Hand Modeling

When you are watching a dish soap commercial you probably are not thinking too much about whose pair of hands are washing the sudsy dishes. Most would assume that the hands would belong to the actor or actress in the commercial.

However, you might be surprised to find out that separate “parts models” are used for different commercial scenes, photo advertisements, and movies.

Even films and commercials that feature famous actors or actresses use a variety of part models to replace flawed hands, feet, and other body parts. No one is perfect, not even the stars, and today's viewers have come to expect perfection.

It is hard to believe that gorgeous actresses like Eva Longoria, Penelope Cruz, and Jennifer Aniston have needed to use hand models to give them the glamorous look of perfection. But it's not only common for actors and actresses to use body part models, even supermodels use professional hand and foot models for on screen and magazine close-ups.

To be successful in hand modeling you must have flawless skin and an even complexion. Hand models do not have any scars, freckles, moles, veins, or age spots that will show up underneath the bright studio lights. They also have beautifully shaped hands, fingers, and thumbs, and well-shaped, healthy nail beds.

Having gorgeous hands is not the only requirement in hand modeling. Hand models must be able to move their hands in a graceful and appealing way. During a photo or commercial shoot a hand model is expected to stay perfectly still for long periods of time, or to perform the same repetitive actions with their hands for hours on end.

A good hand model will also have the ability to “speak with their hands” by displaying an emotion such as happiness or excitement with nothing more than the movement or positioning of their hands and fingers.

If you have seen the cover of the book “Twilight” then you have seen how a good hand model is able to successfully convey emotion. Only a model in the leagues of Twilight hand model “Kimbra Hickey” could take the ordinary action of holding an apple and turn it into such a beautiful event.

A hand model that is in high demand can make as much as $1,200 a day. Although it seems like the ideal job, it is also a line of work that requires a great amount of commitment. For top hand model “Ellen Sirot” keeping her hands looking flawless is a 24-hour-a-day job.

Her entire lifestyle is affected by her need to protect her hands from any possible damage. In television interviews, Ellen Sirot has shared some of her rigorous daily hand care routines, which includes wearing gloves constantly and moisturizing her hands between 20 and 30 times a day. She never washes dishes, cleans the house, or takes out the garbage, and she always avoids simple household chores such as opening cans.

Ellen Sirot, who has been called the “supermodel” of hand models, even went as far as to refuse holding hands with her husband until their wedding night. It may seem extreme but Sirot views her hands as her biggest commodity.

Not all hand models are as a dedicated as Ellen Sirot but they do keep in mind that their hands need to remain in perfect condition at all times. After all, a small scratch on the back of the hand or a slightly damaged nail could mean a missed opportunity to be in the next high paying movie or commercial.


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