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Gifts for Beatles Fans - The Best Unique Beatles Gifts

Gifts for Beatles Fans, the Beatles will always be one of the world's greatest rock n roll bands. From the early days in England to the final days in New York they always continued to make great music. Of course all of their solo careers were awesome. John's career would have been #1 the rest of his life. Their fan base stretches from the broad country side of England, to the shores of the United States. Chances are you know an avid Beatles fan, so why not get that person some Beatles merchandise! This hubpage is dedicated to helping you find the perfect gift for the Beatles fan in your life. Here is a web site that has a great selection of Beatles gifts.

I think I will build the Hub in Stages and the first hub will be about buying the perfect lamp for the Beatles fan in your life. I hope you enjoy and enjoy your gift.

The Beginning

Are you a fan of early Beatles. A Hard Days night perhaps is your favorite album. How would you like the Album cover on a lamp. From the Blue Meanies, Yellow Submarine, to there Fist 13 Single album covers. You have to check out the selection at  Here is a lamp with some of the Album covers on it.  This lamp is down right beautiful.

They land in the States


They finally made it to the States and never looked back. What a thing that must have been for 4 boys from Liverpool. Nothing more then some guys playing some tunes and before you know it. Bam!!! hits you like a tonne of bricks and you are going to the US to make a whole lot of money. If you concur the States you concur the world. There the boys are as they land for the first time at JFK airport. Can you tell what is the same with the two pictures to the right?  Take a look at teh people behind each of there heads.  Do you think they are the same?  I did not even notice until I was editing this hub this morning. 

Never let Rock n Roll die!!!

Beatles Concert

Have you ever been to a Beatles concert and/or ever gotten a concert T-Shirt. One of my favorite gifts for receiving is a Tee Shirt. Concert Tee, getting old Tee ;-), and everything in between makes a great gift both for giving and receiving. The Yellow submarine shirt is my favorite's of all time.  The blue and yellow colors makes for an awesome shirt.

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Hard Days Night

Its a Hard Days Night

Well all I can say is its the greatest Beatles album ever.  I have added a video below from the movie.  One of the greatest scenes of all time as far as I am concerned.  It shows the Beatles in their true prime. Enjoy!

Favorite Beatles DVD, great price at Amazon

Where they came from

A markerLiverpool, England -
Liverpool, Merseyside, UK
[get directions]


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