Fringe Episodes

Season Four's “Subject 9”

This episode sees Olivia and Walter going through some changes as they investigate a possible clue to another child from the long ago Cortexiphon trials. We begin with Olivia struggling with an energy mass, and throughout this episode they show up with some regularity. They often seem to be almost symbolic of the trials and tribulations that Oliva and crew go through in their search for answers.

Walter and Olivia also continue to fight the depression and lonliness that is so evident in their characters, brought about by the hideous experimentation done to them as children. Is it any wonder that they stuggle so when they have to find a way to live with their past and perhaps escape from it from time to time? But somehow it always comes back to haunt them as the path they chose becomes a difficult choice to follow.

I particularly like the reoccouring question of whether Walter will be institutionalized again, as if it is a symbol for the restrictions placed on all of us by our own powers and limitations. The fact that Walter is aware that this is a possability and how he deals with it looming before him just makes his character that much more interesting.His discussion with Olivia in the hotel room about his wife and son are just so heart-breaking, it makes you realise the enormity of what Walter must deal with.

It will be interesting to see where all of this goes, with the arrival of Peter Bishop. That he popped out of the power form and was dropped into the lake makes me wonder if this isn't a new wrinkle introduced. Why Peter and why then? I guess we will have to tune in again soon to learn.

Fringe Episode 15: Jacksonville

This week’s episode of the Fringe TV show had an innocuous title – Jacksonville - but the story was anything but innocuous.  It starts with a man and a woman working late at the office. There is a small earthquake which would not have been so odd for Los Angeles, but these people are in New York and it was the sixth earthquake in a week.  They call them 'micro quakes' but a few minutes later, the big quake hits and the office worker is lying on the ground, injured but alive.  And, not only alive, but modified, because now he has 4 legs and 3 arms and he ends up screaming in horror.

Olivia calls Peter to talk him into coming with Walter for an ‘all expense paid trip to New York’ to investigate this freaky new problem.  The Fringe team arrives at the building where the earthquake seems to have occurred and discovers there are no survivors.  The building itself does not look destroyed - more like rearranged - which might explain what happened to the office worker because he sure looked rearranged.  Walter is amazed by what has happened to the bodies inside the building but the only explanation he can offer at  this juncture is a ‘random quantum event’.  Basically, his theory is that all the atoms spontaneously came apart and then rearranged themselves incorrectly.

A survivor – the hard worker from the opening scene, Mr. Pratchett - is finally found in the building but they are not sure how to remove him alive since he has been ‘rearranged’ around a metal pole.  He is incredibly thirsty and describes what happened to the best of his ability as he begs to talk to his wife.  The most unusual thing he remembers is all the dogs howling the day before and the constant micro tremors in his building.  Phillip tells Olivia that Pratchett does not have a wife so they begin to think he is delusional from his injuries.  Then, Walter sees a blueprint on the floor that says New Pentagon and walks over to Pratchett.  He asks him ‘what year is this?’ and ‘who is the president?’ both of which he answers correctly.  But, when Pratchett is asked about the Sept 11th terrorist attacks, he says they bombed the White House, not the Twin Towers.  After talking to Walter, he dies quietly.  These questions give Walter the clues he needs to understand what has happened.  Olivia then notices a lump under Pratchett’s shirt and, as she opens it, we see Pratchett’s second head die.

Walter realizes that they are not standing in one building - but two buildings merged.  One of the buildings came from the alternate universe and has somehow fused with the building from this universe.  They send Pratchett’s body back to Walter’s lab for further testing and Olivia tells them that William Bell warned her about the collision of universes.  Astrid has a real problem helping Walter with this latest work because she finds it so disturbing, two bodies merged into one.  Instead, she goes through Pratchett’s belongings looking for anomalies.  She finds a silver dollar with Nixon’s head on it and a model of a Double Decker car.  Walter has a flash of insight and realizes again that he knows what happened. 

When he and William Bell were experimenting with the other universe, they realized that if you send something to the other universe it sends something back.  A man from the other universe named Newton knows about their experiments and wants to recreate them.  Walter realizes that this terrible incident with Mr. Pratchett is the result of Newton trying to send a building to their world.   Olivia supports his theory because she finds a photo taken two hours before the big quake with Newton and his men there disguised as construction workers.

Walter realizes that not only does he know what Newton is doing, he knows what is going to happen next.  He remembers an experiment that he performed at Harvard many years before.  They sent a car into the other universe and 11 minutes later another car appeared from the other universe.  They realized the universe seeks balance just like a chemical equation.  So, since the other universe sent a building to us there must be a building of exact mass sent back.  There is no way to stop it so they must identify which building it will be and evacuate everyone before they are killed.

They have a problem though because there is no way to know which building it will be but Walter thinks there might be a way.  He believes that the building that will be taken to the other universe will have a glimmer of energy around it just before it is taken.  It is not visible to the human eye but Olivia can see it because she has seen it once before.  If you remember, she was one of the children Walter and Bell experimented on and she has the ability to identify things from the other side.  She cannot remember how to see the glimmer and Walter wants to take her to Jacksonville where he performed the original experiments to help trigger her ability.

