Gadgets and Cars of James Bond

Love them or hate them - Gadgets and Cars of James Bond

You may be science fiction lover or a gadget lover or a simple lover of innovations. Whatever may be the case with you, you are bound to have some kind of interest about James Bond’s gadgets and cars. What they say is that he only thing constant about James Bond is his attitude. Other than that everything surrounding him keeps on getting changed. These include of course the Bond girls. Other than Bond girl, the next most important thing which keeps on getting changed in each Bond movie is the set of gadgets and vehicles used by James Bond. In fact it becomes a treat to watch when you see Bond using any new model of car or gadget in his movie.

When we are talking about innovation how we can forget the famous gun barrel sequence which starts almost each Bond movie. Yes, you got it correct – we are talking about the famous scene in which James Bond is seen through a gun barrel by his enemy. James Bond quickly responds to the scenario and at once shots the enemy down and therefore the blood of the enemy starts coming out and that blood covers the entire screen. Technology wise it may not be a very unique gadget that is being displayed but this particular scene actually paved the way for the coming up of many innovative gadgets and vehicles in the forthcoming Bond movies.


Usually, all the technical devices which Bond uses in each of the movies are provided to him by a character called Q who got introduced on screen for the first time in the first Bond movie itself and that is ‘Dr. No’. Q provides Bond with different vehicles in each of his movies but the most popular of the lot is Bond’s ‘Aston Martin DB5’ which was seen appearing in a range of movies like Goldfinger, Thunderball, GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies and Casino Royale.

Bond every now and again in various movies shows his interest taste for different aircrafts. These include a gyrocopter which featured in ‘You Only Live Twice’ and an ‘Acrostar Jet’ in ‘Octopussy’. Marine vehicles were also used by Bond in different movies and these include a submersible Lotus Esprit in ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ and other marine vehicles include which resembles an iceberg in the movie named ‘A View to a Kill’ or an alligator which was used by Bond in the movie ‘Octopussy’.


Now, moving from the vehicles to the gadgets, what can be said is the gadgets were never given too much of importance in the Bond novels and following that trend the gadgets were not given very much importance in the initial Bond movies as well. But this trend changed in the movie ‘From Russia with love’ where Bond used a trick briefcase. This trend continued since then with each Bond movie directed.

So, even if you are not a huge fan of James Bond, you simply cannot miss any of his movies simply due to the presence of the gadgets and the cars seen in the movies.    

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MPG Narratives profile image

MPG Narratives 6 years ago from Sydney, Australia

I really enjoy the escapism of the James Bond movies, especially all the gadgets. The cars and the gorgeous scenery also help, oh and Daniel Craig is quite good too.

Kevin Peter profile image

Kevin Peter 3 years ago from Global Citizen Author


James Bond movies are loved by almost all. Thanks for commenting.

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