Get More Channels On Your Digital Television Converter Box


If you do not have cable television, then you have Digital Television or DTV. Please note that "DTV" is also commonly referred to as Direct TV but this article only pertains to Digital Television.

If you do not have cable television, newer televisions already have a built-in converter box that allows you to receive digital television channels. If you have an older television you'll need a converter box (if you don't know how to hook up your converter box, I've included a link, all the way at the bottom of this article that will show you how)

This article is geared more for those with older TV's and a converter box (like I do :-). Sometimes additional digital channels are added to the airwaves or certain channels might be coming in stronger than before. You won't get these channels or even know they are there unless you scan for them from time to time. It is a good feeling when, after scanning for new channels, additional free channels appear.

This article will show you how to rescan your converter boxes and get more free channels.

Hit the Menu button
Hit the Menu button
after you hit the menu button this screen appears
after you hit the menu button this screen appears

Step 1

I use a digital coverter box made by Digital Stream. There are other brands out there and I am not exactly sure if they all run the same as below, but I suspect they are similar.

Since I have a Digital Stream box, this article will focus on that product. If you have a different box, this article might still help. Keep reading and try on your own. They may all be the same or similar.

The first thing you want to do is make sure that the channels you are getting right now are coming in clearly or as clearly as possible. You may need to adjust you antenna or do nothing if everything looks good. The clearer to reception from the start, the more new free channels you'll "find" when scanning.

Then, press the menu button. At least for my box, a window appears with the word "Channel" at the top.

Your next gut reaction will be to hit the down arrow to move the cursor on the screen. Don't hit the down arrow yet. It won't do anything....

....keep reading ......

Hit OK to put a cursor in the window on your TV screen.
Hit OK to put a cursor in the window on your TV screen.

Step 2

Look for the OK button.  Press the OK button.

Step 3

A cursor will appear on the "Channel" menu window just over the word "Input"

Step 4

Now you can press the down arrow. You'll be able to move the cursor freely up and down the TV screen.

Step 5

Using the down arrow (or the up arrow if you go down too far :-) to put the cursor over the word "Auto Scan".

Press Right Arrow
Press Right Arrow

Step 6

Then go ahead and hit the the right arrow. This will bring up a window to the right side of "Auto Scan"

Here's the window that comes up on the right side of "auto scan". Hit the OK !
Here's the window that comes up on the right side of "auto scan". Hit the OK !

Step 7

Then hit OK on the remote. This will "press" the "Select" button on the TV screen.

Step 8

Then select "Rescan" on your television screen.

Give this a couple minutes.  Your digital converter box will rescan for new frequencies flying around out there.  There is no other action required of you at this time but you can watch as your television traces and picks up new channels.  Keep in mind that any new channel is free since DTV (Digital TV) is free of charge.


I hope this helped update your DTV channels!  I've been avoiding cable fees for a few years now by using this converter box. I love cable TV  but you can find a lot of free stuff on the internet including movies so I continue the challenge of being self-deprived and thrifty with help from the web :-)

Thanks for reading!

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Comments 15 comments

crazybeanrider profile image

crazybeanrider 6 years ago from Washington MI

Great informative article for those that don't have cable. I used to use the free digital box. But only got a few channels no matter how many times I updated. Living in a rural area didn't help. But your article is spot on!

TurtleDog profile image

TurtleDog 6 years ago Author

Thanks crazybeanrider! Yeah, it really comes down to reception and having the best antenna possible when you do the scan. Some areas just don't get good reception.

Thanks again! You've written some good stuff too!

Dolores Monet profile image

Dolores Monet 6 years ago from East Coast, United States

Thanks for the tips. We don't have cable and just use the converter box and have found some interesting channels including several that run old shows like Leave it to Beaver, Daniel Boone, and the Rockford Files.

TurtleDog profile image

TurtleDog 6 years ago Author

You are welcome Dolores Monet! Yeah, I was pleasantly surprised at the various channels I was able to pick up. Sure, we'll never get the hundreds of channels that cable offers (at least not yet :-) but digital television offers a lot more channels than when we were using just the analog frequency. Good luck and thanks again!

jayde 5 years ago

your a champion ! thank you so much. you have just made my day :D

TurtleDog profile image

TurtleDog 5 years ago Author

Thank you Jayde! Im glad this helped you to get you more movies and TV shows on your television. Thanks for stopping by.

UkrainianAtHeart 5 years ago

Thanks! i got new channels:)

TurtleDog profile image

TurtleDog 5 years ago Author

Thanks for the comment UkrainianAtHeart. Check your DTV box a couple times a year for better reception of new channels.

TheAsianRedneck 5 years ago

Thanks for the helpful advice I've tried over and over repeatedly and cable is so hard to receive in the country. Thanks again for the help!!!

TurtleDog profile image

TurtleDog 5 years ago Author

You are so welcome. Hope you were able to get as many free channels as you hoped for. Thanks for stopping by

mary615 profile image

mary615 4 years ago from Florida

Hi TurtleDog, this Hub is a "related Hub" to the one I just published on divorcing the cable company. I installed an RCA converter box, and an interior antenna. I am amazed at all the channels I get. I did the scan you talk about. Great info here.

TurtleDog profile image

TurtleDog 4 years ago Author

Thanks so much Mary! Glad it helped

Me 4 years ago

Thanks For Your Help! What a good feeling it is to see new channels pop up :D

Hahahah 3 years ago


TurtleDog profile image

TurtleDog 3 years ago Author

You are so welcome. Thanks for stopping by my adding more channels to your TV post.... appreciate it.

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