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G Shock Extreme Celebrity Watch

G-Shock is synonymous with extreme enduranceand adventure. These watches are not expensive but it has a very helpful feature of an adventurer. G-Shock has many designs and comes with different dimensions.


Celebrities and Movies

G-Shock often labelled as 'lower class' watch (because of lower-priced) but because of popularity among young aged of has seized the attention of many people including celebrities. Reliability and functionality of G-Shock timepiece just is widely used by Hollywood film producers as one of the gadgets in their movie. G-Shock typically has been utilized because of the many functions and endure in extreme situation.

Here are some of the films where G-Shock took part in action:

1.The most memorable was when Keanu Reeve using G-Shock DW 5600 Classic in the movie 'SPEED'.

2.DW 5300, Tom Cruise uses in the movie Mission Impossible 1.

3.Casio Protrek PRG 40 worn by Denzel Washington film Man on Fire. It is said in this movie Denzel is wearing a two-watches and one of it is Protrek.

4.The Italian Job, starring in the film using a G-Shock DW-6600 as one of the recording time sync when they are speeding in a mini cooper.

5.Martin Lawrence in the movie Bad Boys 1 wearing DW 5900.

6.G-Shock likely to be the official watch in the Mission Impossible. Tom Cruise in MI3 wearing MTG 910D 2 VER which ultimately limited produced by Casio and emblems Casio MI3 on caseback as trademark.

7.The soldiers wore in the movie Resident Evil DW 8400.

So what G Shock are you? Get your G Shock watches for sale now, classic G Shock or others? G Shock has so many models and designs. Pick yourself!

G Shock DW6900

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Pablo Rodrigo Darde 4 years ago

Tom Cruise wears a DW-290 in Mission Impossible 1 instead DW-5300.

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