The military in base in Jacksonville where the original experiments were performed had been bought by William Bell and everything was kept the way it had been from the past.  On their arrival in Jacksonville, Walter still remembers the combination to the gate.  They enter the old lab, hoping Olivia will remember what had happened to her when she was young and she will remember how to see the glimmer of energy the building will have just before it is sent to the other side. 

She gets no memories and she is surprised because she feels like she has a “freakishly” good memory.  Walter resorts to an experiment to bring back her memory.  He wants to stimulate intense emotion hoping it will trigger her memories. The drugs she is given will cause her emotional state to increase to the point where memories can be triggered.  In her drug induced state, she sees herself in a forest with tall trees.  She sees someone else with her in the forest and she goes to look for them but begins to hear loud noises coming after her.  She is afraid, but continues to look through the forest as the sky turns dark and windy.  She finally comes upon a little girl and she tells her that everything is all right.  The little girl tells her I don’t want to do this anymore and runs way.  Olivia is getting very agitated back in the lab as her heart rate rises considerably.  Back in her drug induced dream, she is telling the girl to wait and grabs her to protect her from something that seems to be coming for them.  She tells her she will protect her.  She asks the girl her name which is Olive and the girl disappears just as some monster attacks her and she wakes up screaming.  Olivia is really mad at Walter when she wakes up because she realizes that he experimented on little children with these drugs.  He ignores her ire and returns to work a little shamefacedly.  After the experiment, Olivia still remembers nothing and Walter is not sure what to do.

Back in New York, Nina Sharpe passes a building randomly and hears all the dogs barking and frantically calls Phillip Broyles to tell him.  He in turn calls Olivia to tell her that it has started.  Olivia find Walter watching videos of Olive who is actually Olivia sitting in a corner, afraid.  He tells her it is the first time she saw the other side and Olivia feels like he abused her and she is very angry.  She was a frightened child and he used her.  Walter has an epiphany at that moment, realizing that it was Olivia’s fear channeled into anger that gave her the ability to see the other side.  Walter tells her that if she wants to save the people in New York, she is going to have to become the scared little girl again.  Olivia begins walking around the lab in Jacksonville, trying to remember her life before but it just helps to remind her that she is no longer afraid of anything.

There are more micro quakes every hour in New York and they think they have found a pattern.   They are going to find buildings in the area of the quakes that might have the same mass as the building sent from the parallel universe.  They have narrowed it down to 147 buildings and they are thinking about letting it just happen.  “There are times when the only choices you have left are bad ones”, Phillip says.  Peter and Olivia share a gentle moment as she blames herself for what is about to happen and realizes that she is afraid.  Talk about bad timing - they were just about to kiss too.  So, off she runs to look at all the buildings hoping now she can see the glimmer.

She gets in her car after looking out the window and, seeing a glimmer in a building, races over  to it as she informs everyone it is a hotel on Washington Drive.  The people are evacuated just in time as the building just disappears - but not before Olivia is almost sucked inside.  There is nothing but a gaping hole left where the building stood.  The press plays it off as an unscheduled demolition.  Philipp commends Olivia for her work and wonders how she finally activated her ability.  Peter and Olivia are going out for drink s and Walter is thrilled, although Peter says it is not a date.  When Olivia enters the house, she sees the glimmer on Peter and realizes he is from the other side.  Walter begs her not to tell him the truth.  I suspect Fringe Season 2 will wrap with Peter finding out the ‘big secret’ and perhaps answering the question - if Peter was brought here, what went back over there in his place?

Fringe Episode 14: Bishop Revival

Fringe Episode 14: The Bishop Revival

This week’s episode of the Fringe TV show, The Bishop Revival, starts out showing the video of a Jewish wedding where an older woman suddenly becomes interested in a guest standing in the back.  The older woman says that the mystery man is ‘Him!’, and then she collapses onto the floor.  And they all start dying as the man slowly walks away.

The Fringe Team appears on the scene with Walter crazily driving a station wagon, up over the curb and smashing into some trash cans.  Walter states that Peter will be marrying Olivia – he wonders if she will call him ‘Dad’.  The look on Peter's face is pretty good, I don't think he plans to marry anyone anytime soon.  The three of them go into the building, checking for the cause of death on all the victims.  There are fourteen of them, they are all blue, and Walter hypothesizes that it's anaphylactic shock.  All the dead are on the groom’s side and when they find the old woman, they realize that she is a Holocaust survivor.

Checking the groom’s area, they hear a noise in the closet.  The groom is in there, fighting for his life, fighting for air - but he dies.  Back in the lab, Walter discovers that the victims' blood has lost all its oxygen.  How was the toxin delivered?  Peter discovers a cinnamon candle – not jasmine like all the other candles ordered by the bride.  After analysis, it appears that there is cyanide in the candle.  Lighting it dispersed the toxin throughout the room. 

Walter makes his usual leap in deductive reasoning and decides that the Nazis are behind it.  He theorizes that the wedding deaths were a science experiment performed by the mystery man, that the toxin is targeting people genetically.  The same mystery man then shows up in a coffee shop, pouring some kind of liquid into a cup of very hot tea.  This guy is a poster boy for the Aryan Nazis - blond, blue-eyed, German accent - it's like he walked straight out of the 1940's. 

