Godaddy Girls

Candice Michelle
Candice Michelle

Godaddy Girls

Godaddy is America's biggest and worlds third largest sellers of internet products such as web-hosting, hostname providers, top-level domains names and SSL certificates. Personally speaking I have several domain names from them and I am impressed. Although I am not affiliated to them in any way I have used their services. Although it can be crowded and awkward to use at times; they are easy to use, cheap prices, polite staff and phone manners, brilliant administrative interface panel, provides free email with every domain name, free 10 pages website hosting or blog.

Though like all companies, they too have come under the scanner. Some user complaints are that there is a lengthy and a slightly complicated way of registering and changing ownership of domain names, long waiting times for callers on their phone numbers.

Go go Candice Michelle of Godaddy

GoDaddy Super Bowl Ad The Office

Have you seen the Godaddy ads? The girls in it are sexy, hot and blazing fast according to Bob Parsons, the CEO and founder of Godaddy. The most famous of them all is the Danica Patrick along with Rachel and Candice Michelle.

One of the most controversial and entertaining of Godaddy's commercial featuring voluptuous Candice Beckmanan actress and ex-playboy poster girl whose real name is Candice Michelle. Unfortunately the commercial was banned.

If you want a domain, godaddy is the way to go.

GoDaddy Guy

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Hoodala profile image

Hoodala 8 years ago from Mesa

Bob Parsons is my hero. Great hub rudra!

gabriella05 profile image

gabriella05 8 years ago from Oldham

great hub good information

the "Hillbilly Gardener" 8 years ago

I have used GoDaddy for a few years and I do not care for the directions they have gone with many things and the direction they are going now. I also find their site extremely complicated for most things. For what you get for the money, I have found them highly over rated and expensive for the services I use. I will be switching providers as soon as my present hosting agreement runs out. With the services available today, I no longer recommend them to anyone.

Thecoolguy1163292 4 years ago

I love the go daddy girls they are sooooo hot

Thecoolguy1163292 4 years ago

I wish I kissed these girls

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