Guitar for Beginners - A Resource List

If you're a complete novice to the guitar and are wondering where to find information to get you started, you've come to the right place.  I thought I'd compile a list of resources for beginning guitarists to help you wade through the endless amount of information on the web.  This way you can spend more of your time actually learning to play guitar rather than searching for information.  I've divided the list into sections so that you can home in on exactly what you're looking for quickly.   

Learning guitar on your own

If you're looking for some quality self-study methods to learn guitar on your own then check out my post reviewing various teach yourself guitar products. If you're a self-starter and feel confident about teaching yourself to play or simply don't want to pay the high cost of private lessons then any of those courses will be right up your alley.

Free online guitar lessons

These first two sites aren't entirely free sites...BUT...each offers around two dozen free lessons. So, it would be silly not to take advantage of them. Actually, these two sites are probably the best online places for learning guitar - excellent instructors, high quality videos, a wide range of topics, and plenty of supplementary learning aids.

Here are some sites that provide good introductory guitar lessons for free:

These sites aren't covered up with ads trying to sell you something. So, you can focus on learning the basics instead of weaving your way around the banners. But, many of these free sites are limited in their content and quality, so they will only take you so far. Remember, you get what you pay for.

Private guitar lessons

If you would like to learn guitar through a private instructor or guitar school these sites should help you locate one.

Advice on guitar ownership

As a guitar novice it is often very confusing when trying to choose the right guitar or equipment. These resources should be able to guide you with advice on buying a guitar, accessories, and choosing a guitar that's best for you. Also, caring and maintaining an instrument is of paramount importance, something that many new guitar owners overlook. So, I've also included some good resources to set you on the right path to keeping your guitar in good shape.

  • Fretnot Guitar Repair - great info. on all aspects of guitar maintenance (stringing, repairs, modifications, etc.)

Comprehensive guitar resources and forums

Finally, you are bound to have questions or concerns that the sites listed above won't address. For this forums are your best resources. Here are two of the most popular guitar forums and a few all around comprehensive guitar sites where you can find information and answers about virtually every aspect of guitars.

Guitar Forums:

Guitar Websites:

Be sure to come back often as I will be continually updating and expanding this list of resources for guitar beginners.

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