Best Grammy Performances

Grammy Performances

Every year Grammy awards are handed out to music professionals based on many different categories. Some of the categories include Best Song of the Year, Best New Artist of the Year, and Lifetime Achievement Award, just to mention a few.

It would be impossible to rank the outstanding Grammy performances over the years. There have been so many memorable performances at the Grammys. Here are just a few Grammy performances to relive and take you back. Enjoy watching these video clips of the Grammys.

1988 Grammy Performances - The Way You Make Me Feel and Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson

Grammy Performances - Michael Jackson Singing Man in the Mirror

Man in the Mirror was a number one hit song in 1988. It was the fourth number 1 hit song from Michael Jackson's Bad album. Man in the Mirror was nominated for Record of the Year. One of the songwriters also sings background in the song, Siedah Garrett. Michael himself and Glen Ballard also co-wrote the hit song. It is one of Michael Jackson's most popular songs.

Grammy Performances in 1993 - Eric Clapton Singing Tears in Heaven

1993 Grammy Performances

Tears in Heaven- Eric lost his son in a freak accident before this performance. His four-year-old son, Connor, fell out a condominium window for several stories in 1991. Eric wrote Tears in Heaven after Connor died. It was co-written by Will Jennings. Tears in Heaven won Grammy awards for Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Male Pop Vocal Performance in 1993. Rolling Stone magazine lists Tears in Heaven as one of the Top 500 Songs. Eric hasn't performed Tears in Heaven or My Father's Eyes live since 2004. Eric has said that performing the songs was his way of grieving.

2001 Grammy Performances - Stan by Eminem and Elton John

2001 Grammy Performances by Elton John and Eminem

Stan is Eminem's song that has gotten the most approval from music critics. At the time of this live Grammy performance, Eminem had been getting a lot of bad press from the gay community because of some of his song lyrics. This was Eminem's response to the criticism. He performed the song with Elton John, who is openly gay. A heartfelt hug was exchanged between the two singers at the end of the Grammy performance. Many music critics consider Stan to be the best hip-hop song ever. Rolling Stone magazine lists Stan as #290 on the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time list.

2003 Grammy Performances by Simon and Garfunkel - Sound of Silence

2003 Grammy Performances by Simon and Garfunkel

The Sound of Silence

The Sound of Silence is the single that made Simon & Garfunkel famous. Paul Simon wrote the haunting lyrics after the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The Sound of Silence became a number 1 hit in 1966 on New Year's Day. Originally, the song was titled The Sounds of Silence, but was later changed. Rolling Stone magazine ranks The Sound of Silence as #156 on the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

2003 Grammy Performance - Politik by Coldplay

2003 Grammy Performances

Coldplay's performance of Politik was accompanied by a symphony orchestra.

John Mayer sang Your Body Is a Wonderland. It was the second single from John Mayer's first album, Room for Squares.

2003 Grammy Performance - John Mayer Singing Your Body Is a Wonderland

2005 Grammy Performances by Melissa Etheridge & Joss Stone Singing Janis Joplin Tunes Cry Baby & Piece of My Heart (One of the Best Grammy Performances)

2006 Grammy Performance - Madonna Sings Hung Up

2007 Grammy Performance - Justin Timberlake What Goes Around Comes Around

Grammy Performance What Goes Around Background

Most people compare the similarities of What Goes Around Comes Around with an earlier Timberlake song, Cry Me a River. Both songs deal with infidelity. Besides the theme, the songs are similar in tune and style. Timbaland provides backup vocals for the song.

Cry Me a River was written about Britney Spears, but Justin says that What Goes Around is not about Britney.

What Goes Around was Timberlake's third consecutive number one single from the same album.

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