Gordon Ramsay Kitchen Nightmares

Gordon Ramsay Kitchen Nightmares

Gordon Ramsay's highly entertaining Kitchen Nightmares show began in the UK and has now traveled across the Atlantic for the very popular USA version. The whole idea is that Gordon helps a failing restaurant to realize all the things it could do to make it a success. A lot of the restaurants are in pretty bad shape before Chef Ramsay arrives - so of course it makes for great entertainment to see Gordon try his best to help the sometimes reluctant restaurant owners.

Watch clips of Kitchen Nightmare's UK and USa and judge for yourself which you think is the better version. But watch out with the UK Kitchen NIghtmares as they are not edited so you hear Chef Ramsay in full force!

Gordon Ramsay Kitchen Nightmares British Version

Gordon Ramsay takes on 2 restaurants at a time with this British Kitchen Nightmares. Beware of the language - this is Gordon unedited. Watch out for the orange squash! This is the first time he actually refuses to taste something.....

Kitchen Nightmares Bonapartes

This Bonapartes episode is the one which really captured the attention of the British public and made Kitchen Nightmare's a popular show in the UK.

This video has adult language from the outset. 

Kitchen Nightmares UK

Kitchen Nightmares USA

Chef Ramsay visits a pizza restaurant in LA to see if he can turn it around. But as he tells the owner rather than being a great success. "You have gone straight to DVD".

I was very excited to see that Gordon Ramsay was filming the US version of Kitchen Nightmares but in many ways I was disappointed by the show. There were some great moments but for me the added drama of the production and editing just isn't needed. Chef Ramsay is pretty good at adding his own drama without having the dramatic commentary and music. Nevertheless any Chef Ramsay fan is going to want to watch Kitchen Nightmares USA.

Chef Ramsay Kitchen Nightmares

This restaurant looks like a lot of fun by Gordon Ramsay kick starts the business into taking things rather more seriously.

Kitchen Nightmares UK or USA?

Everyone is going to have their own favorite but for me the UK version wins over the USA Kitchen Nightmares. Why? For me it is a number of things including the way it is edited in the US. There is so much repeated footage in the US version it really is necessary to record it and fast forward through most of the content! 

Another thing which the UK version has is Chef Ramsay's personal commentary rather than a voice over. It just adds a more personal touch. One sense which you get much more from the UK version is just how much Gordon Ramsay really cares that these restaurants succeed. Of course he is known for just how tough he is but for anyone who has followed the career of Gordon Ramsay and is familiar with his other shows such as Boiling Point and Hell's Kitchen then we know that he does have a softer side. 

Whichever version you prefer there is no doubt that Kitchen Nightmares is entertaining!

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judydianne profile image

judydianne 7 years ago from Palm Harbor, FL

I have seen the UK version and he is a much kinder Gordon Ramsey than he was on Hell's Kitchen.

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