Guitar Lessons Review; How To Play The Guitar

Guitar lesson review is your guide towards knowing the guitar and also playing it. It is the way by which you gain adequate knowledge of the guitar and how to Play it perfectly.  

There are various steps towards learning to play a guitar and I will need your undivided attention for perfect understanding.

First and foremost in other for you to get started, you will need to either own a guitar or borrow one. You need a guitar with good strings (six strings).

Secondly as a beginner you will need a medium sized guitar pick (recommended) for playing the strings on the guitar.

Thirdly you will need an armless chair and lots of patience because learning to play a guitar is not a day’s job. 

All guitars no matter there brand have a lot of features in common. For a beginner I will recommend an acoustic guitar and as you learn more, you could go for what ever guitar brand that suits your life style.                                 

A guitar is made up of three parts                                                                  

1.     The Headstock: - this is the part of a guitar that is attached to the slimmer, stringy part of the guitar. The headstock has “Tuners” attached to it. Tuners are used to adjust pitch gotten from playing the strings on the guitar.

2.     The Neck: - the neck of the guitar is the slim long part of the guitar you hold on to while playing it. The neck is guided to the head stocks with nuts. The nuts guide the tuners to the strings. The neck is the most serious part of the guitar. It carries the most learning. Understanding the guitar mean studying the strings and how to play different tune on them. The strings are found on the neck of the guitar.

3.     The body:- this is the lower part of a guitar and they differ from guitars. The body of one guitar is different from the body of another brand of guitar. At the base of the body of any guitar is where you find the bridge.

Now that we know the parts of a guitar, the next thing you should know is how to hold a guitar. Place your guitar on your legs while sitting on your armless chair. Make sure the guitar is close to your body (stomach or chest). The head stock should be a little close to your face.

The way you hold the medium sized pick (recommended for you) used in playing the guitar matters a lot, with your pick in-between your finger, close your hand loosely (no tight fist). Your thumb should remain beside your index finger.

Lastly, tuning your guitar; before you start playing any song on your guitar, you will have to tune your guitar but unfortunately it is not an easy one for a beginner so you will require the assistant of some one who already owns and uses a guitar.

Devoting at least 15mintues every day to practice what you have learnt will really help. Remember practice makes perfect.

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Philipo profile image

Philipo 7 years ago from Nigeria

Nice lecture. Wish I can still take it up.

lawretta profile image

lawretta 7 years ago from England Author

O well! it is never too late to learn how to play the guitar. Anyway thanks Philipo for stopping by.

creativeone59 profile image

creativeone59 7 years ago from Gold Canyon, Arizona

Thanks for this hub, I have a guitar but haven't learned to play it yet. I think I will bookmark this page for later. thank you for sharing. creativeone59

castingcalls profile image

castingcalls 7 years ago

Good Hub, Really i like it

lawretta profile image

lawretta 7 years ago from England Author

Thanks guys!

lawretta profile image

lawretta 7 years ago from England Author

Thanks guys!

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