Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood A Remake?

What Exactly Is Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood?

Full Metal Alchemist has become a hit anime series in Japan back in 2003 when it was first adapted from the manga of the same title (or "Hagane no Renkinjutsushi" in Japanese), originally created by Hiromu Arakawa, with art and story both created by the mangaka. The anime then repeated the same kind of reception and success when it was brought to the States by Funimation in 2006. The series also received good reception in other countries in Asia, as well as countries across the world. This is because of the series' uniqueness and its "appeal" to not only kids and teenagers, but also young adults and adults.

When "Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood" (also called "Full Metal Alchemist Shintetsu"; derived from its original Japanese name, "Hagane no Renkinjutsushi Shintetsu") was announced by Bones Studio, it excited many of its fans across the world. April 5th, 2009 was when the new series first premiered on Japanese TV, TV Tokyo. US fans can also follow the series from Funimation's official website, where fans living in the United States can go to the website and catch streaming episodes of the show. In addition to that, a few independent websites made by fans also provide the show's episodes download for free, truly for the intention of sharing the same excitement all fans have for this new series.

Though, for some fans who have started following the new series from episode 1, confusion started to arise. Questions like "why is FMA Brotherhood story just the same as to the original FMA?" or "is FMA Brotherhood a remake of FMA?" starting to arise. Some fans just merely confused of what timeline should this new series follow parallel to the original show.

Screenshot of the new Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

The answer is, this new series started "all over again" and is "completely independent" of the first series. So is it a complete "remake" of the first show? No. Not exactly. The original plan of this new series is to make it start as what the manga has and end also as to what the manga will. So basicly the new series will just follow the original manga storyline, regardless of what the first anime adaptation of it has explored to.

As opposed to Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, the first show had first followed the manga storyline, but strayed off to "its own storyline" when it got ahead of the manga halfway of its story. This happened because as you know it, manga chapter is out on weekly and some monthly basis (in the case of Full Metal Alchemist, it's on MONTHLY basis, being serialized on Monthly Shounen Gangan), and it is very limited to what each single chapter can cover monthly. On the other hand, anime episode is also out weekly, but with over 20 minutes of animation, an anime episode can cover much more than what a manga chapter can. In result, the anime got ahead of the manga halfway of its story. With no story to follow from the manga anymore, it developed its own story all the way through the ending.

As what you saw on the first series, the story ended with Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric both continued their journey on "our" world, sealing "the door" to their own world completely. This was shown on the movie: Conqueror of Shambala instead of the final episode, episode 51.

In Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, what you can be sure of, is, you "will not" see this same ending again. It will end differently. It will end the way the manga will.

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EcoAsh profile image

EcoAsh 7 years ago from Hemet

I only saw the first episode of the show. I was surprised that I liked it, cuz I usually don't like anime.

nufoundglory profile image

nufoundglory 7 years ago from Asia Author

Oh, yeah? That's good! I mean, FMA is one of my favorite anime ever, i think it's not surprising if someone who isn't anime geek would like it, it's "that" awesome. :D

ibro 7 years ago

i don't whant to bash on this or anything but i was hoping fora whole new seres not just some kinda remake thing i whanted to see what happened to ed and ail i whanted to see if they came back or what but i guess well never know un less this ending has some kind of bearer ending idk if il watch this but il see

j. 7 years ago

this is bullsh*t im not wasting my time on a remake...

i loved the original and ill stick with that

i would have much prefered them to move the series forward instead of back again.....

im sorry but a fan of the series i must protest and there for will not waste my time ... ill move on to a new anime series that peaks my interest

nufoundglory profile image

nufoundglory 7 years ago from Asia Author

If you are going to dismiss Full Metal Alchemist BROTHERHOOD just because you think you are a "true Full Metal Alchemist fan" then I think you are pretty stupid.

THIS, is what "fans" have been waiting to see, because this IS the "real" story that came out from the original author's head, the mangaka, the person who created Full Metal Alchemist; Hiromu Arakawa. The story on Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood is the original story from the amazing manga, while what you previously saw on Full Metal Alchemist anime was something made up by Bones Studio because they ran out of ideas because the manga had not finished yet at that time.

Edward 7 years ago

Remark or not I'm just happy to see more full metal

edwardlovesbrotherhoodandwinry 7 years ago

retards it is way better than the first and the plot is better once you get over differences it pwns all!

Stoner420 7 years ago

This OWNS the 2004 FMA animated series. I just sat at home all day youtubing episode 1-38 and OMFG!!! THIS HELPS YOU UNDERSTAND THE WORLD OF FULLMETAL 100%. I don't know if some of you haven't noticed but there are some confusing as hell gaps in the '04 series. This on the other hand is VERY detailed which I like. Good Job, uhh who made FMA again? LOL I DON'T EVEN KNOW BUT MAD PROPS TO FUNIMATION FOR THIS SERIES!!!

