Funny Images taken in India

Here follows some funny Images that taken in India.It's is really funny ,and like to share this with you.

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arasan_online profile image

arasan_online 8 years ago from India

Defanatly Funny, these can only happen in India and nowhere else in this world. Good Try

balaji153 profile image

balaji153 8 years ago from Chennai,India Author

i received in my email !

Thank you for your comment!

harry 7 years ago

nice yaar

ch.s.raju 7 years ago

Nice collection.

sheela 6 years ago

its nice to see the boy is toilet in the wall. and the wall banner is just do it

danish 6 years ago

nice pics , i love my india

chintaka 6 years ago

what kind of english is that? you people don't know how t speak in proper english? idiots!

humanity 6 years ago

some are funny indeed, but never make fun on some ones appearance & looks.

its rude and we are hurting their sentiments.

humanity 6 years ago

whoever has shot the photo of the poor beggar with tin can, is not a good person from his heart. . He don't have respect for the poor helpless citizens of our nation.

Hes makin fun of the poor guy. These poor guys live in streets, don't even get proper meals & instead of providing help to them by offering money or work or shelter, we are making fun of them...

And hey don't u feel guilty in posting these pics? ... Do u even have a Heart?

kk 6 years ago

Kya re kitna sonchta hai, thik haina these are good photos, don't be so Serious in life.

sonu 6 years ago

so nice

saandy 6 years ago

colgate is the best

B2 6 years ago

hamko to bekar laga

B2 6 years ago

sorry yaar. don't make fun of me

dhibri 6 years ago

it's good to see priest with cigar& cell phone.

every thing can happen it is modern world

raju 6 years ago

it's good to see priest with cigar& cell phone.

every thing can happen it is modern world

swaraj 6 years ago

it is nice

kali 6 years ago

nice ....

maqdumbaba 6 years ago


raw 6 years ago

ka sheela chachi english nahi janti hai ka.....................

hey balaji the photos are really nice

remember i am bittu

lets be friend.

ajay singh 6 years ago

i think its great collection......nice photos



wwe 6 years ago


rohit 6 years ago

mera bharath mahaan............jai hind......proud to be an indian

Aslam Masood 6 years ago

i like these pic. so nice n funny

sima mlik 5 years ago

very funny pic.

i like them.

i m proud my india.

i love my india.

lukman 5 years ago

very good collections so keep it up

ajeet  5 years ago

nic photo........

harish mittal 5 years ago

mast hia

shreyas 5 years ago

very funny photos

sam chia ming 5 years ago

very funny la..u want my naked photos...

Rakhi 5 years ago

very nice pics really india has lot of funny and dangerous people

bk gaje ndra 5 years ago

we don't get like this pic in any part of the world expect India

Deshi boy 5 years ago

Madarchod photo ye pic jishne bhi banai hogi usne apni ma chudai hogi.....

jatttttttttt 5 years ago

madarchoad ka pilla teri maa ki choot jisne bhi ye photo kichi

Hannes 5 years ago

haha, lol funny images! I found this image: at at It to the list :D

SURESH 5 years ago

Very nice panny photos

Naresh Nawale 5 years ago

vv nice

very Funny 5 years ago

It's mind blowing, Very Funny, Very Funny i realy realy enjoy

Mithilesh 5 years ago

Very very true & funny Photo.I like It.

abdul 5 years ago


abdul 5 years ago


Deepak 5 years ago

nice pic....

sanjay 5 years ago

its veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy veryyyyyyyyyy nice

nevin thomas 5 years ago


nevin thomas 5 years ago


akash 5 years ago


LAHOTI MAHESH 5 years ago

india yane just..."BADIYA HAI"

vishal shankar 5 years ago

nice..........lllll i realy like it nice,.,,

sumit shirbhate 5 years ago

these are very nice photos in india.and so funny.

francis 5 years ago

very funny

venkat ramarao 5 years ago

not bad

mohit 5 years ago

very nice photo

manish 5 years ago

nice very funny

sunil veer 5 years ago

are bhaiya e hamare desh me ka horaha hai re .

plz change we system.

sandeep 5 years ago

so nice

salman khan 5 years ago

I don't like india.

sujith 5 years ago

not bad

Ravinder vikram chandel 5 years ago


Rahul brahma 5 years ago

it happens only in my india,

lokei 5 years ago

ha ha ha

pallab 5 years ago

fun is always dun. it never answer or answerable to any any country or any religion or any specific society

naresh singh 5 years ago

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sarfaraz khan 5 years ago

i love my india

keshava 5 years ago

good ...

