Hard Days Night - A Film Analysis

Beatles Cartoon

Hard Days Night -Editing and Camera Work

The cinematic formal elements – the canted angles, panning, the quick cuts and use of lighting and effective discontinuity editing combined to create a chaotic, feverish pitch for the viewer in the ending concert scene in a Hard Day’s Night and captured the phenomenon of Beatlemania.

The editing during the concert scene used quick cuts, short and long shots that paralleled the changes in tempo of the music.

Beginning with the establishing full shot of the band on stage as the camera pans through the audience sets the tone for the hysteria that Beatlemania caused. Using hand-held camera for many of the shots for extreme close-ups of individual Beatles gave the viewer a sense of intimacy and personal connection. The side shots from different angles of the band onstage create disorientation- using quick cuts form side to front to side and quick cuts to the audience show the chaos as a whole. As the tempo builds the editing gets quicker letting the viewer feel the energy and hysteria. During the slower love songs the editing regains some continuity to calm us down. Throughout the concert scenario the cinematic technique use puts the viewer on a rollercoaster of emotions much as the fans at a Beatles concert felt.

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