Stoner420 7 years ago

"this is bullsh*t im not wasting my time on a remake...

i loved the original and ill stick with that

i would have much prefered them to move the series forward instead of back again.....

im sorry but a fan of the series i must protest and there for will not waste my time ... ill move on to a new anime series that peaks my interest"

Hey retard, this IS the ORIGINAL story. THE SERIES IS BEING TOLD IN A DIFFERENT, MUCH BETTER PERSPECTIVE. and to bash on you a little more, stick to dragon ball z type animes if badass animes like FMA don't interest you. don't get me wrong i love dragon ball z, what with there 5 episode long battles and two episode wait i mean 3 episode long kamehamaeha to kill cell.

nufoundglory profile image

nufoundglory 7 years ago from Asia Author

Thurston8533 next time you want to spam your link go SOMEWHERE ELSE!

nufoundglory profile image

nufoundglory 7 years ago from Asia Author

I hope those who said they weren't going to watch a "remake" now bit their tongue after they realize it is definitely NOT just a remake now. Watch it now, you'll bite your tongue until it bleeds. LOL.

madx 7 years ago

I saw a preview of the "new" FMA on t.v and went right on the web to see what I would find, I don't usually like anime either but gosh! FMA had be hooked from episode one, I can't wait to see the original though! ty for the explanation!

Mike 6 years ago

Haven't finished 1st seiries turned on brother hood and was like wtf hughs is back hows that haha

cnbenson profile image

cnbenson 6 years ago from Texas

I love this anime, it so intense.

marjorie 6 years ago

pogi!!!!! ni eduard

QueenStars profile image

QueenStars 6 years ago from England

If people are still confused...

Brotherhood is actually the original, following the manga.

The 2003 series went down its own path, as a storyboard were bought in to take over, so the authour didn't have to rush and finish her story just two years after starting.

In recent months, the author has finished her story and 'Brotherhood' has ended also.

My verdict; both are great; the 2003 series featured more comedy yet had a dreadful ending and odd follow up film, whilst 'Brotherhood' focused more on formalities and had the more thoughtful, consistant storyline.

I think I choose Brotherhood.

haze 6 years ago

fma brotherhood is much better than fma

Sinister 6 years ago

Since FMA followed the manga story until about halfway, I just skipped the first 20 episodes of Brotherhood since they're basically the same as the original FMA. I will now continue watching Brotherhood.

nufoundglory profile image

nufoundglory 6 years ago from Asia Author

I've finished the manga quite a while ago, but i've just finished the anime (FMAB) last night... i still got that sad feeling within me.. sad that after following the manga for years, it's finally over... there's no fma anymore, i think i'm gonna be really sad when naruto's over one day..

GingaNinja 6 years ago

I'm glad found this. I just finished FMA, and started FMA Brotherhood and I was like "Wtf? Weren't Ed and Al in the real world, and didn't Al get his body back?". Now it makes sence. Thanks for posting this ^^

Danious 6 years ago

Whoa guys this forum is angry.... i just finished watching brother hood all the way through and i thought it was comparable to the original if not better in some ways so stop being so angry and just enjoy more FMA ^^

CookieGurl 6 years ago

I agree with Danious; this forum is getting a bit... angry. Personally, I like both series the way they are, for very different reasons. The endings to both couldn't have been done with the plots used. The only thing I'm confused about is the movie for Brotherhood.

What could they possibly create? Not to be mean, just my opinion, but the manga and Brotherhood are finished; I would think there's nothing else to say. They're creating OVA's trying to clean up the Ishbal War and other things, so why not just have more OVA's? However, I'm still relieved that Fullmetal can have one final breath before it's last end. :)

Justafmafan 6 years ago

I'm actually very glad that brotherhood came out, mainly because it explained the realm called truth, and how Ed learned to transmutate without the circle

Alejandro Haibi 6 years ago

they are actually gonna practice alkahestry now

Alejandro Haibi 6 years ago

In the end Ed went to Xing to practice alkahestry so that's what the brotherhood movie is probably gonna be about...the practice of alkahestry lol

M Sully 6 years ago

I don't comment often but here it is,

I understand that brotherhood is the original, more thought out and less confusing, but i don't care.

