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October 25th, 2011, Lutz, Florida - You may be wondering, what happened to HD Theater? as you're flipping through the channels. You may not have heard that Discover, the owner of HD Theater, decided to shut the doors and rebrand as Velocity. So how does this affect you?

We're going to talk about what happened to one of your favorite channels, HD Theater, and how Discovery's new channel, Velocity, may even serve you better!

UPDATE [12/15/2011] Effective on Wednesday, December 14th, 2011, by 5pm ET Palladia and Velocity will be available only in the Blockbuster Movie Pass and Dish America Silver and above. I will update the rest of the article.

What is Velocity? Is it similar to HD Theater?

To put it simply, Velocity is a turbo-charged channel geared towards an upscale male lifestyle. New shows will be coming out, classics will be remaining, and its time for a channel dedicated to the adventure, the leisure, the sports, the toys (automotive, of course), and the travel of the upscale man.

Chances are if you enjoyed HD Theater then you will probably enjoy Velocity, but Velocity is attempting to change the game. They're focusing on a market niche that they consider to be wildly under served - wealthy, upscale men. Discovery's website for Velocity describes what the channel is all about, lists popular shows that will continue, and boasts things such as character-driven programming, multimillion dollar auctions, and insider guides to help you live and manage 'the good life."

What channel is it, and what package is it in?

As it relates to DISH Network, Velocity is residential channel number 364. It is an HD-Only channel, which means if you have a Standard Definition package you will not get this channel. Discovery's Velocity is found in the following DISH Network packages:

  • DISH America Silver
  • DISH America Gold
  • Blockbuster Movie Pass

How do I make sure I'm getting Velocity in my package?

It's simple. If you're a DISH Network customer, and you are subscribed to any of the above channel packages, then you already have the channel. Just tune to Velocity channel 213 and start enjoying the programming!

If you have DIRECTV, you're out of luck ... No Velocity on DIRECTV!

Sorry. If you have DIRECTV you will not be receiving Velocity until they decide to pick it up. They might, they might not. You many want to check out their competitor, DISH Network and see what type of deals they have going on right now.

Want to learn more about Velocity?

We're glad to bring you this update. We will continue to bring you more as they happen. If you're interested in learning about the rebranding effort, check out this case-study by Impossible Network.

If you have specific questions, just feedback in the comments below and we'll do our best to answer your questions. If you need to check your DISH Network account, you can log on to their site here: www.dishnetwork.com.

Your DISH Network retailer,

Satellite Solutions Network, Inc.

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Comments 29 comments

Tinasue39 5 years ago

I have Dish Network 250 and I don't have Velocity, did have something on channel 364 that sounds like Velocity but it's gone (no more channel 364, told to try 9421 but I don't have programming on that channel). I have been told the only way I can get it is to upgrade (surprise!) to Blockbuster. I'm really not happy

Dave 5 years ago

My Velocity is gone as of today. WHERE did it go. I will cancel Dish service if they have made this an additional charge. Was 364...checked 9421 and 213 Not on either.

rick 5 years ago

me too me velocity just went down too

jesus 5 years ago

Yep that is right, the only way as of now to get Velocity is to get tue Blockbuster package, it sucks, I might be canceling Dish

Time Spiral profile image

Time Spiral 5 years ago from Florida

I'll look into this, guys.

DISH Network Talk profile image

DISH Network Talk 5 years ago from Florida Author

Thanks for the heads up, everyone. We just received word from DISH and I've updated the article to reflect the new information.

Velocity is channel 364 (9421), or 5333 (Latino). It is available in three packages: DISH America Silver, DISH America Gold, and the Blockbuster Movie Pass.

Leviathon 5 years ago

Pretty crappy for Dish to have both channels (Velocity and Palladia) for years on HD, then suddenly decide they are not part of the America package, put them in other more costly packages. Nice job.

profile image

Robc1 5 years ago

I just tried to go to 364 got nothing. Whoever made the call for this scam change is a money grubbing jackass. I'm checking with Comcast now and see what they have.

DISH Network Talk profile image

DISH Network Talk 5 years ago from Florida Author

I totally understand that it can be unfortunate when a channel moves out of your package. Keep in mind, the Blockbuster Movie Pass is a fantastic package and you can probably negotiate a free trial period with DISH.

After that it is only $10 per month. Otherwise, you can subscribe to the DISH America Silver or Gold which are both very reasonably priced.

