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Free Lesbian Films for Gay Women

So I have been making a lot of free gay film hubs and realized that they were all targeted towards guys. What about the gay gals. There are a lot of free lesbian moves available online, all from around the world, just like a lot of the gay films you can find. These are all sweet stories of gay women of all ages. You don't have to be a gay women to enjoy it either. I know there might be a lot of straight guys interested, or even gay guys, interested in these REALLY untold stories.

A New Flavour

A woman discovers her attraction to women and explores it.  She goes out with many different women but can't seem to find the right one.  All the women are really hot, well most of them, so I don't know what she is looking for.  Maybe its a lesbian thing..

Goodbye My Almost Lover

This free lesbian film is a silent one, with background music throughout the movie.  It tells a story of a hidden relationship exposed to an unaccepting family.

Tech Support

This funny little free lesbian film shows an amazing coincidence between two gay women who have just broken up with their girlfriends.  It's really cute and actually pretty convincing that this could happen to anyone.

Embracing Butterflies

This is an amazing short film and I am so glad to have come across it.  In this free lesbian film, we have an older woman, who is clearly lonely and has had a very lonely life.  That's usually what happens to closeted people.  But she meets an old friend from her past.  A relationship that should have blossomed and became so much.  After all those years, they manage to meet up again and she gets one more chance.


A lesbian couple struggles with the unexpected arrival of on of their unaccepting, country parents while explaining the nature of their gay friends weirdness.

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Jay55 3 years ago

I can certainly see why many of us men are having a very difficult time meeting women today, and we're Not to Blame either.

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