I liked the first series and that's that, I was confused sometimes but that meant i had to think about it and come to conclusions

The voice of Al in the new series sounds too different and that bugs the crap out of me

But of course brotherhood is still a great series no matter the differences

Jordan 6 years ago

From what I read the 2004 FMA series follows the original story line at first, but eventually branches off when they run out of original material. I'm wondering after what episode of the 2004 FMA series that Brotherhood picks up at?

josh 6 years ago

is it just me or is Alfonse's voice different in FMA brotherhood? he sounds a lot like a little girl =|

Boonish 5 years ago

I've only been through the 1st disk of Brotherhood thus far, so understand this opinion has not yet reached maturity. However, despite being thrown off by what I believed to be a remake (now known to be the original), I just found that the earlier series had a darker, heavier psychological, social and political commentary to it right from the start. What I loved was how I got attatched to even the side note characters. Everyone meant something to the story. The newer version seems to lose some of that weight in exposition and cheap comic relief. Having read and truly listened to the commentary above, I will now at the very least finish Brotherhood and get back to you. Where my gut reaction was to let it go. So for that alone, I thank everyone here for their opinion, regardless of it's inclination. Thanks :)

wolfem 5 years ago

i don't know.... i don't watch the original anymore, it was good , but this one is better, more action, same voices (a huge plus, except mustang, i think he is different, been so long its hard to tell) this portrayal of greed is way WAY better, this story doesn't seem to stray off into the wilderness after a while ( i didn't know much about the anime finnishing before the manga, now i know why i became unintrested in the original and there were to many unanswerd questions, i hate that) being that this one is from the original author i am expecting a little more than i got from the orginal, just seems like this one moves along more smoothly.

Casandra 4 years ago

OK SOME OF YOU ARE FUCKING DUMB ASSES! first of all the orignal fma is well, my opinon, better and i think its funnier too, but in the last episode in fma epi51, of course most of you knows what happens, then the movie came along ( conquer of shimbala) ok then it show how Al some how got arcoss the gate to " our world" where Ed had been living for ... maybe 2 or 3 years... then i mean its fucked up BECAUSE THEN IN FMAB THEY DON'T EVEN HOW THEY GOT BACK BECUSE I EVEN WATCHED ON YOUTUBE WHERE IT WAS LIKE THE LAST EPISODE OF FMAB AND I MEAN THEY ALMOST LOOKED THE GOD DAME SAME AS THEY DID IN THE MOVIE... but Ed is taller and well.. wears his fucking hair in a pony tail, like his dad, like in the movie, and like Al in the movie so... fmab is reall, really fucked up

Synctem 4 years ago

everyone shut up both series are good just be glad you got to see more fullmetal

Ben 4 years ago

guys............ just be happy that fmab came out. i watched fma all the way through and thought it was very good. But fmab is the ORIGINAL story line. Like so many before my comment have said fma follows the story halfway and fmab is the real version

Ben 4 years ago

guys............ just be happy that fmab came out. i watched fma all the way through and thought it was very good. But fmab is the ORIGINAL story line. Like so many before my comment have said fma follows the story halfway and fmab is the real version

Jon v 4 years ago

I really don't care for the new series or the manga and its fans, im sticking with the old fma

martinnitsim 4 years ago

hello there dennis if your still knoking around here is there contact

filling address ,ring them for advice ,just say martin n said you would sort him out

Aimee 4 years ago

I saw the first FMA and I instendly fell in love with it. Then when I saw Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood I was so confused! I saw all the people that died and that Ed still had his mechanical parts and Al still in his suit of armor. I was like WTF! But I think this new series is still as good as the old one. And I'm just glad that they even made more FMA. But what kinda sucks is that Al's voice isn't the same (or its just me O.o) And some other minor things. But its awesome that I get to watch more FMA!

TLI 4 years ago

When I finished the first FMA I was like alright, time to watch some FMAB and get my sequel story on! And then when the first episode popped up and I saw Mustang talking to King Bradley I was Like O.o WTF??? Later I realized it was a retelling of the original manga story. That's cool and all, but I don't feel like watching a bundle of near similar episodes just to get a little bit more out of the alchemic world, and possibly a better ending lol. I'll just continue reading the actual manga and all its glory to know the truth and all. And I'll say, while FMAB is bound to take the better path story wise, the first FMA will always have a better Alphonse and better opening theme music ;) Plus I like Bradley as Pride and not Wrath, Wrath as little boy Curtis and Sloth as Trisha Elric. It gave half the homunculus an erie and close connection to lots of the characters. Oh and both interpretations of Hoenheim I like. JMO :)

life long FMA fan. 3 years ago

I like both of them equally. their they're own stories, not completely the same, but not completely different either... A lot like Ed and Al :)

PsychoCat 3 years ago

but is there any continuation for this anime ? because it's so good :/

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