Gayathri Reddy IPL Photos

gayathri reddy ipl
gayathri reddy ipl

Deccan Chargers Gayathri Reddy

 Young and sexy Gayathri Reddy partied hard during IPL 2010 and is in charge of Deccan Chargers. Gayathri is the daughter of T. Venkattaram Reddy and is an Owner of IPL team Deccan Chargers. She is a shrewd businesswoman as it was clear when she fought for the top players at the right price for her team composition. Of course, she had some help from her brother in  making the decision. With money and power, Gayathri is destined to be successful. Beauty and brains is a deadly combination when used with fair justice it can take her to new heights.

Gayathri Reddy hot photos

 Who is Venkattaram Reddy and why was he so busy that he sent his daughter for the IPL auction? Well...he is a bery busy and successful businessman and is the the man behind Deccan Chronicle, a daily newspaper very popular in India. Gayatri Reddy can be seen cheering for her team Deccan chargers in these Gayathri Reddy IPL Photos. This is the first time she has come to the limelight and many people curious to know who this attractive young girl was. Is she an actress as she has gorgeous looks and all the characteristics of a successful side actress. Usually Bollywood actresses get all the attention when they are in the stands or cheering for their favorite IPL cricket team. When IPL party photos showed up, fans were wondering about Gayathri Reddy's IPL party photos and wanted to see more of her.

If Gayathri has the mood, no doubt producers and directors would stand in line to get her signed up for their next movie projects. It should be easy for her to land on a good role in the movie career. She looks like a sister material - but with enough make over she has the ability to act in a lead female role. Gayathri also managed to get some of the key players for the Deccan Chargers team despite her father's absence.  Adam Gilchrist, the captain of the team and players like V V S, Symonds and Rohit Sharma not in good form creating a series of losses for the team.  Deccan Chargers does not seem to be in a good form to win IPL 3 in 2010. Where did Gayathri Reddy go wrong in selecting the players for Deccan Chargers? She did not pick a winning team. Perhaps she can make better selection next time.

Gayathri Reddy IPL Photo Gallery

gayathri reddy solo pic
gayathri reddy solo pic
ipl gayatri reddy
ipl gayatri reddy

Gayatri Reddy on IPL team

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entertianmentplus profile image

entertianmentplus 6 years ago from United States

Good one

jeril john 6 years ago

I am Jeril from Ernakulam, Kerala.I am great fan of cricket.My age is 24, I am not proffessional cricketer, but I want to take cricket as my career.I am very good fast bowler with very good action.I can bat also. so please consider me for next IPL2011 in your team.

My email id is, ph:no:04842742443

aer 5 years ago

I like you so much . GAYATRI you are fantastic

Nitin 5 years ago

Gayatri, you are so beautiful and georgeous

rock 5 years ago

iski to choot faad k rakh doong amein..! ise chooss choos k maja ee aajaega

hyeveryone 5 years ago

she is the most beautiful in ipl sorry shilpa preety

Selva 5 years ago

I like deccan team but comparewith my team its not good u team big fault is change the adam gilchrist because he is perfect leader

chennai super kings vishel podu

sorry this is very heavy compitition but your team is also nice team my most like 3rd team deccan charger only

raju bihar 4 years ago

will u marry me!i m an engineer,i know mai sari jarurato ko puri nai kar paunga but ,ap ko khush rakhunga,

bass 4 years ago

gayatri reddy i wana marry u ple will u marry me .we r enjoy together,,,,,,,,,ple give repley,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Kamal kapri 4 years ago

I like your stayle and you you are so sweet

Vinod 4 years ago

Hai gayatri r u lkg so so so cuteee

Gaytri reddy 4 years ago

I love u gaytri reddy mera dil karta hai agar tum mere sath sadi karogi to me tujhe dono baho ke ander aisi chupa lenge me jindi bhar nahin uthenge

tmara paro 4 years ago

i love you gayatri.teri to mar kay churo ga a ja lun bech do ga ha moot mara tahiri.mamay chusa.

ask 4 years ago

i am ur fan.....:)

Adarsh 4 years ago

Hai sis u look wonderful and gorgeous.