The Fringe Team appears at the coffee shop, where bodies are lying all over the floor.  Walter notes that everyone who is dead  has brown eyes – it’s the common genetic trait.  Telling Agent Broyles, ‘it’s a good thing you weren’t here or you’d be dead too’, he heads back to his lab as Broyles looks a bit taken aback - realizing the enormous danger of this toxin.  The mystery man asks a policeman about Dr. Bishop, saying 'he says he looks just like his father'.  Walter analyzes the molecular structure of the toxin and finds a ‘sea horse’ like structure in its molecules.  He says that chemists often put a signature inside the molecular structure of their creations - I wonder if that is really true?  

This triggers a series of connections for Walter because his father was called the ‘Sea Horse' due to his being such a good swimmer.  Walter starts digging through old boxes, knowing his father created this toxin and he can find its origins.  He says it was smuggled out of Germany during WWII  inside books.  Unfortunately, Peter sold those books ten years ago for the 'money'.  Walter is very upset, he knows the killer found the formula in one of them.

Olivia and Peter go to the bookstore where Peter sold his father’s books.  Olivia confronts Peter about why he really sold Walter’s books – he sold them because he was angry with Walter at the time.  They get the name of the man who bought them – Eric Kindel.  They knock on the door of his apartment, but there’s no answer.  Peter picks the lock and they enter an apartment filled with Nazi symbolism and art.  As they look around, a man walks into the apartment and when they confront him, they find out he’s a contemporary artist – creating ‘art works’ from non-dangerous sources (pictures of animals, pages from books) to portray the evil of the Nazis.

They track down purchasers of the chemicals used to make the toxin.  One address is in a residential area.  The FBI searches the home and finds nothing.  Of course, Olivia stays behind and finds a secret lab with all the makings of a ‘master race’ test lab.  Looking through the trash, Olivia realizes that the man made a fake id.  Peter picks up a sweater and realizes it’s Walters.  Walter starts to choke and Olivia shoves a beaker of boiling liquid off the stove as they rush Walter outside.  He survives, the killer targeted him, and it begins to be pretty obvious that the evil blond man is trying to create a master race.  What a shock.

The blond man is at a conference for World Tolerance, carrying a box full of his nasty toxin.  You see him placing it under the warming trays for the buffet – he’s got it in those candles.  Walter has an antidote and he plans to take it to the conference.  Olvia and Peter are there, searching for the killer.  Next, the killer is seen collapsing on the ground, yelling traitor at Walter as he turns blue in the face.

Walter tries to explain to Olivia why he killed the Nazi, he says that family is very important to him, ‘there is nothing I wouldn’t do’ as he looks at Peter from across the room.  Later, Peter brings a box to Walter which contains all his father’s work that could be recovered from the artist and we see an opportunity for reconciliation between the two of them.  And there's a lingering mystery,  how did the Nazi guy get the formula?  If he didn’t get it from Walter’s father’s books, where did he get it from?  Then we see a picture of the Nazi guy – looking  the same in the 1940’s as he did when he died in 2010.  And this weeks Fringe episode ends with another mystery...are there more of these out-of-time people out there?

Fringe Episode 13 - What Lies Below

The latest episode of the Fringe TV show, What Lies Below, starts out with a man dying in a crowded office building and, as he expires, he sprays everyone with infected blood.  Gross!  The Fringe Team arrives at the scene to find out that the dead man was a Dutch national named Radjan Vandencamp but no one in the office knows anything about him.  They think he got off on their office floor in a confused state before he died.  No one is allowed to leave the building until they find out what is going on, but one of the infected people leaves without anyone noticing.  He is about to walk out of the building as Walter, Phillip, and Astrid are entering and Walter notices that something is wrong.  Walter holds the door shut as the infected man tries to leave, and that man dies and sprays the glass door with infected blood.  Walter tells them to seal the building immediately, and then realizes that Peter and Olivia are quarantined inside with everyone else.

The CDC, the FBI, the Fringe Team and Homeland Security are all in on this one because they believe that it could be bioterrorism.  Freaked out that Peter is stuck in the building, Walter is arrested for interfering but, finally, Phillip lets him go back to his lab to work on a cure for this disease.  Peter and Olivia find another woman in the building who is infected and she is separated from the rest.  The other people from the office are really upset because she is sick - even though she was never touched by the blood of the infected Dutchman.  Panic begins because if she is sick, then that means anyone could have it - not just the ones who were touched by the blood.  Olivia notices that a man named Ames had changed his schedule to accommodate a morning visitor that day and she realizes that the infected Dutchman had been coming to see him.  She confronts Ames for the truth and he reluctantly tells her that the man was coming to sell him information from one of their competitors.  He had told Ames that he had something to show him that Ames would find very interesting.  But, where is it?  They do find out that Vandercamp was an oil consultant and that no one else from his transatlantic flight has shown any symptoms of the illness.

Walter is back at the lab trying to isolate the virus as he tells Astrid how important it is to understand the "personality" of a virus.  He uses the example of the rabies virus and how it cannot survive in water , thus it 'inflicts' its victims with a horrible fear of water.  He wants to find out what is special about this virus and, using his wonderful powers of inductive reasoning, Walter thinks that the virus is not airborne.

