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Sony's Google Television Set
Sony's Google Television Set | Source

What is a Google Television Set?

Two Main Routes - What Exactly is a Google Television Set?

Making Your Old TV a Google Television Set

With all the excitement surrounding the launch of google television, viewers everywhere are wondering exactly what they will need in order to get themselves up and running with google tv. The good news for most people is that Google television has made a commitment to being compatible with most setups right out of the box - allowing you to essentially convert your current living room rig into a google tv.

Buying Yourself a New Google Television Set

However, if you just don't want to cheap out or miss out on any of the more advanced google television features, you can go the route of purchasing a new google television set. Sony is one of the first companies to have released a new line of internet televisions designed specifically for use with Google TV.

Google Television Set Features

Absolute Searchability 

Thanks to your Google Television Set's special remote control, you will be able to browse the web, write e-mails, and search like you would in a normal browser for movies, episodes and special channels. It's like your normal TV has received an infusion of Google brainpower to make it perform like a computer. 

Your Google TV Homepage - What You Want Without the Wait

Google TV allows you to set up your TV homepage much like you would your internet dashboard: You can pin your favorite channels, live streams, webpages and apps so that you first see them all when you fire up your google television set. Voila! No waiting for what you want. All your favorites are just a click away. 

Google TV Apps - A - Plenty!

Google TV Apps are going to become a big part of the google television set success story once third party developers and google alike get their creative juices flowing. Imagine internet tv chess games you can play with your friends while you both sit on your respective couches (watching movies in the background or streaming music from YouTube). 

Sony Google TV Remote Control


Sony Google TV Remote Control

Sony's Google TV Remote control will be the key to the successful marriage of the web and television experiences. From the comfort of your couch you'll be able to respond to e-mails or type in the name of the movie or actor you want to search for.

Meanwhile, full fledged controls like fast forward and rewind will be in place to allow the user to manage everything on the screen at once. Turn your volume down in order to pay better attention to an important email or blast your favorite tunes while you compete with friends in an online google televsion set multiplayer app.

What Will You Probably Do?

Plan to get a new Google Television Set or Rig Up Your Old Set?

  • Not spending the extra money - I'll hook up my current TV set
  • I want the best and newest features - I'll be buying a new Google TV Set
  • Television? Ha!
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