GCB TV Show Review

Read the Book That is the Basis for the GCB TV Show

GCB TV Show Review

The GCB TV Show aired on ABC on Sunday the 4th of March at 10pm. ABC has already approved GCB for 10 episodes to give us an idea of whether it's something audiences will like.

If you're wondering why you've never heard of GCB then you might be surprised to hear that you probably have heard of it. GCB has gone through a number of name changes and started off as Good Christian Bitches. It then changed to Good Christina Belles and now it's just GCB. Christians and women will be happy to know that the title has now dropped the terms that they might take offense to.

GCB is another recent adaptation from a book. Kim Gatlin is the author of Good Christian Bitches but it's understandable why the name was changed for TV.

People are saying that the new GCB TV series could in fact be the new Desperate Housewives. If that's the case then GCB could be around for a while and it might soothe viewers who will soon be faced with the finale episode of Desperate Housewives.

GCB TV Show Synopsis

Viewers will be interested in knowing what the GCB TV show is about and if it's what they actually want to watch.

GCB is about Amanda Vaughn and her two children. Amanda is recently widowed from her cheating and fraudulent husband and doesn't have the necessary money to remain in the town she has called home. Amanda makes the unpopular decision to return to her hometown in Dallas, Texas.

Gigi, Amanda's mother, is still in Dallas, Texas and gives her daughter a much needed hand in her time of need. Although GCB is a soap, it is still really funny at times and not everyone can be taken at face value.

Amanda and her mother haven't spoken since Amanda married Bill and ran off to California. Although they have a lot of love for each other they are both stubborn and both want to be in charge of Amanda's life.

Gigi and Amanda go to church, where Amanda has a chance to catch up with some of her childhood school friends. Amanda was the Queen Bee at school and the women and men of her youth haven't forgotten it. The women pretend to be friendly, in a two faced Christian manner. Meanwhile the men are falling over themselves to become re-aquantained with Amanda.

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Amanda finds it hard to believe how mean some of these ladies are, until Gigi reminds her that she was the evil one in high school.

She really has changed since graduating high school, but soon realises that people who continue to live in small towns their whole lives don't really change.

However, the local community is not what it appears. On the surface, everyone is bible loving and devotely Christian. Behind closed doors is a completely different story. Some of the housewives are hussies, love gossiping about others and have little or no morals. One wife even goes as far as getting her daughter a boob job. She is proud of this fact and openly discusses it with some of the other housewives.

The GCB TV series really is a satirical portrayal of Christians, their beliefs and the way they live their lives. A lot of sterotypes are explored, and amplified, in order to show the humor of the situation and it did make me a laugh in a number of places. Typical Texans are portrayed and their love of guns. The GCB TV series has a strong southern flavor.

A lot of the comedy is also tongue in cheek and uses words that have double meanings. Other comedy moments are where someone says something rude but then makes out it was a joke by laughing after the comment, but really they were just being rude.

Also, we'll have to wait and see if these women will let Amanda back into the ladies club.

Carlene Cockburn is the new leader of the ladies and she seems unwilling to let anyone take her place. If Amanda has any chance of having an easy life back in her home town she will have to find a way to bond with these ladies, while ensuring she doesn't threaten their places in society.

Carlene brings a lot of comedy to the GCB show. Her comedy delivery is perfectly timed and she gets away with so many sly comments, mainly because of her short statute. This lends to her appeal and she looks like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. I think she may end up stealing the show.

See examples of this bad Christian behavior in the trailer below.

GCB TV Show Trailer

Will You Like ABC's GCB TV Show?

I liked the GCB series and thought it was funny at times. The cast works well together and I love the dual aspect of everyone acting like Angels in public, but Demons in private.

Amanda's mother is hysterical and refuses to act her age, which adds even more comedy moments to the show.

If you are a fan of Desperate Housewives then you are likely to be a fan of GCB. It's the same type of premise to Desperate Housewives but funnier. Also Desperate Housewives has become kind of unbelieveable lately, with the number of murders and crime that happens in a middle class white neighbourhood. Hopefully, the GCB TV show won't fall into the same pitfalls and will be able to keep the show light and funny.

If you love GCB then you won't want to miss the return of the Dallas TV Show to TNT this summer, June 2012.

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Find out why the GCB TV Show is on the Cancelled TV Shows 2012 list.

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Comments 27 comments

NatashiaLoree 4 years ago

It is NOT okay for a TV show (GCB aka Good christian Bit**es) to be based on nothing but mocking & portraying Christians as superficial bigots? I would like to see how the general public accepts the same if it were Good Muslim Bit**es, Good Jewish Bit**es, Good Wiccan Bit**es, how about Good Atheist Bit**es?. OH, maybe Good Pro-Choice Bit**es or Good Gay Bit**es? I suppose they would all be just fine to portray others in a completely shallow & biased way on a regularly aired TV show?? Yes, it would go over without any criticism if there was a TV show based on nothing but mocking Atheists & Darwinist. NOT! It is NOT okay for a TV show to be based on nothing but the persecution of Christians, the mocking of ANY religion, in a society that preaches tolerance & is based on freedom.

I would like to point out that this is not a stand up show, or an episode that takes a few shots at Christians, like all other comedy does to all religions & such. This is a TV show that is based on nothing but mocking & portraying Christians as horrible shallow hypocrites. This is VERY different. This is hate & it is COMPLETELY unacceptable to do towards ANYone.

Lauryallan profile image

Lauryallan 4 years ago Author

@Natashia I have to say I found the show funny and didn't take the religious aspect seriously. It's supposed to just be funny and exaggerating the good Christian stereotype.

frank04 4 years ago

I enjoyed the show, people shouldn't take everything to heart. If everyone did then most comedy shows would be cancelled.

