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If you want some quick spoilers, feel free to read on.

After Cheryl splits up with Gilly, she turns to Calvin for a friend. Ending on a good note that night, they both share a kiss which Mercedes finds out about. She is fuming and confronts Calvin who seems to be flattered that Mercedes is jealous. After then telling her that he can't be without her, the pair share a passionate embrace which unknown to them, is witnessed by Kris.

As he struggles to come to terms with Calvin and Mercedes affair, it all becomes to much for him and he lets off steam at Mercedes, who both she and Malachy are jibing Kris about his trip. Malachy's shocked by Kris's outburst and drags him from the dog, knowing that there's something bothering him. Kris tells Malachy that Calvin and Mercedes are having an affair but is shocked to hear that Malachy already knew and is just getting on with it. Malachy wants to do anything to keep Merecedes but realises that it's over between them when Mercedes keeps pushing Malachy away and then tells him that Calvin's put her on a double shift in the nightclub.

Meanwhile, Cheryl has split up with Gilly after finding out he is in love with Steph and Steph  has split up with Fernando, knowing that deep down she doesn't love him. Words are exchanged between Cheryl and Steph at Mobs after Cheryl winds Steph up about Fernando and then a fight breaks out between the pair. Stephs then shocked when Cheryl tells her that GIlly is in love with her although she informs Cheryl that the feeling isn't mutual. Cherly doesn't believe her though and then it becomes clear that Steph is also in love with Gilly so Cheryl, tells Steph  to tell Gilly how she feels It all seems too late though when she turns up at the dog only to find out that GIlly has departed Hollyoaks...

After pulling out the trip at the last minute and leaving Zoe to go alone, Hannah gives her rail ticket to Gilly, who wants to leave Hollyoaks to get over Steph. Mike joins Zoe in her travels so the 3 of them set to leave Hollyoaks for good but do they all leave though?...

Elsewhere, Amy moves in with Steve and tries to be more positive. Is she really going to change this time and become a better parent to her kids? And in the village, Sasha gets attacked but even after Michaela telling her to go to the police, Sasha just says she will deny it and carries on thinking everyone is a suspect.

Hollyoaks 2010 Calendar

So the new calendars for 2010 are finally out for the Hollyoaks Babes and the Hollyoaks Hunks.

They are now available and you’re in for a treat! The Hollyoaks Babes Calendar is always one of the most hotly anticipated calendars of the year and the 2010 calendar is no exception.

Check out some of these pics from the calendars and see for yourself!

The Hollyoaks Babe Calendar features:

Zoe Lister

Jenny Metcalfe

Holly-Jay Bowes

Kelly-Marie Stewart

Stephanie Waring

Claire Cooper

Gemma Merna

Jorgie Porter

Saira Choudry

Carley Stenson

Loui Batley.

The Hollyoaks Hunks Calendar Features:

Anthony Quinland

Ricky Whittle

Ashley Taylor Dawson

Stephen Uppal

Kieran Richardson

Sonny Flood

Nico Mirallegro

Gerard McCarthy

Nick Pickard

Glen Wallace

Kent Riley

Andrew Moss

Hollyoaks Snippets of what's to come

Archie tries to extract the truth from Lydia in to what really happened the day Sarah died. Will Lydia finally crack up and confess?....

Tony and Cindy return from their Honeymoon to find Steve and Natty have turned it into a burger bar. Yikes!

Jake misreads the signs and kisses Loretta.Is love in the air?...

The day of Sarah's funeral looms. Will the truth be revealed...

Quick Catch-Up on the Hollyoaks Scene

Where to begin? Hmmm... Well we all know having watched hollyoaks later that Sarah Barnes has now been written out of Hollyoaks after having her parachute sabotaged and jumping to her death. This has also affected Zoe Carpenter as she is now in prison accused of attempted murder. The real culprit we know it to be is Lydia, the pyscho jealous ex girlfriend of Sarah who's character I don't even want to get into as she drives me up the wall! She is soooo psychotic!!