sujith pyrrhic 5 years ago

not well at all

salman abbas 5 years ago

i love my india

sohan rawat 4 years ago

good 2 c

salman 4 years ago

jisne ye photo khacha iski na chodai

rrr 4 years ago


saif sarkar 4 years ago

its real india

naveen katta 4 years ago

these photos are very funny and intresting

Anupam 4 years ago

a sab nahi chalaga

nitin 4 years ago

mera bharat mahan 100 mai se 99 baiman

florence rose 4 years ago

its really fuuny it only happens in india

gunjit sahi 4 years ago

very nice........

keshav rakhonde 4 years ago

bohut badiya bohu bohuthi badiya

Raju 4 years ago

Ye Mera Desh Hai Yaro y

arun 4 years ago

yahi hai bharat

praveen 4 years ago

it's good to see

vijay kumar 4 years ago

gud pik

P M Gowda 4 years ago

oh oh oh........ very nice

dibya 4 years ago


sunny 4 years ago

chut chatne ka maza hi or hai

deepak 4 years ago

yahi he orignal india...... aana he to aayo ..bhai

manu 4 years ago

incradibal india

Ankit naagar 4 years ago

Niceeeeeee pppiiiiiicccccccccccsssssssssss

Rasool 4 years ago


jadhav nitin 4 years ago

very very funny

sandeep 4 years ago

oooyyyyyyyy hoooo kitne cool hai sab

sandeep 4 years ago

oooooooooooy hooooooooy always happy raho

rajesh singla 4 years ago

so so sweet pic

john mancies 4 years ago

i staarted laughing like any thing this was the first time in my office i have laughed like this...

subha 4 years ago

valo ,some photo

mitra mandal 4 years ago

4 years ago


raj 4 years ago


pushkar 4 years ago

fantastic india

anjali 4 years ago

very funny pic.....

he he he......

sagarsurade 4 years ago

nice 1

yogesh ninama 8878327977 4 years ago

ye bahut achi website hai aur achi comedy picture isme hai

hemant 4 years ago

nice and funny

nice pic 4 years ago

very nice

goryami 4 years ago

m cooooooooooool hi guys mera nam garyami h aur mai 1 ladki h aur mai in pics ko bhut like kiya man..............

shivam 4 years ago

i love u indians.....keep it up...

Kishore 4 years ago

I will change my country (india)

b indian

proud to b an indian

A.P.-knl-adn. . .

yogi foujdar 4 years ago

i love it my country....

divesh 4 years ago

i love my india

Abbas 4 years ago

Very nice picture.I love my India.

Kamal Kishor 4 years ago

very nice and funny images

Guest 4 years ago

Funny Pictures Updated Daily @

Talwinder 4 years ago

very funny

ajith 4 years ago

fantastic images

shashank kundu 4 years ago

al tak madharchod patri pe bike cart chale gi

ar truck pe jhaat ka baal ug gaya hai machis se jala do

ramavtar 4 years ago

i like funny image and love u

ramavtar singh 4 years ago

i like funny image and love u

vivek namdev 4 years ago

i like funny & comedy .imagin image.

ramith 4 years ago


Vipin 4 years ago


munna das _ kandi 4 years ago


9goom 4 years ago

good pictures. i like it.

vipul 4 years ago


rahul mahawar 4 years ago

happens in india

ravi singh 4 years ago

niceeeee but not bad

very nice 4 years ago

very nice

surendra babulda 4 years ago

Good telent

Ravi choudhry 4 years ago

nice photos .......................................................

rahul 4 years ago

bahut bekar !!!!!

sharath 4 years ago


tarik maroc 4 years ago


vishu singh 4 years ago

this is my india everything is possible



mahesh 4 years ago

It is very funny

fawad 4 years ago

bakwass ha ewww thook india murdabad and pakistan zindabad

ASHIM BHUYAN 3 years ago


LOVVRA 3 years ago


neelam 3 years ago

lovvra tu bhi madarchoh h...

shabana 3 years ago

hello hai lakshman how ru and ur brother and durga 2 where r u and u r mother how is she did u remember me tadapalli native all phots are nice please response me

dinesh kumar 3 years ago

very nice

Bilal 3 years ago

This is the India

Lucky Jaat 3 years ago

Mast hai yr

karan devgan 3 years ago

kya baat kya baat kya baat

Ashok 3 years ago

This is our country.

Raj khan chhapar 3 years ago

India is great i love

dadapeer 3 years ago

So nice yar

Ranjan raja 3 years ago

lovvra tu bhi madarchoh h...

Ranjan raja 3 years ago

lovvra tu bhi madarchoh h...

capitalstars05 2 years ago

Jatt hain jatt 2 years ago

I think they're making fun of us and people who live in india don't you think people?

joel 23 months ago

It was just so nice to see india's beauty

sekar 23 months ago

hi,all phto very super.

nareshraj 19 months ago


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