Lauryallan profile image

Lauryallan 4 years ago Author

@frank, thx I totally agree.

jorgi 4 years ago

Natashia is right . Television and Hollywood thinks it's always OK to mock Christ . We are the most persecute people on earth today .

It's wrong and shows poor taste !

Bess 4 years ago

You should have titled this "Hope Floats with Bling and Poor Taste."

Lauryallan profile image

Lauryallan 4 years ago Author

Looks like GCB is really causing a stir. I can see why they changed the name to GCB.

Robyn 4 years ago

Firstly... I enjoyed the show (age 38) and so did my daughter (age 16). As to the comment "how would you like it if were named after your religion and such... I am Pagan and would LOVE it. Maybe Pagans have a better sense of humor, but most of the others I have met do a good deal of laughing at ourselves. I'm sorry... but you have to admit you DO know people like those on GCB. I am not saying they are representative of all, or even most, Christians. They are not TRUE Christians. But they DO exist and are annoying as all get out. I should think that TRUE Christians would find them even MORE annoying and laughable.

Molly 4 years ago

I love this show! I am a Christian and did not take offense to it. I found it funny, and the funniest thing is that I actually know "Christians" like those (maybe those are the ones that get offended by the show)...God has a sense of humor, but religion fanatics lack of it. This show is refreshing!

Beth 4 years ago

I enjoyed show as well. God does have a sense of humor. It's funny. Lighten up and enjoy some laughter. ;)

Dorie 4 years ago

I was at the beauty salon this morning and another client and I were talking about GCB and how funny we thought the show was. She is a Catholic and I am a Protestant. We both agreed that unfortunately there are many, many Christians just like those on the show. It is about time that we admit it. After years of being a faithful church goer, I cannot bring myself to go any longer because of the brazen hypocrisy of so many Christians. The very words of Christ have been totally forgotten. I give myself Communion and worship quiety on my own. The show is good, please keep it on.

sandy 4 years ago

loved loved loved the show

Lauryallan profile image

Lauryallan 4 years ago Author

I am glad to hear there are so many fans of the show. I really enjoy GCB and I find it really funny.

Brandon 4 years ago

I find gcb to be very offensive and distasteful. No television network should have the right to misrepresent Christianity. Society makes it very difficult for Christians to properly share our faith, but they don't see a problem with putting a demeaning representation of Christianity on display for the whole country to see. #boycottgcb

Lauryallan profile image

Lauryallan 4 years ago Author

@Brandon, I don't see it as disrespectful to Christians. It isn't a documentary or a news program, it's just a tv show.

Jessica 4 years ago

You can either choose to get pissed off about it, or face the truth: there are alot of "good Christian women" out there that pose as an good hearted women when they're really just fake bitches. That's not "mocking" Christians, that's just telling the truth about alot of women and making a joke out of it. We as Christians should worry about much more important things than getting all worked up about a TV show. I'm a devoted Christian, and I LOVED the show! It was hilarious! The viewers getting so mad about something so little need to drink a glass of wine, relax, and learn to have a good time and enjoy life (and a good TV show)!

Lauryallan profile image

Lauryallan 4 years ago Author

@Jessica, hey that's a great way of think of it. Thank you for leaving your comment.

CG 4 years ago

This show is absolutely STUPID! What a waste of time. GEEZ people get a life!

LISA 4 years ago

LOVE IT!! I am a Christian & love the Lord; He's even laughing. All organizations have people just like gcb.

It was funny & refreshing to have something to watch besides reality tv.

Kat 4 years ago

I really, really wanted to like this show and for the first 2 episodes I tried to love it. But, it is just so forced and not funny. Okay, there are a few laughs but everyone just seems so fake. I will watch once more and if it does not get any better-I think I would rather read a good book.

leighh 4 years ago

I'm a Christian as well. I have mix feelings about this show. All though I did find myself enjoying it...I do want to point out that not every Christian is like this and the only really I am "offended" by this show is because the people who ALREADY think the worst of Christians and don't believe in God... this show is just adding to their negativty about Christians. I can say for myself that I am nothing like the "Christian" woman in this show. Christianity is LOVE. & I don't think God would be laughing about this show. I have a sense of humer myself, I laugh at this show. I think it's great comedy! And I agree, God DOES have a sense of humor... Just not when it's humor like this. These women are taking God's word and twisting it around to get away with there sins......I don't think that's the message God would want floating around... Just saying... Haha, I don't even know if this comment makes any since.. just wanted to attempt to make some since of my opinion if GCB.

LINZ 4 years ago


Lennin profile image

Lennin 4 years ago

Religious fanatics please give it up,for gods sake, it is

only a comedy, with all the stresses we have to endure

today It is a god-send to watch a good comedy,I am a good christian lady, A mother, a grandmother and great grandmother, there are more people in this world in my age group then any other age group and I know a Hugh

number of them love the comedy GCB, with all the trials and tribulations going on in today's world It is so good

to sit down with a great cup of tea and to watch a great

comedy at the end of the day, Please keep it on the air

for all of us grateful granny's

Mary 4 years ago

GCB is so funny. I will watch and it and enjoy it hopefully for a long time.

Lauryallan profile image

Lauryallan 4 years ago Author

Yeah it makes me laugh out loud every week. And very few TV shows are able to do that.

Amy 4 years ago

Please this show has nothing to do against Christianity. I am a Christian, and I see many people who call themselves Christian but do lots of wrong things. I love the show. It's funny, I excited every week to see the show since it started. Please keep the show. Love love love it. Funny and talented actors too.

Tisha 4 years ago

Some people are saying God is laughing about all this, how do you know? Not to be mean or nothing but, really you don't know exactly what he's thinking.


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