Glee Fashion From the Valentine Silly Love Song Episode - Heart Pajamas, Shirt

Rachael's Heart Pajamas Featured on Glee


Glee the Silly Love Song Episode

Glee is filled with wonderful song and dance routines along with great characters. But what about all of those unique clothes and jewelry we see on the show and how do we get them?

While watching the Silly Love Songs episode of Glee there where several great items shown that many of us would like to get from the necklace Finn gave to Rachael to the cute pajamas the girls were wearing during their mini slumber party with Kurt.

First, lets start out with the necklace that Finn gave to Rachael. The star and diamond necklace to let Rachael know that she is a star was created by Ryan Ryan. Ryan also created the "R" necklace that Lea Michelle wears on the show. If you are looking for the Web site just do a quick search on Google for Ryan Ryan jewelry. The necklace sells for about $195.00 on the site.

Britney's pink and black polka dot top is a Motel Carly top which retails for around $19.00. Rachael's yellow pea coat is called the Harvested Honey Coat. Her diamond print dress is called the Silky Diamond Dress and purple print dress is by Forever21.

The cute pajamas Mercedes wore during the sleepover scene are called Sock Monkey pajamas and they can be found at most Target stores. While Lea Michelle's heart pajamas are from Bed Head and make a wonderful Valentine's or sweetheart gift.

With all the wonderful fashions on Glee there are many places to get similar items and create your own Glee style. The wardrobe and jewelry worn on the show seem to get as much attention as the stars do at time.

Silly Love Songs Jewelry and Apparel

Cascading Stars Sterling Silver Lariat
Cascading Stars Sterling Silver Lariat

This star necklace can be something you share with Rachael on Glee. While not exactly the same it makes you feel like a star. As stars twinkle and shine as they move in their celestial dance in the sky, this cascading stars sterling silver lariat adds a little starlight and glamour to make you feel wonderful. The dangling stars catch the light as they swing feely to add those flashes of style and grace from the sterling silver. The simple design of the necklace adds a playful feel while still keeping the respectability of being a piece of fine jewelry.


Finn's McKinley High Football Jersey


McKinley High Jerseys and Shirts

If you have ever watched an episode of Glee you will know that Finn is the star quarterback and wears the McKinley High football jersey.  His number 5 red and white jersey is something we have seen him wear often.

During the Thriller episode of Glee several of the cast members sported the football jerseys and dressed up as Zombie's to perform their version of Michael Jackson's classic song. The popularity of the red jersey must have been something that Fox noticed because they started selling them to fans.

Whether you want to sport a jersey like Finn's and the rest of the McKinley High football team or just want to wear a Glee t-shirt there are many options available.

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