Buying a Google Television Remote - Where to Get Your Google TV Remote


The Beauty of a Google TV Remote

Google TV is finally here and it's combining the web and television like never before. Google has said that it wants to combine the intelligence and searchability of the web with the wide screen viewing bliss of the traditional television set

Google TV users will have two main options for getting themselves up and running with a google television set. Firstly, they can opt for the potentially cheaper route and buy a special routing google tv device that they hook up to their current tv set thereby transforming it into a Google television set. Alternatively, you can opt to buy a new google television set from one of the participating electronics manufacturers like Sony. Sony's new internet television is specifically designed to run on google tv technology featuring the entire gamut of search and customization functions. 

Google TV Remote Features

Sony's new google tv remote features all the standard playback functionality you would expect from a google tv remote or a standard television remote: play, pause, rewind and fast forward are all easily accessible along the top ridge. 

The google tv remote is designed with the multi-tasking experience of google tv in mind: google television set watchers will be flipping through emails in one corner of the screen while streaming their favorite episode of "the office" in the other. Therefore, the google tv remote has controls for every possibility on google tv, be it web browsing, writing emails, controlling movies or playing games. 

The full qwerty keyboard allows the google tv remote to function like a keyboard when needed. There's no need to get off the couch and get your laptop in order to respond to a work e-mail. You simply have to pop into your inbox and start typing away. Bloggers will feel comfortable working on their sites from the comfort of their living rooms using their google tv remote as if it were their favorite laptop's keyboard. 

The google tv remote also has two circular thumb pads that serve multiple functions: you can swiftly control playback with a few quick presses. However, it's likely that, once third party developers start getting in on the google television game and designing google tv apps, you will start to see more and more google tv apps and google tv games that start using the dual thumbpad layout of the google tv remote much like a traditional console gaming controller in order to deliver rich content and multiplayer games. 

Other Types of Google TV Remote

Of course, Sony's google tv remote won't be the only option for google television set owners. Logitech has also already released a product line designed to address google tv users' need for peripherals. Logitech currently offers a special wireless keyboard intended for use with google tv in lieu of the standard google tv remote - the keyboard will excel in situations where viewers want to cleave closer to the web-side of things and respond at length to long emails or make full posts to their websites. In situations like these, the standard google tv remote may be a bit unwieldy or tiresome when it comes to laying out several thousand words in short order. 

We are also very likely to start seeing a specialized google tv remote that will be aimed at the gaming segment of the google television set owner demographic. It still remains to be seen exactly how much the average google television set gets used as a gaming center. As many techies know, the market behind gaming peripherals and accessories is often more competitive and lucrative than the primary market for the consoles themselves! As third parties compete to design the most effective and comfortable gaming google tv remote and the price war begins to heat up, we will likely see the best offerings rise to the top of the google television set must-have accessory list. 

Your Google Television Experience

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The Best Google TV Remote Feature

The Sony google tv remote has one special feature - in the form of a small rectangular button in its bottom left corner - that is set to define the google tv experience itself. The search button, which carries the same magnifying glass icon you see in google search toolbars, will behave just the same way you would a google search bar to behave anywhere else.

While watching your google television set, you can just click the search button and type whatever you want into the search bar that comes up on your google tv. Want to watch an episode of "the office"? Type it in and immediately see and hop to the channels its playing on. Or find a future broadcast and schedule the DVR functionality of google tv to start recording the episode once it goes live so you'll have it ready to go when you return home.

The google tv remote can therefore function as your video playback controller, a gaming controller, a dvr manager, and a google search bar all at once!

Where Can You Get a Google TV Remote?

If you've already gotten set up with your google television set and you want to start browsing, watching, chatting and playing all at once, you need to buy a google tv remote. You have a couple different options, many of them being online at this time since retail stores are still working on getting the most current inventory in front of customers.

If you need to buy a google tv remote you can try, whose major advantages include a robust user review system that will give you a good idea of exactly how easy to use, effective and reliable each google tv remote product is. Additionally, offers free or rush shipping on larger orders.

Additionally, you can go right to the manufacturer's website and order whatever google tv products you might need. Sony is one example of an electronics manufacturer which is beginning to roll out products specially designed for use with your google television set.

Another great option for buying google television accessories is eBay. Sellers are already starting to line up google TV products and google television accessories like the google tv remote and special logitech keyboards for use with internet television. The nice thing about eBay is that, because you can find person to person transactions, you can generally come away with the same product at a much lower price than you would get at a big box chain or even on a major website.


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