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Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell


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Hollywood is glamor. Young men want to find a beautiful spouse, and Hollywood defines beauty. While we grow and mature to appreciate other qualities that make up what we consider beauty, as an art form, these Hollywood pics are of the ideal. Bookmark this website (hub) to see pics of the most beautiful girls in the world!

Young women want to emulate the glamor of Hollywood in their own lives. Girls, see also my hub entitied Celebrity Hairstyles Hubpages to find even more ideas for glamor! Men you can buy your gals glamorous intimate apparel worldwide.

There are a few hubbers here who do tasteful and beautiful hubs, and so I have tried to highlight many of these in one place. I certainly have not even scratched the surface here. I am including Bollywood Stars here, as well as athletes and music stars. I hope you enjoy the site!

I am including at least one video of the most spectacular female rocker ever, Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac. She may be seen with her own band or with Fleetwood Mac. Beauty, talent, and with passion and emotion, this girl was at times capable of some of the greatest performances ever seen.

Before and After Hollywood Pics

Marilyn Monroe Makeup

Hollywood Celebs with and without Makeup

Old Hollywood Glamor


A markerhollywood, california -
Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, USA
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Hollywood,California, home of the stars.

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