Healthy Eating Made Funny

Dan French is the "Healthy Comedian"

Sometimes to get a message across, it help to make things funny. That is what Dr. Dan French is doing. He is not a medical doctor. His doctorate was in Rhetoric. He is a former college professor. Now he is a comedian. And that is no joke.

He's been adding the message of healthy eating into his acts. Because he himself has lost 125 pounds. But he's not a runner. He did this via diet of eating "real food" (such as the Paleo diet). He is the "Healthy Comedian" at His twitter @healthycomedian has a few good one-liners.

You can hear him talk with Jimmy Moore on episode 649 of the La Livin Low Carb Show.

He has a one man show called "The Comedian's Diet". Here is a clip...

DVD: "Fat Head"

Tom Naughton's "Fat Head"

Tom Naughton made a funny documentary called "Fat Head" which is about the obesity epidemic.

You can see a clip of it below...

He also gave the below talk at a Low-Carb Cruise ...

You can see more of his stand-ups on his site

Tom was also on La Livin Low Carb Show episode 226. Although Tom does not have "Dr" in front of his name, he probably came closer to being a doctor than Dr. Dan French because Tom did two years of pre-med.

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