Peter and Olivia are talking about family back at the office when the infected receptionist just walks out of her quarantined area and down the hall like a zombie.  Peter follows her and she flips out, knocking him down to the floor where he falls into the dead mans blood.  Then, the crazed woman throws herself out of a window, falling to her death and freaking out everybody standing outside.  Now that Peter is infected, he decides it is time to rifle through the dead Dutchman's clothes trying to discover why he was there in the first place.  He finds a set of rental car keys and has the CDC look into the trunk of the car where they find a case with a core sample from an exploratory oil rig.  The core sample contains the virus and Walter feels like it changes itself to make it easier to spread.  For instance, the Dutchman did not spray the blood until he was around a lot of people.  Now that they are quarantined, the virus is forcing the infected people to try to get out of the building so that it can spread itself further.

The core sample they found is from 75,000 years ago and Walter thinks it might be the reason that the ice age mammals all disappeared.  The government big boys outside the building are calling for a level 6 containment - which means destroy everything in the building - including the people.  Walter and other CDC volunteers enter the building to test everyone to see if they are infected.  Olivia is tested and she is cleared but Peter switches the swab to get a clear reading even though he has been infected.  His virus is mutating, driving him to go outside and infect others.  The virus-free group is about to go out the door when one of the guards notices that Peter is bleeding from the nose and he was just about to do the blood spewing thing.  When he was stopped he screamed,  'I just have to go outside !', and he did not die because the virus does not want to let go until it is able spread itself more thoroughly.  Peter is behind the glass, begging Olivia to let him out, but she can't.

The testing upstairs continues when Walter finds out that Peter has it.  Olivia confronts the agent about the army coming to kill all the infected individuals and destroy the building.  She cannot believe they are going to do it but the government agent tells her they have no choice - they is no cure and it would spread across the whole world in two weeks, wiping out humanity.  Walter takes off his containment suit while still inside the building because he is sure it is not an airborne virus and he refuses to leave until he finds a cure.  Astrid gets a call from Olivia telling her that the army is going to kill them all but she decides to stay inside with Walter because she trusts that he will find a cure.

Walter starts to lose hope and he tells Astrid,  'I cannot kill him again'.  Astrid gives him a pep talk and he begins to feel like maybe he can find a cure.  He starts thinking about what stopped the viral outbreak from 75,000 years earlier.  That virus killed so many living things but something stopped it and then he has a sudden epiphany.  Ash from Mount Totowa erupted around the same time as the original outbreak of the virus 75,000 years before.  It had rained down sulfuric ash that blocked out the sun for years.  He thinks that sulfur is the key.  He finds horseradish in the refrigerator that is high in sulfur and adds it to a vial of the virus.  After testing, the vial comes up clear and Walter has a cure!  He calls Olivia who runs to the government agents to tell them there is a cure but they do not think there is time to make it since the people inside are banging on the glass, close to breaking out.  Phillip thinks knocking them out with gas could buy them some time and Olivia offers to go inside to turn on the ventilation system.

Peter see Olivia getting in an elevator from the security camera and runs to find her so he can get the virus-driven craziness out of him.  He attacks her and she pulls her gun on him.  He attacks her again and they begin to fight and he gets her gun away from her.  The government agents outside are ready to blow the place up as Olivia finally reaches the ventilation system to turn it on and allow the knock-out gas to spread through the building.  Just as Peter reaches the door to get outside with her gun, he and everyone else are knocked out.  All of the infected individuals are inoculated and Peter recovers completely to thank Walter and apologize for everything, especially trying to kill Olivia.  After everyone is ready to leave Astrid asks Walter why he said ' I cannot let Peter die again' and he answers that some things are better left unknown.  Of course, we all know why…..The Fringe TV series just keeps coming up with these unique storyline ideas, here's looking forward to next week!

Fringe Episode 12 - Johari Window

Johari Window, the latest Fringe TV show episode, starts out with a young boy walking down the side of a highway as a policeman stops to inquire what he is doing.  Thinking he's a runaway, he puts him in the back of the state police cruiser and takes him to the station.  But, as the officer looks in the rearview mirror, he sees a deformed face looking back at him.  And the policeman freaks out, taking him to the station for photos as all the other officers stare at him.  The poor boy….

 Suddenly, two other deformed men break into the station, shooting all the officers and taking the young boy with them.  He tearfully apologizes to the officer who picked him up, telling him that he is sorry as the man lies bleeding to death.  The Fringe team shows up, trying to find out who the boy was.  Apparently, rumors have abounded for years about these deformed people and it appears that those rumors are true.

 Olivia, Peter and Walter go to a small northwestern town, Edina, trying to find these people.  However, as soon as they step out of their car, a strange humming is heard, and it causes Walter to burst out with a bizarre song about elephants and artichokes.  Of course, the humming is linked to a 'secret military base' near the town that has been there for years.  Isn't it always?  It's called the Edina Hum.  As the three of them drive down a highway outside of town, they are run off the road by a pickup truck.  The Fringe team crashes and their attacker walks toward their vehicle, shooting as he approaches.  Since Olivia and Walter are both 'out', Peter grabs Olivia's pistol and starts shooting, killing one of the attackers.  Now they've got a body.

