Grey's Anatomy -- It's A Man's World

I don't know exactly what I was expecting of this episode, but it certainly wasn't what I got. I barely paid attention to it. I barely remember what happened as it was happening. I guess I expected the boys to be off in the woods bonding together.

There were bonding moments and conversations and I really don't remember them, at all. I think that's a bad thing, since I was really looking forward to this episode.

Jackson complained that Mark wouldn't let him do any hands-on surgery, so Derek was going to let him get some experience operating with him, which made Mark jealous to the point he finally let Jackson do some hands-on surgery.

Owen had a moment with Mark's daughter which showed just what a natural he is with kids. Even if Owen suggested adopting, I think Cristina would be against that, as well. I'm pro-choice, but I didn't agree with what Cristina did. She's married and she never even let Owen have a real voice in the decision. She wouldn't listen to anything he had to say. And you don't do that in a marriage. I also haven't heard any talk of her scheduling a tubal ligation for herself. If she's so adamant about having children, she should make sure it can't happen again. Owen and Cristina are my favorite couple on the show, but I don't know if they can make it. They want fundamentally different things. And Cristina has shown that she's not willing to compromise. It's either her way or no way, at all.

I also enjoyed Owen punching out that patient. The guy definitely deserved it and had no business threatening to sue. If you can't conduct yourself in a decent manner, you deserve to be punched. Especially when the guy was beating on someone weaker and smaller than he was.

I really think the show should stop doing special episodes. Thought this episode was worse than the singing episode last season. I also think the show is starting to run out of a steam. It may be time to consider pulling the plug. I still applaud Sex and the City for knowing it was time to call it a day before the show started going downhill. Unfortunately, they had to go and ruin it with all those godawful Sex and the City movies that I absolutely refuse to watch.

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