Good luck, guys!

profile image

Robc1 5 years ago

Yes I know only $10.00 more. I have the 250 package with free HD for life, but that HD did not include Velocity so at that time I was told I had to pay $10.00 more for another HD package that had Velocity. I did, and was able to negotiate a free trial period. A week or so later it was moved to yet another package (Blockbuster Movie Pass). I have Netflex streaming and am very happy with it. But I did get to try Blockbuster Movie Pass, it was added to programing and I was charged for it. I did not ask for it but I tried it and dropped it. Here is my issue and I'm sure I'm not alone, 250 channels and I only watch about 15. $80.00 + a month for 15 channels is a lot now another $10.00 for Velocity. With no ala carte insight. I'll be going back to Comcast and that's a shame I like the Dish DVR. One more thing have you guys looked into the cord-cutter movement. Thanks

DISH Network Talk profile image

DISH Network Talk 5 years ago from Florida Author

Good thoughts, Rob. DISH is not the perfect fit for everyone, but it is a fantastic service. I'd be curious if the Top 250 is the right fit for you. Most people are not in the right package based on their viewing habits.

Why not check the lineup for the DISH America Gold, which is essentially the HD channels of the Top 250 but also includes Velocity?

ourgangmn 5 years ago

Dish Network Talk,

You are completely missing the point. Dish Network's solution: Put the best channels in the most expensive packages. In other words, the customers must pay ever increasingly higher monthly fees to watch a few channels they actually want. And, offer channels and then move them to more expensive packages if customers actually watch them. The right solution is not to offer high priced packages. The solution is an a la carte method so channels people actually want can be available to those of us who can't afford $100/month sat bill.

OR, we can just cancel our subscriptions and leave Dish, DirecTV, etc with all the high priced packages going to a few wealthy customers.

DISH Network Talk profile image

DISH Network Talk 5 years ago from Florida Author


I appreciate your contribution. I'm glad you're sharing your opinion. Your idea of "the best channels" is surely different than someone else’s. You claim to know DISH's intentions, but I'm assuming that you're just guessing.

These contract decisions are not made by DISH alone. They are negotiated with the Network. Many times the Network has a say in what packages their channel ends up in. Velocity has made it well known that their audience is affluent males. If you have a problem with that, I suggest you reach out to Velocity (Discovery) as well. I'm sure they'd appreciate the feedback.

Your suggestion about moving to an a la carte pricing structure is one people outside of the industry have been pushing for, for years. Currently there are no service providers considering this platform, for many reasons. One of them being that the successful channels OWN the less successful channels and bundle them into their contract agreements with the service providers.

I can understand, from a consumer's perspective, why you think this is a good idea, but there are many more moving parts in this type of industry that will probably not allow anything like that to happen for a long time.

I'd hate to see you cancel your subscription, but as I've said before, it's important that you do what is best for you and your loved ones.

Good luck!

brandon 5 years ago

i have been with dish for many years.. i am very disappointed with the change in programming. I would of liked an email or a message when i watch Velocity that it was going to become unavailable. Instead i feel like Dish is trying to pull a fast one.... i feel like Dish is going to start taking channels away till i am force to upgrade to get the programming i want. I they were more upfront with the change i would have a different opinion ,but instead it took me 15 mins of searching and i finally found this page that explains the change. Why would Dish not have a explanation of the change on their site. They don't i have looked everywhere. I have invested hundreds in Dish equipment instead of Direct TV because i had confidence in using them as my provider for many years ,but i just lost most of that confidence and the next step is Dish Losing My Business.

dbake 5 years ago

So networks dictate what packages they will be on to dish? That doesn't sound right. I switched from directtv and have been happy with dish for years. Hdnet(velocity) and palladia were two of my favorite channels. Now i have to upgrade? Because velocity is geared towards wealthy men? I may drop dish, not just because i miss those channels, but just the fact that dish can take any channels at any time and dangle them out of reach. So what will dishes answer be? Go ahead and upgrade to the very highest package available?

mmas 5 years ago

I'm extremely disappointed with dish network. I recently changed from my local cable company which have available HD theater or velocity to upgrade to more HD channels. But with this stupid move from dish I'll go back to cable.

jay 5 years ago

I agree with the guys compliant. I totally feel that some person in marketing or programming is trying to take advantage of us. Really, dish. Wow. At the end of the year. And the spokes person excuse, pretty pathetic to dust off your customers.