 But, the body is a human, it's not a deformed man.  His body is taken back to Walter's lab and when they open the body bag, poof - it's suddenly a deformed man.  How did this happen?  How could a dead body transform itself?  Broyles informs them that in the late 70's, there was a secret Army project, known as Project Elephant, that was involved with human metamorphosis located next to Edina.  Olivia and Peter note the link between Walter's weird song and the name of the secret Army project.

 Peter and Olivia return to Edina to research census records when Walter suddenly realizes that his bizarre song is a clue to information on Project Elephant - he did work on it in the past.  Astrid breaks the code and the two of them head to the library to see what Walter hid there back in the 70s.  They first find a dusty box of 1970's Devil Dogs - Walter is so excited!  Astrid gingerly takes it from him, saying 'we'll get you a new one'.  They also find files in the hiding place, discovering that the Army project was headed up by a friend of Walter's, Edward Cobb, who tested an electromagnetc camouflage technique on soldiers, causing genetic deformities.  And, unfortunately the huge magnetic pulse that they used in the test also impacted the entire town of Edina.  They all became deformed.  After finding out what he had done, the lead scientist, Edward Cobb, developed a camouflage technique that tricks the optic nerve of visitors to Edina into hiding the deformities and allowed the townspeople to live 'normal' lives.  Hence, the source of the Edina Hum.  All the people in the town look normal as long as they stay within town limits and they plan to keep it that way – by stopping the Fringe Team, killing them to keep their secret.

Walter and Astrid drive around Edina looking for the source of the electromagnetic transmission and they find it.  The door is answered by the boy who started this Fringe episode, and Walter realizes that the boy is Edward Cobb's grandson.  It seems that the scientist stayed with his daughter after his experiment caused her deformity.  Walter sneaks around the house, finding the generator and shuts it off.  And, suddenly, everybody sees the people for who they really are.  Meanwhile, Peter and Olivia are engaged in a shootout with the Sherriff and his deputy who are trying to kill them to protect the town's secret.  The Sherriff is about to kill them when Rose, the little boy's mother and Edward Cobb's daughter, shoots him and saves the Fringe team.  Back at Rose's house, she explains how her father created a good life for them, giving them invisibility and allowing them to live full lives – but they could never leave their town. 

Agent Broyles shows up and Walter begs him to let the people keep their machine.  The townspeople will be dissected, studied, and humiliated if the world knows their secret.  Broyles agrees, the machine is turned back on and everybody is 'normal' again.  This week's Fringe TV show ends with Peter and Walter driving away, Peter saying he is proud of Walter for saving the town by not letting Broyles publicize the town's existence.  Yet, the moment is bittersweet, because we know that Walter is hiding a lot of secrets from Peter and, on a future episode of the Fringe TV series, all those secrets are going to come out.  Will Peter still be so proud of his father?

Fringe Episode 11 - Unearthed

After a break from before Christmas, a 'new' Fringe episode aired on Monday, January 11th (instead of the usual Thursday) called Unearthed and it was pretty obvious that they 'unearthed' an old episode from Season 1 that was obviously never used because Charlie is back, alive and well.  Remember, he was killed in Episode 4 of Fringe Season 2.  But, since the series officially restarted on 1/14, I guess they were looking for some filler.  Why would the producers of the Fringe TV series do this?  Have a killed-off character reappear 6 episodes after he was killed?  Very confusing…of course, with Fringe, nothing surprises me, the writers might have a surprise for us later on where this episode figures in….

The Unearthed story begins with a teenage girl named Lisa being taken off life support by her mother.  Her organs are going to be harvested but, during the middle of the procedure, Lisa sits up, yelling out numbers.  The Fringe team is called in because it turns out that these numbers are weapon launch codes along with the identification number of a missing naval petty officer. Then, inexplicably, the young girl begins speaking Russian which she never knew - but the missing petty officer did.

As usual Walter has a theory that Lisa had a cerebral aneurysm, dying at the same time that the missing petty officer was murdered, thus causing her to become linked psychically to the murdered man, Andrew Rusk.  Andrew is trying to communicate through her.  Walter had experimented with this same phenomena before and one of this Fringe episode's highlights is getting to see an old video of Walter with lots and lots of hair, performing experiments on the brain of students from years earlier.  I don't think they should do any more flashbacks - it was WAlter's face with way to much hair.  Agent Dunham seems to accept this new theory with very little persuasion.

Next thing we know Lisa is calling Olivia, hysterically saying that she cannot stop seeing Andrew Rusk and she is in the place where he was murdered - an old junkyard.  She has a bad seizure after this revelation and Walter is determined to examine her.  Her mother refuses until she finally decides that maybe Walter can help her - so off to the lab goes Lisa.  Walter thinks that Lisa died at the exact same time as Rusk and some of his energy came into her.

Walter is concerned because he is at a loss for how to help Lisa.  Olivia tricks the navy into telling her that their petty officer, Rusk, was contaminated with radiation during a navy exercise and he was very sick.  Walter decides to give Lisa drugs to help Rusk leave her body gently and possibly make her better.  But, he cannot leave well enough alone because they are also going to try and extract Rusk's memories before she is cured.

