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Fringe Premiere



Tonight the highly anticipated Fringe with make it’s premiere but with caveat Peter Bishop is gone and the dueling universe must work together to restore the their worlds.

A new character Lincoln will be introduced along with the old characters. Although Peter Bishop is supposedly gone all the reports claim Joshua Jackson is on board with Fringe this season.

Fringe airs every Friday night on FOX at 9pm EST.


The introduction of Lincoln is much how Olivia was introduced to the Fringe division through death of a partner. He is rather aggressive in his pursuit of his parnter's killer and joins the investigation. Lincoln suffers the usual adjustment disorder typically of working in top secret work. It is refreshing to the series to have Lincoln added to the Fringe division as he is green and naive while the others are hardened and readily at easy with the inextricable phenomena they deal with each day.

I thought it was a strong start for Fringe especially since Peter Bishop was not in the first episode. Peter Bishop's image is in reflectons.

It was rather humorous beginning. But is also a bit sad as it is clear all of the characters lives are a bit more grim without Peter. Walter is more mentally unstable and Olivia's a bit harder. .We can only imagine how wonderful the series will be this year when we go through the trials and tribulations of the Fringe divisions without Peter Bishop only to have him return.

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