DaveB 5 years ago

With this move I am getting closer to cancelling Dish, just take the speed channel from my package and see... There I bet that'll shake 'em up. NOT!

DISH Network Talk profile image

DISH Network Talk 5 years ago from Florida Author

I'd be happy to have a conversation with any of you that are considering dropping DISH. If that is the right move for you, then so be it. Sometimes that is the case. However, in my experience when a channel moves there is an opportunity to change your programming package, and possibly save money. For instance ...

Let's say you have the Top 250 w/ Free HD for Life. You have that package because you love Velocity. Then, due to contract change requirements, Velocity changes to the Blockbuster Movie Pass, which is $10 per month after the free trial. If Velocity was the only thing keeping you in the Top 250, downgrade your package to the Top 200, or lower, and then add the Blockbuster Movie Pass. You will either net the same monthly bill, or may even pay less, and retain your channels.

While it may not apply to all of you, the Blockbuster Movie Pass does add value beyond the Velocity channel. You may come to find that you're a fan of several of those channels, the DVD and Video Games by mail, or the vast library of on-demand titles.

There is no plan to dangle a carrot and then get upgrades, believe me. Changes the channels in a programming package is an extremely sensitive thing to do and not one DISH takes lightly. Look around this article. DISH has been around for a long, long time. They know people will be upset, but as I mentioned before, sometimes they do not have as much control over these decisions as you'd think.

Many have said this change is going to cause them to leave DISH. Is that because you think this doesn't happen to DIRECTV or Cable? This sort of thing happens all the time, to every provider. I suggest you reach out to Velocity and ask that they elucidate their position in the matter. You may be surprised by the answer you get.

I have approved every comment, because they have all be valid complaints. Thank you all for your contribution to the article!

Jim 5 years ago

Yes, this is a major disappointment. I also agree that Dish Network should have said something instead of us just noticing that the channel was gone. Velocity was about the only channel that I watched. I know that changing packages and stuff is an option, but it won't happen. We've already added / changed options 3 times this year because of things that my wife wanted to watch. I'm sick of it, and I would just as soon not have anything and just settle for local channels.

Brandon Weber 5 years ago

Regarding The post from the dish network representative. I would like to talk to you about my programming and how i can resolve my issues with this change. I will check back for contact information. Thanks Brandon

mmas 5 years ago

If velocity TV is running your business then get rid of it completely. Do not let them rip the pocket of your loyal customers, the ones who pay your dues. I suggest to use your brains to get new customers and keep happy the ones under contract , that is basic economics.

DISH Network Talk profile image

DISH Network Talk 5 years ago from Florida Author

Brandon, you can start a live chat with our company by clicking this link: https://livechat.boldchat.com/aid/8495089985411808...

Ask for 'David.'

Uli 5 years ago

Taking channels away form a customer's package WITHOUT giving him/her notice and an explanation reeks of lack of respect for the customers.

When a customer chooses to subscribe to a certain package in good faith, based on information presented by the provider, the customer has a reasonable expectation that the provider makes reasonable effort to communicate any changes to the package so that he/she may then make informed decisions regarding future subscriptions -- whether the change is caused by a provider's business decisions or forced upon the provider by contractual negotiations is immaterial.

In this case, Dish Network’s business practice has proven that they did not deal in good faith when they subtracted channels from their customer’s subscriptions without informing those customers in advance, even IF the fine print in the customer’s contract allows such behavior.

Shame on Dish Network.

5 years ago

I think an online petition drive like Verizon had against it when it tried to charge $2 to pay your bill, may wake up the money grubbing fools who run Dish Network to reality.

I am certainly going to cancel Dish Network over losing Velocity TV.

Kevin 5 years ago

Very disappointed with Dish. I've always defended them, however the time has come to switch to Cox Cable. I'm not paying an extra $10 a month when I can lower my bill with Cox.

Eddie 5 years ago

If we lose Velocity as part of my subscription I'll, along with many others, will cancel. They are always trying to get deeper in our pockets, even in this economy.

Allan 5 years ago

What about someone like me that has the americas everything pak?? I pay 120 bucks a month. shouldn't i be able to watch velocity??

Scott 5 years ago

DirecTV has Velocity as part of the basic HD package.

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