Five Hilarious Lady Gaga Interviews

I freakin' love Lady Gaga. Maybe it's her 'banging beats', as the young people might say, maybe it's her outlandish fashions, maybe its the shrewd mind which lurks beneath all that peroxide. Whatever it is, it's made me play 'Poker Face' at least 100 times in a row.

Once you've seen the same 3.40 video clip over and over again this many times, you start to wonder if there is more out there. Not necessarily more music, there's always more music, but more interviews. There are more videos, and I have collated them and presented them here with a little commentary. We love our commentaries.

From the funny to the sublime, these Lady Gaga interviews are well worth the watching.

Rove Live

May 2009

Rove McManus is an Australian comedic genius (as far as an Aussie can technically be considered a genius) hehe, I kid, you have to be smart to be a convict. Heh, I kid again. He is a pretty decent interviewer however, and this is a classic Lady Gaga interview in which she's not stunted and shy.

Classic interview moments include:

“Do you ever wear pants? Are you pants curious?”

“This is sewn directly to my brain.”

May 2008

A year earlier, Gaga was significantly less odd. Apaprently touring makes one a little loopy and removes one further from any semblance of reality. This is probably the closest Gaga has ever

“It must be very frustating working with glitter.”

The Ellen Show

May 2009

More mid 2009 madness here, when Lady Gaga appears on the Ellen Degeneres show. Speaking of Ellen Degeneres, I miss her sitcom. A short and sweet appearance from Lady Gaga and a particularly inspired head dress.

Jonathan Ross

April 2009

Jonathan Ross entirely fails to get the best out of Miss Gaga, instead creating a weird aggressive environment in which he insults her figure and messes with her because of her chosen moniker. Still, there are some scraps of personableness which make it through the incessant childish prodding which flows from Wossy's mouth.

It's worth watching this video (and it's sequel) just for Hugh Jackman's reactions. The Wolverine can't get enough of Gaga.

Paul O'Grady

April 2009

A British interviewer, Paul O'Grady (shall I pretend I've heard of him before?) interviewed Lady Gaga on the 20th of April 2009. A nice interview to round this little collection off with really, because it's nice, and sweet. And nice, did I mention, nice? Because it's nice and provides a little bit of non manic insight into the person behind the product.

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profile image

anderbee 7 years ago

I love watching interviews of Lady Gaga. She's clever and quick on her toes!

yeah yeah profile image

yeah yeah 7 years ago from long beach

cool hub, i just wrote a hub about lady gaga, it's called "lady gaga creeps me out" i am a fan of gaga yet (after the MTV VMA's) I've been a little afraid of her. but it wasn't until about two or three days ago when fuse aired "on the record with lady gaga". the things she said were a bit creepy and very entertaining. check it out.

eric 7 years ago

Lady Gaga has some wierd outfits! But she's got great music and that's what counts.

ledimi profile image

ledimi 7 years ago from Texas

nice hub

hglick profile image

hglick 7 years ago from Ronkonkoma, NY


This is a great hub.

I just started listening to Lady Gaga also, and I'm strictly a 60's/70's classic rock guy. I think she's absolutely a musical genius. For those who think Lady Gaga is crazy, they are wrong. She couldn't be more grounded and down to earth.

You should include the one interview that proves this, with Barbara Walters.

Wes 7 years ago

awww she is SO cute, omg i love her so much. :D

UrsaMajor 7 years ago

Im obsessed with lady gaga!!!! she is so sweet and fun!!! she has talent and i love her!!!

Anath profile image

Anath 6 years ago

Hilarious indeed, I loved them so much I have added a link to one of my hubs. At least with her you know that you are in for some fun!

lovebuglena profile image

lovebuglena 6 years ago from Staten Island, NY

Very interesting hub. Loved the videos.

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