As they try to remove Rusk's memories, Lisa starts to convulse and she is speaking as Rusk.  Her mind is harboring Rusk and he does not want to let go.  He tells the story of how he was killed to the Fringe team and then Lisa/Rusk passes out.  Olivia is able to identify his killer by what Rusk tells her and she leaves to apprehend the murderer.  Rusk's killer tells the story of how Rusk's wife, Teresa, hired him to get rid of her husband.  He was a wife abuser and the last straw was when he broke Teresa's arm.  So, before he killed Rusk, he told him that Teresa was the one 'sending him to hell'.

Now that Olivia knows that Rusk wants to take revenge on his wife, they all descend on Rusk's house where Lisa/Rusk is holding a gun on his wife, dousing her with gasoline.  Peter gets there first, trying to stop Lisa/Rusk from burning his wife to death.  Peter tries talking to Lisa as Charlie drugs her with a dart.  Lisa is returned to Walter's lab and the data shows that she is back to her old self.  Rusk is gone and Lisa gets a shot at a second life.  This odd, out-of-place Fringe episode ends with Walter quoting a Bible verse in Latin and Lisa throws down the gauntlet to Olivia for Peter's affections, stating, "I'll be eighteen in a  year, don't wait to long to make your move…."  And, the final scene?  A wreck with a dead body in the front seat who suddenly comes back to life, wonder who that is?

Fringe Episode 9 - Dead Water

Once again, something weird is going on in Boston in the latest Fringe Episode, Dead Water.  A strange Chinese man is running around Chinatown looking for something.  You can tell he is scared and, when he finally reaches an apartment, he is met by an elderly Chinese gentleman who tells him that he is the first to arrive.  The frightened man tells him that everyone is dead.  He also tells the elderly gentleman that his stomach hurts and he moves to a cot to lie down.  As he is lying down, we see the elderly man put on gloves and grab a large pair of shears as the younger man starts to scream in pain. Turns out, he has a nasty looking squid-like parasite inside him - ready to come out - and the elderly man is there to help it enter the world.

As the nasty parasite is being tended to by the old Chinese man, the Fringe Team is called to a shipwreck near the Boston harbor where 27 people have been found dead, washed up on the shore.  As tragic as this is, it would not seem necessary to call the Fringe Team for a shipwreck until we see that all of the crew members have squid-like parasites projecting from their mouths.  As they search through the bodies, they find one woman who is still alive.  They carry her to the hospital, trying to find out if she is also infected with this nasty thing.

The elderly man back in Chinatown has been busy because another person from the shipwrecked boat shows up and he tells this young man that ‘he is the first person to arrive’ and he makes ready to greet another parasite friend.  The woman found alive on shore was not infected with this thing as the other crew members were.  She is an illegal immigrant looking for a better life.  The only thing different about her was she did not take the seasickness medicine everyone else did.  Her husband and daughter are lost on another boat two days behind her and she is incredibly worried.

Astrid and Walter are back at the lab measuring each parasite.  Walter is amazed at the body plan of the parasite.  Olivia and Peter mention to Walter that the woman from the beach was the only one who did not take the medicine for seasickness and they wonder if there could there be a relationship.  Walter theorizes that the pill contained the encapsulated larva of the parasite and that the humans were used to incubate the larva until it reached adulthood – a sick way to smuggle them in.  The manifest of the ship is traced back to a local shipyard and they leave to investigate.

The elderly man from Chinatown is removing something from the parasites he has caught.  He sets the object he removed into a jar with others he has collected.  He then puts mystery object – it’s some kind of powder - into a box and wraps it up neatly for shipping.  Olivia and Peter are called back to headquarters because they have a man in custody who works for a company called Shanghai Construction.  He has ties to the wrecked ship and its crew - they are told he was busy burning every piece of paper he could find in the shipping office.  It turns out this man is a Chinese Triad which is well known for trafficking drugs.  The Fringe Team notices that the suspect has a razor blade and he suddenly slits his own throat as Peter is hypothesizing that maybe the Triad was importing the parasites for their use as a new drug.  My guess is they’ll get no information out of him…

Back at the lab Walter gets bitten by a parasite and when Astrid tries to help him he stops her because it really feels good.  That answers the new drug question – this must be some pretty powerful stuff.  Phillip, Olivia and Peter are trying to understand who would be buying this new drug.  It seems the suspect that killed himself was working for the Triad leader, John Soo.  They know a second boat is coming to Boston but it still has not shown up and the Triad wants it found.  The Fringe Team does find out that someone in Beacon Hill has been sending payments to the shipping company in the name of Beijing Construction.  This leads to a nice, rich family that has been funding these people as an investment - they thought it was a legitimate venue.  Olivia gets the name of their lawyer to find out what exactly the family’s involvement is in this shipping scam.  Peter is suspicious of the family as he looks around the house and notices that it looks like ‘germ-a-phobes’ live there.  He wonders what the connection is between a new parasite being shipped in from China and a rich, white family that are total neat freaks. 

