Funny pranks to try on your friends.

You know you wanted to try it.
You know you wanted to try it.

Have you ever been bored?

We all have been bored at times, and whether you are in a car, on a bus, or just in your house, there are always pranks to be played. Think of all the friends that you have, and think of what they would be like spray painted green, or duct-taped to a wall (like that person up there). And if you're looking to play a prank on your best friends, then you have come to the right place.

Prank #1: Poo Stomp

This prank needs to be done to a friend, and it has to be in a location where there is little chance that something is going to catch on fire. In order to do this prank, you have to have a brown paper bag, a dog that poops a lot, and a lighter. Fill the bag with poo (preferably fresh) and set it in front of your friend's house. Light it, knock on the door, and run for cover. Hopefully, your friend will open the door, see the bag on fire, and try to stomp it out with his feet, unknowingly getting poo all over his shoes.

Prank #2: Car Scare

There are tons of pranks to be played in a car, but I find this one to be one of the funniest. This prank works especially well if people are sleeping in the car, and you are driving on a long road with no one on it. All you have to do is have another person awake to add a little scare factor to what you are about to do. Make sure there is no one around you on the road, then swerve around, honk the horn, and start screaming. All the chaos going on is sure to wake up the people in the car, and if you do it right, they will start to scream. The tension doesn't last very long after they figure out that they aren't going to die, but the laughs will last forever. (I have seen this done on videos, and I have done it to other people. Here is a video link:

They never saw it coming.
They never saw it coming.

Prank #3: Black Window

This prank is relatively simple, but it can be devastating on people who have to wake up early and go to work or college. Simple take plastic wrap, and tape it over all of their windows. Then paint the plastic wrap black, so that it looks like it is still night from the inside. When they wake up, they might not even bother looking at a clock because they see that it is dark outside.

Prank #4: Soundboard Pranks

For those of you who don't know, a soundboard is simply a collection of words or phrases from some person in either a movie like that. You can then use these phrases to talk to people with. But if you call a friend, and use the soundboard, it can lead to some really funny results. For example: I had a friend call me using the Dr. Phil soundboard. It was possibly the most awkward conversation ever. For those of you who want to try this, here is a Darth Vader soundboard.

Prank #5: Beach Prank

Do you have friends that take long strolls on the beach and stay out for hours? Did you also remember to bring your shovel? If you did, then you can pull a prank that catches seagulls as well as humans. Simply take their towel, move it aside, and dig a pit in the sand. Make sure that it is not to deep, you're not trying to cripple them. After you have dug a pit, put the towel back over the hole so that they cannot see it. Now wait for them to return...

Prank #6: Reverse Telemarketer

Do you have telemarketers call you all the time, asking you for money or for a free trial of some new super lotion? Then here's a few things that you can do to get them back.

If you have you're trusty soundboard ready, then you can confuse them that way. If you don't you can try to sell them something. That's right, just make up some product in your head and try to sell it to them. If you're to lazy to do that, then you can always pretend that you're a crime scene investigator and try to interview them about a fake crime. (Here's a link to a video that shows just how to do it.


Pranks Especially for Campers

Anyone who has camped before knows that pranks are as abundant as the mosquitoes bites on your arm. Some of these pranks can turn a pleasant trip into the wilderness into a full-blown prank war. Here are a few pranks if you get bored playing the boring old pranks on your friends. If you want more, check out this hub, which has even more pranks that are meant specifically for campouts.

Prank #7: Slippery Toilet

If you've ever needed to make something slippery, then you know that Vaseline is the stuff to use. However, it seems that once you put it on something, it won't come off, and it stays slippery and gooey for a very long time. But in this case, it's super long lasting slipperiness is a good thing. Simply take the Vaseline and smear it on the seat of a toilet. When a person sits down on it, they are going to get a surprise.

Prank #8: Another Toilet Prank

You know those little chimney like tubes that come out from the bottom of the toilet to siphon of disgusting fumes? Well, it turn out that things can go in as well as out. Wait for someone to go inside and sit down. Slowly take a large rock and drop it down the toilet tube. If there is a lot of sewage there, then it will splash up on the person, making him a very angry person. Here's a video that explains the concept:

Prank #9: One More Toilet Prank

If you prepared before you went camping, you may have brought plastic wrap. Simply take the plastic wrap and cover the toilet seat + the urinal with it. If it is early morning and no one sees it, there will be quite a mess made, which you're poor victim will have to clean up.

Prank #10: Just For You Boy Scouts

If you happen to be a Boy Scout, then you have more than just one opportunity to play a prank on your fellow scouts/scoutmasters. Here are a few that I know of:

1) Some first time scouts don't know that drinking all the hot chocolate in the mess hall makes you have to pee really bad. But what happens if that scout's tent is zip-tied shut?

2) Scouts tend to be very heavy sleepers after a hard days work running around in the forest. They might not notice if you drag their sleeping bag of to another troop campsite. When they wake up, they will be very disoriented.

3) Breakfast at scout camps tend to be very early. If you and your troop can sneak out early without making to much noise, then some poor scout just might miss breakfast.

4) Have you ever heard of a snipe? The dangerous snake that lurks in the woods around camps? Neither have I, but you can probably lead a gullible little scout on a snipe hunt.

Watch out!!!

Remember, if you prank other people and they find out it was you, then they will get you back. Also, don't do to many pranks on the same person. It is better to have a friend who wants to get you back, then an enemy who never wants to see you again.

Have Fun!!!

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Peanutritious profile image

Peanutritious 4 years ago from Cheshire, UK

Ha ha ha ha! Brilliant! These are well worth a try! Voted up and fuuny.

Lovelovemeloveme profile image

Lovelovemeloveme 4 years ago from Cindee's Land

HAha! Very funny! I love the idea to get your friend to stomp on dog poop.

Tyler S. 2 years ago

Really need to try all of these. Have a few scouts in my troop who would fall for some of these! 23 months ago

Hilarious. You guys really should check for more funny pranks.

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