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Dogs are probably the most popular pets in the world, as well as funny animals. Search no more for funny dog videos, cute dog photos, and those elusive funny commercials starring dogs. It's all right here in one place. If animal humor is your idea of comedy, have fun browsing through all of the cute dogs and funny puppies on this site. To see the funny dog pictures in a larger size, just click on the thumbnails of the dog pictures underneath.

Funny Dog Pictures

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Funny Dog Beer Commercial

Probably the Best Funny Dog Commercial Ever- May Be Offensive to Some

Hilarious Animals Video Featuring Lots of Funny Dogs

Funny Video of a Psychotic Dog

Photos of Funny-looking Dogs

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Oscar the Howling Boxer- Oscar the Dog Does an Eerie Imitation of a Siren

Another Funny Dogs Video With Lots of Cute, Fun-loving Dogs

More Funny Dog Pictures - Click Thumbnails to See Larger Dog Pictures

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Pictures of Funny Dogs at Thanksgiving

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I prefer dark meat on my Thanksgiving plate
I prefer dark meat on my Thanksgiving plate
I prefer dark meat on my Thanksgiving plate

Another Funny Beer Commercial With a Dog

Video of Funny Dogs With 'Who Let the Dogs Out' Background Lyrics

Dog Video- Meet the Talking, Singing Dog Who Wants to Go See Emma

Watch This Funny Dog Eat - Jack Russell Terrier Dog Video

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Funny Dog Pictures and Videos Comments 14 comments

DrDog profile image

DrDog 9 years ago from San Diego

Hi Angela, Thanks for the light touch! I loved the photo of the "suspended" dog! 'Regards, Dr. Dog

apompell profile image

apompell 9 years ago from NC

Very Cute, almost like a americas funniest videos all about dog...I love it!

KEIAIRRA 8 years ago


KRJones21 8 years ago

I thought that this was SO FUNNIE

Angela Harris profile image

Angela Harris 8 years ago from Around the USA Author

Thanks for the comments, everybody!

Moj Posao 8 years ago

I love dogs. They are my favourites :)

Best Dog Videos 8 years ago

Great hub! The creativity that people use to get these types of pictures is off the charts. And all of us could use a little more humor in our lives. Keep the collection going!

;] 8 years ago

Love the videos!

Scott Hunter profile image

Scott Hunter 7 years ago from North Carolina

Great Hub! Thanks for the laughs

Peter 5 years ago

Do yo like this TVC?

Cute Golden 5 years ago

You should add this to your page...SO CUTE!...and great story...

"Eleven Year Old Izzy, a Golden Retriever, performs to "When You're Happy and You Know it!"

Two years ago, Izzy was deathly ill with a huge tumor in her spleen. She was unable to walk and was in terrible pain. Our vet told us that her tumor was probably cancerous. We opted to have her tumor removed and it was not malignant. We now call her the miracle dog. This little performance is a tribute to one of the happiest dogs I have ever met!"

RedDoor 5 years ago

Aww those are great!! I love dog videos :)

I found this one today

They are all rescue dogs which makes it even better!

hinno 5 years ago

not niiiiiccccccccceeeeeeeee


tay 4 years ago

dog are cute

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