Funny Pictures: Exam Answers

Everyone can use some levity now and then. Here are some real-life test answers that will make you laugh out loud. Enjoy!

(Note: A couple of them are a little anti-feminist. I think many people would still find them funny anyway, so please try to remember that they're only meant as a joke. If they still ruin your day, please e-mail me with the Contact Satori link under my picture, and if I get a few of them I'll take them down. Enjoy the exam answers!)

This one was redrawn on computer.
This one was redrawn on computer.
So was this one.
So was this one.

Click to enlarge:

I hope you've enjoyed these. If you leave a link to an exam answer image that:

  • is in good taste,
  • I think people would enjoy,
  • isn't already up here, and
  • doesn't have a website decal on it,

in the Comments area, I'd love to add it.

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Comments 23 comments

Susan Ng profile image

Susan Ng 8 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

Haha! How old are these people? And their handwritings... my kindergarten students have better penmanship than these! Hehe. :D

Satori profile image

Satori 8 years ago from California Author

Yeah, some of them are pretty bad. Mine's awful though, so I'm not one to talk there.

I'm glad you enjoyed my Hub, Susan. Thanks for your comment.

solarshingles profile image

solarshingles 8 years ago from london

Satori, You made me to laugh!!! Those Math and Phys problems remind me to my study...and that hanging in math test and that infinity and number 5...

I was in a very low mood and I am still laughing, now. Thanks a lot!

Satori profile image

Satori 8 years ago from California Author

Awesome, solarshingles! Thanks for the feedback; now I'm happy too. =)

profile image

pgrundy 8 years ago

You mean there isn't such a word as pronoob??? Gosh. Well, we're all here to learn aren't we? Thanks!

Satori profile image

Satori 8 years ago from California Author

For those of you who may not know, "noob" is internet slang for newbie, or someone new to an online system and unfamiliar with it. So pro would be the opposite of noob.

Thanks for your comment, Pam. =)

tjmum profile image

tjmum 8 years ago from Isle of Wight

Oh dear. I must be an oldie as I didn't know what a noob was.

Satori profile image

Satori 8 years ago from California Author

A "noob" is internet slang for a newbie, or new internet user who isn't familiar with the system and how to do what they want. =)

Thanks for reading.

salmongirl profile image

salmongirl 8 years ago from Alaska

Hey I think some of those are my tests!

U2Rox! 6 years ago

I LOVE the Pac-Man one!!!

firdous 6 years ago

awesome,it was rily funny

hubmu profile image

hubmu 6 years ago from BN

i like the 'sketch the human body', oh my goodness, alien invaded our children school and teaching them gong fu

advait  6 years ago

what a jokes

vivek 6 years ago


Ashu 6 years ago

its good for them..

they sence of humour is different

deepak chauhan 5 years ago

this is really funny i was enjoy this very much........hahaha.........i like it...

Me 5 years ago

HAHAHA I wrote the Pro-noob thing in freshman year of high school i never know it would make it this far

rizwan 5 years ago

nice yar.........seems that mine ans sheet is copy-pasted

milan 5 years ago

this is a ranker student

Rohi 5 years ago

Haha...very funny.

Raj 5 years ago

LoL.. Very creative and artistic students :)

aman 5 years ago

extra-odinary stnds especially dt elephant 1..

manjunathan 4 years ago

i like this

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