Hannah Montana “B-B-B-Bad to the Chrome” Episode

Wrap Up of “B-B-B-Bad to the Chrome” Episode of Hannah Montana

The “B-B-B-Bad to the Chrome” episode of Hannah Montana premiered on August 23, 2009, on the Disney Channel.  Mamaw arrives having driven all the way from Tennessee in a car that is in disrepair.  Miley and Jackson are getting her bags from the trunk and she turns the car on and they end up with black soot all over themselves.  Mamaw blames that on Uncle Earl’s homemade gas.  A Hannah photo shoot ends up having to be cancelled because she has to clean up.


Robby Ray tries to convince Mamaw that she should get rid of the car.  Miley comes with the idea that Robby Ray should just get her a new car.  They talk up the new car they trade in for, but Mamaw is not happy.


Rico is tired of Oliver’s happy mood, but he has helped increase the profits of the shack.  Lily arrives with a 100 day anniversary present for Oliver and gets mad at him for forgetting.  She takes the present back and takes Oliver’s tip jar because he offered it as a present on a whim.


Miley, Jackson, and Robby Ray argue over who has to confront Mamaw about buying her a new car.  Miley is the only one with the guts.  Mamaw explains that she is upset because the car had so many memories.  Meanwhile Robby Ray calls the dealer and they will take the car back, but they already sold Mamaw’s old car to the junkyard.  Miley is still optimistic about getting it back until they find the car is already smashed when they get to the junkyard.


Robby Ray suggests that Jackson and him go camping and Miley calls when Mamaw leaves.  Miley insults him for being a chicken.  The junkyard guy says he has one like Mamaw’s car.  They then work together to make it look and smell like Mamaw’s, such as adding dents and the smell of grandpa’s hair tonic.


Oliver is in a bad mood and now he is scaring away the customers.  Rico then wants the happy Oliver back.  Oliver then quits.  Lily gets over being mad because of a poem supposedly written by Oliver, but actually Rico did it.  Oliver then agrees to go back to work.


Mamaw is happy to see her car, Loretta, again.  Jackson almost entirely gives it away.  Mamaw knows anyways, though.  She appreciates what they did for her, though.  She then realizes that she should have replaced the car years ago.  The episode ends with Mamaw leaving for Tennessee in her new car with the Navigation unit telling her how far until a turn is every five feet.  Robby Ray programmed it so it would not turn off to get back at her for calling him fat.


Overall I enjoyed the “B-B-B-Bad to the Chrome” episode.  It has a lot of funny moments, as well as the nice aspect of the family (Robby Ray, Jackson, and Miley) working together.  So many episodes have them fighting, which of course is normal for any family, but it is nice to see them working together for pretty much the whole episode for once.  The whole side plot of Oliver and Lily’s 100 day anniversary is a little too slighted to being just a distraction from the main plot with not much resolution.

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