Fringe: Alone in the World




Walter is under psychiatrist evaluation with because he sees Peter in the reflective surfaces. He also hears Peter which is interesting since Walter is certifiable and a genius.

Two 12 year old children bully a third and end up dead and their flesh decomposes at such a rapid rate that it causes the Fringe team to investigate. Walter is a bit irritated. He continues to hear Peter's voice. Which on the surface seems like Walter has paranoid schizophrenia.

The two boys died of an aggressive fungus which seemed quite plausible since the bodies can on with a pungent smell.

Walter bonds with the young boy who survives the fungus and they speak of Peter's death. It is quite a humanizing version until he speaks freely of crossing into another dimension. The boy, Aaron, has a psychic relationship with the mold.

Walter tries save Aaron deseperately.

In the end both Olivia and Walter admit they have both need seeing Peter. And the Glyph code this week reveals he word reborn.

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