Walter has noticed that since he has been bitten by the parasite, all of his illnesses are gone.  He thinks the parasite helped him and that it makes some kind of medicine useful to the Triad.  He discovers that the Chinese have used parasitic roundworms for centuries to treat asthma.  It seems that people would actually infect themselves with the worm and carry it all their lives for treating their asthma and he thinks this new species was designed for something similar.  Walter believes that someone has genetically altered the smaller roundworm to create this new parasite and he leaves by himself to check out herbalist shops in town.  He wants to compare the DNA of the smaller roundworm to the new parasite.

The family of the woman that survived the shipwreck is still on a boat at sea and the little girl is not feeling too well.  She is trying to sleep when she sees a man sleeping near her start to choke and gasp as something starts to move in his stomach…looks like this other ship is infected too.

Olivia and Peter return to the house of the rich family in Beacon Hill because they know that the woman knows more than she is saying.  He thinks she must be sick and wanted to use these parasites to treat whatever illness she has.  Peter talks straight to the boy and finds out that his mother did know what she was dealing with and that the medicinal treatments were actually for him because he has a rare immune deficiency disorder.  He gets monthly treatments in powder form which has made him better.

Walter has finally discovered the right medicinal shop in Chinatown and he instructs Astrid in the wonders of the hookworm and how it cannot beat the four foot long worm he has back in the lab.  Walter’s comments have just tipped off the bad guys because the next thing we see is the shop owner immediately making a phone call after they leave.  Walter quickly gets lost in the crowd after they leave the shop, scaring Astrid who is trying to keep tabs on him.  Astrid heads to the lab looking for Walter and she is startled to hear people speaking Chinese.  She is met by two very scary looking Triad members who play to steal the living parasites from the lab.  They knock her out and take the parasites with them.

Walter is at a payphone trying to call someone to come help him because he is lost in the market place, but all the numbers he dials are wrong.  He has no money left and he is getting scared.  He finally ends up sitting alone on a bench, wondering what to do.  A woman from Chinatown helps Walter contact Peter and he comes to get him.  Olivia goes back to the rich family to force the mother to tell her the name of the man that has been treating her son so that no more people have to die.

Peter finds Walter in the home of the woman that helped him and he is still distressed that he cannot remember any phone numbers or even that he had the list of numbers in his pocket the whole time.  Walter and Peter leave to go back to the lab when Peter asks him if he can remember any of the addresses to the shops he had visited earlier that day.  Walter did not remember the addresses, but he did remember to hold on to the list he had made of them.  Olivia is back at the docks on the second ship that has finally arrived but all of the passengers seem to have left.  There is evidence they were on it, but no one is around.  It seems they are too late to help them before the Triad kills them for the parasite.

Walter and Peter return to the medicine shop where he bought the hookworms and they see the ship’s passengers being herded into the back of the medicine shop.  Peter gets out to go in alone - warning Walter to stay where he is.  Peter breaks into the suspect building and finds the ship passengers tied down to cots.  He tackles the shop owner who is about to perform surgery, but the shop owner wins and with the help of another Triad member, they begin to infect him with a parasite larva.  The FBI arrives in just the nick of time and Peter is able to spit out the larva before it infects him.

Walter goes back tot the lab to check on Astrid and she tells him how worried she was about him.  Walter blames himself for Astrid getting beaten up by the Triad.  The female survivor from the first ship finds out that her family is going to be fine.  Peter and Walter finally have a heart to heart talk about how much Walter wants to be independent. Walter tells him that he has implanted a tracking device in his own neck since apparently he is going to keep getting lost from time to time.  Peter thinks it is crazy but accepts it and the latest installment of the Fringe TV series ends with all of the team very satisfied with the outcome of their most recent case.

Fringe Episode 8: Believe

The latest installment of Fringe Season 2, Believe, shows a typical day in Boston with a man standing in the park, making observations of the people as they leisurely spend their day.  Your first thought is 'pervert' - why else would a man wearing a strange sixties style suit be staring at a young woman in a park.  But, if you are a fan of the Fringe TV series, you will recognize that this is the same strange sixties style suit of the otherworlder seen in previous episodes.  The otherworlder observer in the park grabs the woman he has been watching and forces her to come with him.  The police shoot at him but the bullets bounce away and nothing stops him as he knocks out his victim and steals a car to get away.

The Fringe team is called in because the description of the man who kidnapped the woman matches the observer they have been documenting from disaster scenes from around the world.  Olivia goes to Peter's house and finds Walter obsessing over making a milkshake that will taste just like the one he used to get from his favorite ice cream shop.  Getting Walter away from his milkshakes takes some time but finally they start looking at the video of the kidnapping and the whole team realizes that there is more than one observer.  The man in the video is not the same observer they have seen in previous incidents, but he is one of the observers documented in images throughout the ages.  They know one observer from the past saved Walter and Peter twenty four years earlier and now there is another observer who has kidnapped a young girl named Christine Hollis.

Christine has nothing special in her life to make her a target or at least nothing they can identify.  They know that in order to solve this mystery, they are going to have to figure out why the observer took her. The team has the book that this observer was writing in at the park and Peter is examining it.  The symbols in the book seem impossible to understand.  The book does have a blood stain on it that has a protein marker that indicates the observer could be a hemophiliac.  That seems to be the new direction they will be taking when Astrid suddenly realizes that someone from Massive Dynamic has been investigating these same types of symbols.  Peter and Olivia immediately head over to Massive Dynamic.