Adarsh 4 years ago

Dont be worry about lose DC against MI. I am sure that your team will be in good form for the following matches of this ipl season:-)

Karan 4 years ago


siddharth 4 years ago

Gayatri u r very sweet.i m ur great fan also DC.i wish DC wil win IPL 2012

@GayaTri 4 years ago

Thanx All bro...

sankirth 4 years ago

gayathri i am big big.......... fan of u and hope dc will win this 2012 ipl trophy and ur a angel wht ever it is ans so cutee.......

badri 4 years ago

i love u

Yash 4 years ago

Gayetri you are very cute and beutifull....

sateesh 4 years ago

you look like so beautiful and awesome..

Prasanta 4 years ago

I am sorry dc lost but this team is 2012 ipl champion

prowling predator 4 years ago

amazed to see your stance during match.i was so curious that what the name of that beautiful lady. and now i have find it. so much cute you are.

deepak sabat 4 years ago

can't dare to comment here because i saw some bad bad bad comments,hope no profiled person watches this.othrwise waste of time.hey you all brainless insects think first before you deliver a comment over here.think the person you commenting has a family behind.what will be the impact among them.wicked chaps think about it.

parag 4 years ago

i love u gaytri...u looking beautiful...

Mohan Kumar 4 years ago

Gayathri looking cute !

ankur 4 years ago

i see 1st time and i love her she is so simple and beautyful

Dm 4 years ago

Sexy Gayatri i love u tuje dekhakar mera land khada ho jate he agar tum mere pasr aao to me tumhare ball ko chuskar apni pyas ko bujalo or tumahari bhoss me apana land galdu my girl frend i wish ke tum mujhe har rat ko apne pass bulaoge or me tumhe akhi rat ko chuaduga or tum lambi lambi chise padogi - I LOVE YOU

akshay 4 years ago

love u gayatri

harshad aka vissttar 4 years ago

simple but cute is a only defenation for her...i like he r..

Vishal 4 years ago

i like u gayatri,ur so beutyfull..

venkat kiran 4 years ago

ur so gorgeous

deeptiranjan 4 years ago

u r my dream

kish. 4 years ago

DC rcks 4 ever...go chargers go goo..gayatri plz select gud players 4 next biding

Naresh Nadarajah 4 years ago

I Love You..... :)

Krishna 4 years ago

divine intervention is req

summit 4 years ago

DC bhai kab charge hoga after IPL-5 ?

siddu 4 years ago

Love u gayu......go chargers go......

Imran 4 years ago

He gayatri u r so beautiful

I wish dc all games are win

ma 4 years ago

ipl 2012 win rcb

raghava 4 years ago

gayatri reddy please dont stand in front of the mirror becoz ur so sexy beautiful and ur wonderful and ur looking like angel that'sy u dont stand infront of the mirror becoz the mirror also feel so jealousy on u angel.......ur fan

A.N. Shiraz 4 years ago

hey hi gayatri, im shiraz from amravati maharastra. i m a good allroundr. i m playing for amt univrcty, i just tell u that u r luck is not wid u but worry i pray for u insahaallah ur team roking in nxtmatchea... gud luck..

umesh navale 4 years ago

i love you gayatri &you are so beautiful

Praveen kumar 4 years ago

Hai gayatri i am in kadapa your favorate fans i am hand some & creazy boy i like u gayatri i am in ipl play is your team after 3 years

patel 4 years ago

u r so cute

Chirag 4 years ago

Ur so beautiful

Vinay K 4 years ago


Yash raichand 4 years ago

so beautiful

Madhu 4 years ago

You are looking so beautiful.

Love u:-*

Shamzi 4 years ago

I love u. U r my dream girl. I wanna hug u.

