Fun Times: Keeping Children Entertained with Little Money

Entertaing children with very little money is a problem I had when my three boys were small, but it was fun.

What you have to remember is that everything and every new experience in a childs life is entertainment for them. It really depends on what age the child or children are, whether they are girls or boys , and on what the season is the time. When my boys were growing up I also helped out with other children some of whom were girls , therefore , writing this is really a piece of cake.

Spring , Summer , Autumn, Winter , the four seasons have an influence as to what you can entertain children with. What I will do is go through each season and offer suggestions - before I do that there is an activity that my sons thoroughly enjoyed and if you have a garden or window boxes you could implement this and take throughout the year.

I would take the boys to the garden centre and they would choose some seeds or plants they liked, this could take up to an hour, then they would play a while in the adventure playground and wound up, an icecream always calmed them down.......When getting home they would spend time planting their chosen plants or seeds. this had a two fold result, it kept them occupied for an afternoon ,also taught them patience whilst waiting for their boxes to grow.

Onward to Spring - What a wonderful time of the year, everything is new, the trees are budding, the flowers are popping their heads up and baby animals are being born...We would go on nature rambles and build a scrapbook........We would visit a farm where they were allowed by the farmer to feed and hold the baby animals....

Now Summer - the sky is blue and the air is warm , what could be better than a walk across the beach where we would collect shells ,all the different colours and shapes, when we returned home we decorated flowerpots by coating the pots in plaster paris and sticking the shells to them. This was great, as when their plants grew they could transplant them into their own pots.                       A trip to the local park was always a great favourite, here they could play football , or explore the grounds or even fly high upon the swings. Invariably I would pack a picnic , this always went down well ,no plates ,just eating whenever and running free.

Autumn - Do you remember kicking the dropping leaves and hearing that scrunchy sound under foot, I do, but you know what many children have never done it. This is a wonderful eperience that they will carry all their lives. Only just the other day did I watch an elderly man kicking the leaves and reliving his childhood.                                                                                                    Their boxes will now be ready for bulbs , maybe another trip to the garden centre rady for the spring flowering, oh and while you are there perhaps the purchase of a Christmas rose or a poinsettia would be exciting for them.

Winter - How cold it is , but Christmas is slap bang in the middle of it - get them to make christmas youngest made a mobile from an egg box and coloured sweet wrappers, it hangs on the tree every year, even though he tells me not to.

All time favourites - baking could have a competion to see who decorates the cake best.........or colouring in competions........painting........story writing

To summarize , everything to a child is fun and everything is new to them. In order to entertain think what you like to do and adapt to make it child friendly....Result - Happy entertained children.

GOLDEN RULE - Do not just do for the children, it is a time when you also can become a child again!

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DarleneMarie profile image

DarleneMarie 7 years ago from USA

Thanks for answering my request Hawkesdream. I especially like the park idea. When mine were little we used to go to the park and watch the ducks, play on the slide, etc. I used to slide down with them...they thought that was the best thing!

Hawkesdream profile image

Hawkesdream 7 years ago from Cornwall Author

Doesnt it make you feel like a kid again?

Lgali profile image

Lgali 7 years ago

very nice hub nice ideas

Hawkesdream profile image

Hawkesdream 7 years ago from Cornwall Author

Thanks Lgali

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