Newt is in hospital after attempting suicide. With the guilt of thinking he killed Gaz, he ran away. Not having taking any medication, Eli came back as well as a new friend, this time in the form of a girl called Rae. Newt believed Rae to be real and as he spent more time with her, she somehow managed to convince him that they would both be better off dead. This seemed to me like his conscience with Eli on the one hand wanting to live and Rae on the other wanting him to commit suicide. In the end it was Rae who won, persuading Newt to jump off the tower in to the murky water below. Fortunately, Jack and Lauren were there to rescue him. Once back in Hollyoaks village, Newt was admitted to hospital and is back on his medication.

Ravi, Anita and Leila Roy have been evicted from their flat by Nev after a party got a bit out of hand. Anita is staying with the McQueen's although Theresa isn't making her feel very welcome. After being sick on Friday, Hannah found Anita in the loo and when Anita lied to Hannah that she had nothing to eat (so that she wouldn't find out she was drinking), Hannah misunderstood and now thinks that Anita is bulimic. We found it earlier in the show that Anita is actually adopted by the Roy's and although both Mr and Mrs Roy have left, Anita decided to stay in Hollyoaks to find out who she really is.

Cindy and Tony finally got hitched even after Cindy spilled the beans on how she just wanted to marry him for his money. The fool believed her again when she said that the cards are on the table and that she still wants to marry him. So, they had their wedding afterall although Cindy made it quite clear towards the end of the episode that they were all fools in believing her.

Jake Dean, Steph's brother, is back on the scene having been okayed by the doctors at the hospital. Nancy can't cope with the fact that the man who tried to kill Charlie is out and also as she found out that Hannah had been writing to him in hospital (although it turned out she had only written one letter to Jake, it was the ex pole dancer Loretta who continued to write letters). When Nancy sees Jake near Charlie in the village she goes mad and files a complaint to the police about Jake breaking his bail conditions although she later withdraws it as Frankie warns her Social Services will get involved and take Charlie away. Later we see Frankie handing over Charlie to Nancy as she wants to try to get Jake better so now Nancy has the burden of looking after Charlie. Nancy is always bumping in to Jake in the village though and seems to be losing her cool. After taking it out on Kris, Kris decides its too much for him to handle and walks away on Nancy leaving her to think about her situation.

Meanwhile, it looks like Elliot has a new found love life after starting work in the call centre. Zac played Sheila telling her that Elliot fancied the pants of her and now that she believes it, she has been trying to get with Elliot. Inviting him to do some 'overtime' after work, she completely reads the wrong signals as Eliot agrees and moves in for a kiss, to which Leila then walks in on them and storms off. Sparks are meant to fly between Eliot and Sheila at the Loft on the Fancy Dress Team Builder night when Sheila dresses up as a 'Wookie' to match Elliots Spock outfit. Eliot offers to take her home but she doesn't quite make it all the way there...

Some of the Hollyoaks Crew

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PC ValentineSteAnd there were 3 in the bed...CarmelHannah AshworthSoap Awards '09Remember Eli? Lol ELI's GONNA GET YOU!!!
PC Valentine
PC Valentine
And there were 3 in the bed...
And there were 3 in the bed...
Hannah Ashworth
Hannah Ashworth
Soap Awards '09
Soap Awards '09
Remember Eli? Lol ELI's GONNA GET YOU!!!
Remember Eli? Lol ELI's GONNA GET YOU!!!

Hollyoaks Later

It's all happening in Hollyoaks Later this year. The Welsh singer Bonnie Tyler (Holding Out for a Hero, and Total Eclipse of the Heart) is to make a guest appearance, singing alongside busty blonde Carmel. With Carmel behind bars, the songstress appears in a dream sequence and offers some words of wisdom about men, before breaking into song.

