Harry Potter, Songs for the Departed

After the seventh and final Harry Potter book was released, the wonderful podcast Mugglecast (run by the guys -- and girl -- from Mugglenet) re-read the book and did a chapter-by-chapter segment on the show every week, discussing in depth the goings-on of each particular chapter. Since there are so many deaths in Deathly Hallows, the Mugglecasters decided to play songs in tribute to them. They didn't have songs for everybody who died...I mean, there were so many deaths!...but the ones that they did choose were spot-on!

Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody -- "Eye of the Tiger" (Survivor)

Why? And he's watching us all with the eye!

Rufus Scrimgeour -- "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" (The Tokens)

Why? Scrimgeour was always described as having the features of a lion. Ha ha...

Dobby -- "I Want to Break Free" (Queen)

Why? Because Dobby was a free elf.

Vincent Crabbe -- "Disco Inferno" (The Trammps)

Why? Well...remember how Crabbe died? Burn, baby, burn...

Fred Weasley -- "Blinded By the Light" (Manfred Mann's Earth Band)

Why? Fred died when a flash of light and an explosion from a spell knocked him, others, and a portion of the wall back. Oh, poor Fred!

Severus Snape -- "Behind Blue Eyes" (The Who)

Why? The Mugglecasters admitted that this song isn't entirely fitting because Snape's eyes were, indeed, black, but if you listen to the lyrics, they're very fitting to his character.

Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks -- "Just the Two of Us" (Will Smith)

Why? Because they died together =(  Well, not at the same exact time, but around the same time. It's so sad!

Bellatrix Lestrange -- "Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead!" (The Wizard of Oz)

Why? Because she was a bitch.

Lord Voldemort -- "Ha Ha You're Dead!" (Green Day)

Why? I think that's self-explanatory.

Ha ha you're dead!
The joke is over
You were an asshole
And now you're gone
As your ship is going down
I'll stand by and watch you drown
Ha ha you're dead
Ha ha you're dead
Ha ha you're dead!

I thought these songs were great picks, I think any HP fan would agree.

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