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Chance Timing

First off, I'd like to thank RYAN for sending these pictures. Im very grateful he took these photos and gave them to me to have. He also said that it would be ok to post them up so i may share! He's cool in my book.

If you haven't read my comments. There was one shot at ACEN 2008 that i truly lamented not taking. It was a picture of Halcali and Peelander-Z posing together. As you may well see, they turned out great!

I was waiting after i got both Halcali's and Peelander-Z's autograph and just killing time. I was watching the antics of Peelander-Yellow(he is a funny guy) and snapped some shots of them doing what they do best (Check out my other links on this page!) Halcali had finished signing their last autograph. They started to talk and i think Peelander-Z asked them to take some pictures.

I could here P-Yellow scream "Everyone! Come take pictures of Halcali and Peelander!" or something to that effect. The thing i could remember clearly was him shouting "Come take a picture for your grandmother! Yaaaaaaaaa!!!" A flurry of flash came at their direction at that time.

Naturally, i jumped at the occasion to capture such a cool moment! I fumbled for my camera to get some shots in. I was nervous because i was really so close to Halcali that i trembled a little, I'm such a nerd! I got used to Peelander-Z because they took many shots with me and were very nice so i loosened up in their presence. (Check out my pics of Peelander-Z !)

Anyways, i nervously pressed the button to my camera. To my horror, the flash didn't go off. I saw on the screen that it turned red and said "Empty" which meant the battery died. So i tried turning off and on the camera too get at least on good picture in. I didn't want to change batteries because i thought they would end the pose if i did. So i did this until i gave up and changed the battery.

I got it to load and work and shot again. What i got was terrible. I got them as they were congratulating each other. What a disaster! I thought i missed the greatest shot ever!

Until today that is, Thanks to Ryan, i get to share these awesome pictures with everyone that's a Halcali, Peelander-Z, or both fan. My favorite is the six one down. I loved how Yukari got into the act and did P-Yellow's signature move, the finger in the nose. They looked like they had fun and so did we. Thanks for both bands for taking the photos for us. Enjoy!

Halcali and Peelander-Z

Halcali and Peelander-Z! For the First Time EVA!
Halcali and Peelander-Z! For the First Time EVA!
These pix are so cool!
These pix are so cool!
This one would have to be mines and Ryan's favorite.
This one would have to be mines and Ryan's favorite.

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