Chìrag:2 4 years ago

Don't wori

gayatri mame

'ALL IS WELL' bolo ji..

dipesh 4 years ago

you choose better player, people say anything, do not loose your dignity. hi, from nepal

Prem kumar 4 years ago

So nice photo gaya looking very smart yar

Shan 4 years ago

you are sooo beautiful girl and i like you so much.

suraj pratap singh 4 years ago

pls improve ur ckt team..................

Royal Raj 4 years ago

I Like u r smile n u r hair u r so cute gay

Huntelaar 4 years ago

It will be a lot more better if she sits at home....

Deccan Chargers in 2012 most awful team

seriously sangakara needs to rework his strategies and atleast learn field placements

It looked as if there were no fielders on the ground in tonights match against KXIP

drop catches and misfields


even my 7 yr old cousin can bowl better than AA Reddy


Atul 4 years ago

'Gaya' cute cute cute face and character.u look so beautiful .i wish u all d best for future an hope to see ur marriage soon beauty.'my life my cricket'

rohit 4 years ago

na gajare ki dhar na motiyo ke har na koi kiya singar phir bhi kitani sunder ho .

kishi 4 years ago

i love u gaya...nee chupulo edho maya undi...

Rushikesh 4 years ago

I love u wanna kiss u

pp 4 years ago

so cute

sanjay agrawal 4 years ago

very nice girl to dc

Vish 4 years ago

I love u 2

Gayathri darling

Gaurav 4 years ago

Hii gayatri u r so cute.....& i want to marry wid u so u wil marry me.. I LUV U

Suresh 4 years ago

Hey gayatri madam, am big fan of Dc n sanga.,but team is not doing well.,Plz plz plz improve ur team in fielding and bowling department n finally buy a gud n experience local bowler of india.,n do well for next ipl-6

ajay 4 years ago

ur so glamrs and beutyful..........

Somnath Das 4 years ago

I can help to a team selection , plz come kolkata.

mantu aziz 4 years ago

hy gaytri jee i spot to your team DC .par aapki team se is saal nakhush hu

lovely 4 years ago

i like it

Anil kumar 4 years ago

you are so beautiful dear I Love you so much Gayathri

suraj dubey 4 years ago

hi gayatri,dc mera first year se ipl me favorate raha hai .

mere friend bhi mujhe chidate hai "gooooooo chargerrrrrr"

aapka photo aapki tarah hi bahut hi sweet hai.

mai dua karta hu ki 2009 ki tarah next year dc winner bane.

es baar k hard luck.

mujhe bahut dukh hua.

par please aap apane chehara par muskan sada banaye rakhana

Vivek Kamani 4 years ago

You are so beautiful....

I like it......

Krunal patel 4 years ago

You are so beautiful

I Love you

Shathish.M 4 years ago

Hi gayathri, how r u. I am a professional cricketer. I am great all-rounder of trichy district(Tamil Nadu). Pls give me a one chance of DC Team. I will prove my talent and u r so swt. Pls reply me.

Shathish.M 4 years ago

Hai mam, i am a best player. one chance give me. Reply me. My email id : My face book id :

Kaushal Kapadne 4 years ago

Hi gayatri i want to be successful businessman like u.

I want to be guidance of u. i think that u will guide me.

rply me on my mail id :

i m great fan of u and dc


dhaval 4 years ago

kumar sangakara is bad for our team @gayatri reddy

ashfaq 4 years ago

gayatri , beautifull girl yar

laxman 4 years ago

Hi gayatri

dc win next IPL

all the best

Prince 4 years ago

Gayatri,whenever there is an ipl match of deccan chargers....i never miss one....not because i like ur team.....because i gotta see you......i have never seen such a beautiful n sexy babe....m crazy about u......u look gr8 in jeans......i wanna fulfill my long cherished dream of meeting u someday,will kiss u the day we met......luv u soo much.....

Bharathi Raja 4 years ago

I lov u so much gayu...plz understand me...

