Hang Mioku's Plastic Surgery Nightmare

Hang Mioku soon after surgery.
Hang Mioku soon after surgery.
A "before" photo.
A "before" photo.

Hang Mioku, now nearing 50, was once a beautiful young South Korean woman, but after countless surgery and an illegal oil injection in her face, she became disfigured. Even after surgeons refused to continue working on her, she still sought out plastic surgery in her home country.

Even after being refused further surgery, she would look in the mirror and think "I'm beautiful." But that still wasn't enough for her as she continued to pursue operations. Her appearance changed so drastically that after returning home, her parents didn't even recognize her as their daughter.

Hang Mioku's drastic change led her parents to take her to be evaluated by a doctor. The doctor determined that she was not in a healthy mental state, concluding she had a severe physiological disorder. After the evaluation, she started treatment for her disorder, however, she concluded these treatments were too expensive and stopped them entirely.

Before and after photographs.
Before and after photographs.

Soon after ending her treatments Hang Mioku began receiving silicone inject, but these also became too expensive to keep up. Later, she found an unlicensed person to give her injections, but these injections were of cooking oil, not silicon. These injections led to her face to become large and more disfigured. The disfigurement was quite bad and she became bullied by people around her, especially children who gave her the nickname "standing fan."

Because of her appearance, she became quite popular on South Korean television, especially daytime talk shows. Sympathy poured in for the woman in the form of monetary donations, which allowed her to seek surgery to fix her appearance.

Before any surgeries and after her correction surgery, paid for by donations.
Before any surgeries and after her correction surgery, paid for by donations.

The surgery was a semi-success. While her face is still puffy and disfigured, it is not nearly as large as it was after the oil injections. Even so, it made her see that all the surgery and anguish she went through to achieve her idea of beauty was in vain; she now sees the damage she has done and wishes to have her original face back.


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dinkan53 profile image

dinkan53 4 years ago from India

Now plastic surgery is becoming normal among people. Sad incidents are taking place, but that doesn't bother people from experimenting on their faces. So sad about her.

taazakhabar profile image

taazakhabar 4 years ago from New Delhi, India

I am deeply touched this is the side effect of medical malpractice. In many countries Doctors -- are worse than businessmen-- wanting to get rich quick -- earning from the patient as well as the drug company producing those drugs. It's a shame. I would have said more but am speechless. All I may say is like your post, though not the outcome. I wish it was different. This beautiful lady deserved better

dagaddadgadgaraerae 4 years ago

She isn't from Korea

Jackie 4 years ago

Omg she was pretty before.

Anon 4 years ago

Such a shame that surgery can become so addictive, when her face was fine before, I don't know what made her think that she wasn't beautiful enough. I suppose it was peer pressure or others around her. I would like to know more information about this woman, such as her background and career, since it said somewhere that she was a singer. Interesting story though.

ripaboop 4 years ago

that's funny it says she's a "South-Korean woman..."

pp 3 years ago


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