier League and the Champions League, which stops other Sports channels in the UK from being able to show them.


ESPN is new to the UK and provides fantastic sport viewings. The best ESPN deals can be found with Virgin Media. If you enjoy football and a wide range of other sports then ESPN is a channel that you should surely have on your TV!

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