Rohit raJ yaDav 4 years ago

Hey, miSs i jSt watcH iPl to seE chris gayle n dayle steyn aCtioN. N i jst watch decCan chargerS to waTch u gayathri maM to watch ur reaCtioN n besidE tha i loVe u 2 watch ur cuTie pIe fAce!

Rahul .D 4 years ago

i not watching matches of ur team but only for u i see the whole matches . u r looking so beautiful yaar....

i really like u yaar.




i fell that i am the owner of DC..... love u so much

Siddhu 4 years ago

Haye soniyo,luking so sweet...har pal aapki khubsurti badhti rehti hai,kya baat hai ji? :)

tushar 4 years ago

So cute gayu

Ravi 4 years ago

Hi gayatri ur so beatiful .and your team very strong in ipl5 so better luck next ipl 6.

Raveen 4 years ago

Hi ur so beautiful in nizam ki saher

shubham 4 years ago

i love you gayatri , i really want to take you with me for a dinner in beautiful ireland.can you come plz reply.,..

Koushik 4 years ago

I love you mam plz adopt me.

sajith pm 4 years ago

i am a business man in uae i like to marry u if u intrested pls call me 00971554519373

Arivu-chennai 4 years ago

Hi gayatri..i have no words to express..u r something spl otherthan beauty and goodlooking...

maddy 4 years ago

hi gaytri u r so sexy.

deep 4 years ago

She is cute & sweet.

She can try to act in movies..

Its good...

Azad Indian 4 years ago

Gaytri tuje nagi karke chodane me jo maja ayega use explain karna mushkil hein. Aaj rat tumhere phot ko dekh kar mein muthiya maruga

Don FRANK 4 years ago

i am a big fan of U GAYATRI REDDY call me once pls 966135104

A.w 4 years ago

Gaytri tumhe dekhar mera land khada ho jata hai .aap itni sexy dighti hai ki match chodkr sirf teri chut dekhta hu mere sath yek bar sex kar ................... Mai tumhara intzar kar raha ho :............

Prashanth Hegde Honnavar 4 years ago

Lov u Gayatri

naveen kc 4 years ago

i like ur style...miss u......

M.s 4 years ago

I love you

LOVELY FRIENDS 4 years ago

hello gaytri you are very diffrent in other IPL owners. can u my friend. jabse tumhe dekha hai bs tumhe hi dekhta rehta hu mere dimag pr tum cha gai ho me tumhare karan saikko ho gya hu. sandeep sharma from Panipat (HARYANA)

Harish 4 years ago

everybody talking about you & your figer, everybody like you,everybody want merry with you BUT...

Nobody talking about your team (why)

think about it afterall you are a business women, your team will win then you win.

Raj 4 years ago

I Love u Gayatri.. I love u so much .. Will u marry me.. I want to do sex with you plz accept my proposal.. I can t wait plz plz

gaj 4 years ago

like you, your innocence, your looks

Kaan 4 years ago

So butiful in india

sonu 4 years ago

hi gayathri reddy u veri nice loking for u r face its veri nice

Dhirendar singh 4 years ago

Hi gayatri deedee me bahut achha player hu. akramak opener ballebaj hu medium fast bowler hu. mera t20 ka strike he 200 1day ka 130 our test ka 100 . me bahut achha player hu par paise ki vajah se haar gaya gaya hu so please deedee ek bar mere ko aap chance dedo apke team me mauka do

deedee apne mauka diya to me apko nirash nahi karunga deedee aap meri badi bahan he aur me apka shota bhai hu aap chahe to mera intervivw le sakti he . mere ko bahut confidence he ki me deccan charger ko aur apko kitabi jit dilane ki shamta rakhata hu ok

thank you Deedee

Pranay Singh 3 years ago

Hi Gayathri.....I LOVE much..(LIMITLESS)...test me out.........

"Hum to wo Ashique Hain JO Ishq or Husn dono ko Bhi Deewana bana dein"

siva 3 years ago

gayatri u r so cute

manju 2 years ago

hi gayitri u r so beautifullll....i like u so much....

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