This year's edition of Hollyoaks Later will also feature a tragic skydive stunt in which one Hollyoaks star will plunge to their death when their sabotaged parachute fails to open. Not giving away any clues as to who it is.There are two endings filmed so there are still a bit of mystery as to which person it's gonna be...The scene is to be aired on 1st of October so we will find out then who dies.(I wouldn't want to spoil it for the people who want to wait and see what happens!)

Is it possible that Niall is back from the dead? In an interview in May he revealed that anything is possible as we never saw his body so.... Could he wash up in Hollyoaks Later this year I wonder? (By the way, did anyone else think how fit Barry Sloane a.k.a Niall is? Shame he had to go... It's always the good looking ones that turn out bad.) lol

Previous Weeks Hollyoaks 24th Aug

OMG!!! Hollyoaks is like THE best soap I have ever watched. Every episode just gets better and better!!

So this week we see Ste finally crack up and give baby Lucas to Daniel and Abby, only to be told by Natty that he has been taken for a fool! Thankfully he got to the pair in time to get baby Lucas back, while Mike and Sarah then appeared on the scene, followed by the police. But it wasn't any of them who had called them. Seems that Abby had Daniel arrested. I can't believe that pair though. They say they help children and give them to better parents but how can you be a good parent if you are being drugged and set up by that pair? Poor Ste never even realised. But then he was stupid enough to meet up with and plan to run away with Abby, whereas all she wanted was baby Lucas. I do feel sorry for her though, having lost a child herself and not being able to have one but you can't exactly steal a baby....Now Ste has nowhere to go really and Mike is now taking care of baby Lucas.

On the other hand, what on earth is going on between Darren and Cindy? They are both as bad as each other, always trying to outdo each other. And poor Hannah, trying to be nice and set up something for Darren's birthday, who'd much rather be with Cindy. I think Hannah's far too good for him anyway and she's much prettier and nicer than Cindy. God, Cindy is such a two-timing leech. Just after Tony's money but he's too blind he can't see through her. The sooner he does the better.

So, Lydia and Sarah have broke up now. Things don't seem to be going too hot there what with Sarah and the baby Lucas thing and then Lydia asking her to move in and telling her that she loves her... It's all a bit too much for Sarah. Lydia's moving far too fast.

As for the Hollyoaks kids, Newt, Theresa, Lauren and Anita break in to the school to get their exam results. Very much so like the Breakfast Club though they weren't in detention. They sit up till all hours of the morning drinking and playing games,all two scared to open their exam results until they finally decide to do so and find out that they have all passed!...

Which is more than I can say for Josh. Going on about Kings College and how he can't wait to get away from Hollyoaks, only to find out he didn't do as well as he thought. THat's what you get for running out halfway through an exam to go to a gig...

Dom started as a chef at the Dog but managed to somehow give everyone food posioning... Nothing to do with Darren perhaps?Hmmm? Again his scheming for him to get his hands on the pub and CIndy on the other hand to get her hands on Tony's money. Oh well...

So it's all exciting stuff. As always :) Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings... Hope you have enjoyed this week's episodes so far as much as I have!

Hot or Not (Men)

Who is the Hottest?

  • Calvin Valentine
  • Ravi Roy
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Hot or Not (Women)

Who Is The Hottest?

  • Carmel McQueen
  • Mercedes McQueen
  • Cindy Cunningham
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Newt's Love Life

Who Is Best Suited for Newt?

  • Lauren
  • Theresa
  • Anita
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Sabz 6 years ago

Heyy, just wonted to say, Calvin Valentine is so hot and josh is just tooo hot !! Love you all, if i had to say the pretties lass, it would have to be theresa or merci x x x Love you x x x

michel 6 years ago

i would be great if bonnie tyler have an nice roll in inside an devil angel who singin ;ravishing 80s

robbyn 6 years ago

who will die on hollyoaks on november the 5th 2010

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