They meet a scientist there that has seen some of the strange observer symbols on ancient artifacts around the world predating 900 BC – but that is not all.  The lab at Massive Dynamic has also found many paintings with observers in them from Napoleons' Court as well as the American Revolution.  The Massive Dynamic people have concluded that the observers show up at important moments in human history just to observe.  Massive Dynamic has charted thirty six sightings in the last three months which is more than they have counted in five thousand years.  This leads them to wonder - what is about to happen?

At this point, four observers are shown meeting in a restaurant, trying to figure out why one of them has gone rogue.  They do not know why he has kidnapped the girl, but they do know she was supposed to be on an airplane flight that has already taken off.  The observers realize that their rogue agent has created an irregularity and they must repair it.  They plan to contact Donald to clean this up.  He turns out to be just a good old fashioned human assassin and his job is to get rid of the girl.

Olivia and Peter go to the apartment where Christine lived, finding out that she has sublet it to a friend because Christine was supposed to be out of the country for a while.  In the apartment, Peter notices a picture of Christine's parents and finds out they had been killed years before in the San Francisco earthquake of 1989.  In the picture, he can see an observer standing behind her parents.  Since being kidnapped from the park, Christine has been tied up in a motel room, trying to escape since the observer has left her alone.  She finally works herself free just as the observer gets back to the room with food for her.  She begs him to tell her why he has kidnapped her – he says nothing, walks over to turn on the television, and she sees news coverage of the crash of her intended flight out of the country.  He tells her that he saved her life but that he has to leave again, tying her up for her own safety.

Walter and Astrid find that the blood in the book is from a king cobra chili, not blood.  They are the hottest chilis ever grown and it puts them on the track for a store that might possibly sell them.  The rogue observer leaves the girl in the motel room to go to the meeting being held by the other observers.  He tells them that she is special and he has been watching her most of her life.  The other observers tell him that all the people they observe are special and he should not have interfered.  They also tell him that they have taken care of the problem by hiring Donald, the assassin.  Donald sneaks into the rogue observer's apartment and finds pictures of Christine all over the walls.  This helps us understand even more what the rogue observer's feelings are for her. He thinks she has an important future but the other observers feel he is wrong about it.

Later Walter walks into a restaurant to meet the rogue observer because he recognized the chili pepper in the notebook (nitrogen molecules) as a message from the observer to meet him.  Walter is scared because twenty four years earlier, he made a deal with an observer and now he is afraid the observer wants something back from him – that they want to take Peter from him.  The observer is quick to tell him that he just wants Walter's help, he does not want to take anything from him.  The rogue observer wants Walter to help him solve the problem of saving Christina Hollis because he cannot find a solution.  Each time he saves her, the other observers are going to find another way to end her existence.  Walter tells the rogue observer that if he wants to convince the other observers of her future importance, then he must show them how important she is going to be.

The rogue observer returns to the motel and tells Christine she must trust him and do as he says and since she believes he saved her life, she decides to do it.  Olivia and Peter are in the rogue's apartment, trying to understand what he wants with Christine when Olivia gets a call telling her that the rogue observer has been spotted at a motel.  The assassin gets there first but the observer is easily able to stop him.  The assassin continues to chase him until they are in the parking lot in a standoff.  The assassin tells him "just tell me where the girl is - I have no problem with you".  The rogue observer sees Olivia and Peter pull into the parking lot and he turns to the assassin and starts to shoot but not before the assassin kills the observer.

Olivia and Peter run up to the body of the observer and he tries to tell Peter something as Olivia chases the assassin.  Thankfully Peter has the observer's special weapon by the time the assassin almost shoots Olivia in the back and he is able to stop her from being killed. Peter comes back to look at the body of the observer but the only thing left is his hat.  Olivia finds Christine hiding and she releases her.  The rogue observer whose body has disappeared has been picked up by another observer and he tells his friend that he has feelings for Christine that he cannot explain - that perhaps what he is feeling is love.  The rogue just wants to be sure that she will be safe and his friend tells him yes - because she is the only person who has ever been responsible for the death of one of them.  That makes her important.

As Walter and Peter interview Christine, Walter tells her he has a gift for her from the rogue observer that he left in case he could not be there.  It is the stuffed bear she had been holding when the San FranciscoBridge collapsed killing her parents.  Peter is really mad with Walter for not telling him he had spoken to an observer.  Peter knows the observers have the answers to so many questions - they have been observing humans for 5000 years.  Phillip Broyles tells Olivia that the assassin she and Peter killed was Donald Long and he is tied to six different assassinations.  There is no kind of personal information found for the rogue observer and the gun Peter got from him cannot be recreated.  So, for the most part, they are back to square one as far as the observers are concerned.

As usual the Fringe team is left with a lot of unanswered questions but at least now, Olivia can have a little free time to spend with her niece.  Or so she thinks – because, little does she know, the observers are watching her.  They are feeling regret that things are going to get so bad for her in the future.  This episode of the Fringe TV show promises a lot more mystery in store for us in the future, what dire things do the observers see for Olivia?

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