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Guitar comedy

Guitar comedy songs are really part of a tradition - music hall artists like George Formby were very successful at doing comedy songs with a banjo uke. Currently, Bill Bailey is one of the funniest performers in this idiom, and music is the essential vehicle for his comedy act.

Check out Tim Hawkin - a great version, or parody, of Good Riddance (Time of your life) by Green Day. For guitar players, this is a nice easy song to learn.

All the chords

Guitar Comedy

This is a great song for beginners to learn, though you might want to slow it down a bit. There are only 4 chords - I counted them - plus the solo, which isn't too challenging. If you want to do a longer solo, I've shown the notes of the Em pentatonic scale in the last chord grid.

We're in the key of G. The chords in G are: G Am Bm C D Em F♯m7b5.

This is known as the harmonised scale of G, a concept covered in many of my hubs, which you should definitely learn.

From this menu we are only going to order up 4 chords.

C add9 is often used as a replacement chord for C, as it often sounds better in this key and is also easier to get to quickly. From the G shape, you just move fingers 1 and 2 across a string in the same formation.

D/ F♯, or D with an F♯ bass (just curl your thumb over the neck) is again usually an improvement on a plain D chord, because it gives you a stronger bass.

If you use some of these chords in a different order you can play Sweet Home Alabama, which is a good song for guitar beginners. It just goes D, C add9, G, G - with the odd F to C change added now and then.

Norwegian Wood

If we add another couple of chords to the mix, you can play Norwegian Wood by The Beatles. The verse is just D and C add9, the chorus goes - Dm7 G Dm7 Em7 A7. Play this song in 3/4 time.

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Comments 9 comments

Gyspy Writer profile image

Gyspy Writer 6 years ago from Midwest

Very funny, thanks for sharing!

Jon Green profile image

Jon Green 6 years ago from Frome, Somerset, UK Author

And so easy to play.... Cheers, Jon

SuperiorInteriors profile image

SuperiorInteriors 6 years ago from San Diego, California

Haha, hilarious! Excellent find.

Useray profile image

Useray 6 years ago from South Africa

That is hilarious...your comment regarding the solo!!!

I am going to play it for my wife!!

Jon Green profile image

Jon Green 6 years ago from Frome, Somerset, UK Author

Useray, you're a brave man!

RGNestle profile image

RGNestle 6 years ago from Seattle

Wow! Clean AND funny! I loved it! I'm also going to add it to my Youtube favorites. Great job! But I just can't seem to get the guitar solo quite right. Is it "Pluck and slide" or "Pluck-twang!"?

Jon Green profile image

Jon Green 6 years ago from Frome, Somerset, UK Author

It's the latter - and don't forget to pull faces at the same time, any kind of agonised expression will do.

chim897 6 years ago

Just listened to his version of imagine - hilarious. Thanks Jon

Jon Green profile image

Jon Green 6 years ago from Frome, Somerset, UK Author

Thanks Chim -I rather like his version of Dust in the Wind too.

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