The Worst Sources of Destruction are Greed, Sex and Violence

We should always show love toward each other as our neighbor whether we are young or older.
We should always show love toward each other as our neighbor whether we are young or older.
Within the relationship of husband and wife, our neighbor is our loving mate whom we should love and respect.
Within the relationship of husband and wife, our neighbor is our loving mate whom we should love and respect.

Why Is There So Much Trouble In the World Today?

Greed, sex and violence are abundant. The decline of morals are everywhere. Illicit sex, on television has become the norm. #Greed has become so prevalent that our financial institutions continue to decline daily. #Violence, surrounds us daily to the point that guaranteed safety is nonexistent. Disapproval ratings are high against political rulers. The wrath of floods occurred from Maine to Mississippi, along with tornadoes and other violent storms that shredded homes like paper. Unyielding wildfires burnt through Texas, causing death and destruction. Vicious dictators fled, after rebellion of citizens in their countries. Constant threats of terrorist attacks loom daily in our lives. Threats of a recession and high unemployment, leave millions in a frenzy. Six year old girls are dressed like movie characters who played prostitutes. We are living in a world that can only be controlled by wicked forces that manipulate man daily or is it mankind that causes all these problems? Let's consider the answers carefully.

With all these problems in the world, we must ask ourselves, why is there so much trouble in the world today? Yes, Satan and his demonic forces do cause a lot of the wickedness in the world today. It is also necessary to expose another answer, where we must look within ourselves to find the answers. Are we more selfish and greedy than ever? When you consider these questions, we must carefully contemplate that there still is good, in the majority of mankind. Humans continue to express love toward each other and the animals. Many demonstrate genuine concern for their neighbors which is commendable.

Today, we must carefully consider the word neighbor, who is our #neighbor that we should show love for? Is it just the individuals across the street or beside you? Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary, described the word neighbor as, "one living or located near another: Fellowman: being immediately adjoining or relatively near." In each definition, there is a description of location or of persons, whether they are our friend or enemy. Your neighbor can be your spouse, or any family member that dwell with you as well. The most important point is, are we good neighbors? Do we exercise loving kindness toward others? If we are loving and kind toward all people, there would not be such things as greed, violence, #selfishness and destructive measures toward our beautiful earth. When violent storms, floods or wildfires did occur, were we there for our neighbors? During these stressful times, did we show loving kindness toward our neighbors that were in need? Once again, these questions can only be answered by us individually.

Does the good within people, outweigh the bad? Do we imitate the violence and sexual exploits we see on television or in the movies? Do they have a negative influence in our lives? If we allowed this to happen, there would be no application of Matthew 19:19 where Jesus commanded, "You shall love your neighbor as yourself." The Holy Bible Revised Standard Version Once again, individual decisions are vital. Simply put, there is so much trouble in the world today because some people do not fully understand or apply love for their neighbor. Jesus knew if we applied this command, greed, violence, sexual exploitation and a lack of loving kindness would not exist. May we all pray for that kingdom which Jesus taught us. This is the solution, where all neighbors will manifest complete love and kindness toward each other.

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mr-burns profile image

mr-burns 5 years ago

I have to agree with you but thats no all thats in the world. There is good and bad all around us. Interesting read. Thanks

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