Grand Funk concert stories Don Brewer and Grand Funk Railroad rock coachman park in Clearwater Florida

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Another Grand Funk concert?Does everybody want to?Yea sure why not!

It had been about a week since attending Mark Farners NRG concert at the destin seafood festival in Florida.It was a seven and a half hour drive just one way.It was special because it would be my 20th mark faner/grand funk concert I have attended and the Destin area with the beach was like a paradise all its own.But we were now back in Clearwater.Soon it would be time again for another Grand Funk concert but this one would be without Mark.It would be Don Brewers band.Don Brewer and Mel Schacher being the other two founders of Grand funk,had decided in 2000 to form their own Grand Funk Railroad without Mark.Some fans call them GFRX.The new lineup besides Don and Mel would be Tim Cashion from the Bob Segar band,Max Carl formerly of 38 special and Bruce Kulick formerly of Kiss.That is an all star lineup.In 2001 I became momentarily disenchanted when I discovered that I was attending a Grand Funk Railroad concert expecting mark farner to be there when he wasnt.I think that it was wrong to not let us fans know.But thats me.However,this new Grand Funk Railroad could really rock up a storm like nobodys business.They werent just good,they were grand.In 2001 when I seen them I was disappointed when we discovered that Mark wasnt there.I knew I wasnt alone though.As we sat and stood through the show I realized that this was one helleva concert goin on here.They rocked our socks off.We seen them in Lima Ohio in 2003 and again they had put on an excellent show.My third time seeing them was Oct.11th 2008.Even though I have always primarily been an original Grand Funk or Mark Farner concert goer I was still looking forward to this concert again.I enjoyed those shows back then.Tina and I had already seen Marks show earlier that week and it was a concert of pure energy.Their stage presence was as energetic as the music itself.Now we were going to go to see Don Brewers Grand Funk Railroad in what would be my 21st Grand Funk/Mark Farner show and Tinas second.It was a free concert in the park.There would be other bands there too that day but we were primarily just going to see Grand Funk Railroad and then go back home or out to eat or something.The Village People would be the final band.I really had hoped that GFR wouldve added some new material to their playlist.Something besides what theyve always done.My original story and review of this concert was rather unfair and biased toward Mark Farners band so I have rewritten it here.Perhaps Marks show had spoiled us too much.It was a very high energy concert and you couldnt help but get into it as Mark and the guys would hop around like NRGizer rock bunnies.Tina found it all incredible.When we arrived at coachman park that evening the crowd was already quite large and Grand Funk Railroad would be taking the stage within the hour.It had been five years since Id last seen them in concert.When they came out theyd start things off with rock and roll soul and would end up playing the same number of songs that mark farners nrg band had played the week before.Some of the songs were the same.Songs like shinon on,footstompin music,closer to home and some kind of wonderful to name a few.This wasnt one of the better shows I had attended.The guys played good and all but the sound seemed kinda unbalanced.The bass kinda drowned out the guitars.Mel Schacher is great and can play bass like nobodys business,but the volume was still too high.Or was the guitars volumes too low?It was kinda hard to hear Bruce Kulicks guitar playing and that was an injustice.It was a pretty big crowd there.But overall,the crowd wasnt the same as the crowd we were in the week before at Marks show.The people werent as excited and riled up.It kinda reminded me of Jimi Hendrix and what he went through.Back in the 60s The Jimi Hendrix Experience toured with and were the opening act for The Monkees.This was a sort of comparison.In this instance it was Grand Funk Railroad opening up for The Village People.That in itself we found unusual.When Grand Funk was done and the village people came out,one could tell by the crowds response that many of these folks were village people fans.We didnt stay long after Grand Funks set.I did like that they played the song walk like a man and theyve always done a great version of were an american band.Don Brewer is a super showman.His stage presence and drum solos have always been in top form and this show was no exception.But something was missing from it all.I mean besides Mark.They didnt really seem like they were getting into their performance and the crowd seemed somewhat the same.Max Carl says,Cmon people put your hands together.Then he walks over by the drum set and sits down to rest.Perhaps he wasnt feeling well.Bruce appeared to be the one that was moving around the stage some.Thumbs up for Bruce Kulick.He always does a superb rocking rendition of inside looking out too.We wish his guitar was louder in this particular show though.Don Brewer did a drum solo that was absolutely phenomenal and rocked the whole place to its core.The tnuc drum solo made this show complete.This particular concert wasnt as enjoyable as the other two I had attended but it was still a pretty good show.All of these guys are still great at what they do.When the concert was over and the village people were now on stage is when we decided to make our departure.So ended my 21st Grand Funk/Mark Farner show.When would the next concert be?That would be anybodys answer.

anybodys answer grand funk railroad from Lp on time 1969

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